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Balanced Vanilla List - Scout Bike Focus:
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Default Balanced Vanilla List - Scout Bike Focus:

I was reading a thread here on TO about Scout Bikers today. I have long thought them to be a very useful unit and as a result have 9, although 6 are unmade and still in their boxes.

I was trying to think of a list to include them in, what do you think of this? :


Reclusiarch; 111 Points
Jump Pack,
Frag Grenades,
Melta Bombs.

HQ Total - 111 Points


6 Marines; 95 Points
Heavy Bolter.

6 Marines; 115 Points
Plasma Gun.

6 Marines; 115 Points
Plasma Gun.

6 Scouts; 93 Points
2 Sniper Rifles,
Heavy Bolter.

Troop Total - 513 Points

[size=12pt]Heavy Support[/size]

Predator Destructor; 115 Points
Extra Armour,
Sponson Heavy Bolters.

Predator Annihilator; 135 Points
Extra Armour,
Sponson Heavy Bolters.

Whirlwind; 85 Points

Heavy Support Total - 335 Points

[size=12pt]Fast Attack[/size]

5 Scout Bikers; 165 Points
Melta Bombs,

5 Scout Bikers; 165 Points
Melta Bombs,

7 Assault Marines; 194 Points
2 Plasma Pistols,

Fast Attack Total - 524 Points


Dreadnought; 110 Points
Extra Armour.

Elites Total - 110 Points


32 Infantry,
10 Bikes,
3 Tanks,
1 Walker.

2 Lascannons,
1 Twin Linked Lascannon,
2 Plasma Guns,
6 Heavy Bolters,
1 Autocannon,
2 Plasma Pistols,
3 Power Fists,
1 Assault Cannon,
2 Sniper Rifles,
1 Whirlwind Launcher.

The list includes a powerful Fire Base that can be protected from assault by the Dread. The Preds provide substantial mobile fire-power. The Scout Bikers can tie up enemy fire support units very early in the game, possibly turn 1 in many cases. They can also deal with enemy armour very early in the game. The powerfists in the Scout Bike squads will allow them to hold their own against most things they will face. The Assault Marines provide a mobile combat punch, boosted by the Chaplain.

The Bikers, Assault Marines and Preds can all easily claim objectives.
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Default Re: Balanced Vanilla List - Scout Bike Focus:


If you take droves of Scout Bikes they can be pretty useful. They shine the heaviest in Escalation matches. Without escalation they actually don't perform as well as normal bikes as they're subject to a lot more punishment, which they're not equipped to handle. But in Escalation matches, they're a serious threat to the opponent and at that level, unless the opponent is all about combat and mad infantry, you're going to have more of an advantage having those bikes on the board.

That said, the list is actually quite fine to me. The total points of the list is an odd number (1593?). You've got decent assault power, some mobility and the armor isn't too bad. I would probably want more dakka power and more lascannon punch for such a static base of marines though. I would also probably use a Captain or Librarian instead of the Chaplain. Your Chaplain's assault ability is overshadowed by the abilities of the Scout Bikes and Assault Marines. While a Librarian with fear of the darkness or fury of the ancients would cost less and actually be pretty useful in such a list for disruption. A miser Captain would simply give all those troop marines better target priority testing and morale holding leadership for the Scout bikes. I would take one or the other over the Chaplain.

The Bikers, Assault Marines and Preds can all easily claim objectives.
I wouldn't expect this actually. They're the higher priority targets in your list, and likely to be destroyed or broken below scoring level. The bikes and assault marines will probably spend their time in assault after being shot at, and not likely remain scoring. They simply will keep enemies busy to prevent them from moving around too much while dealing some casualties. The Predators can claim objectives, but I wouldn't count on it since a single shot can end that possibility. You're far more likely to have those troops scoring in the end above all else in the list. And if you're all in combat, you have less shooting targets for them, so they could be free to walk now and then anyways.

Overall, I think the list can hold it's own in an Escalation match.
However, I do not think it will hold very well in non-Escalation matches I'm afraid.

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