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1500 pts of Ultramarine beefcake/fun, "Tigurius Loves Terminators"
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 1500 pts of Ultramarine beefcake/fun, "Tigurius Loves Terminators"

Ultramarines... yes. Hordes of Blue-armored manliness & fluffy cheesecake. ;D No traits to make them special and pretty... but that's the good of it, isn't it? There's a bit of challenge to that, I think.

Well, I've been thinking about using Chief Librarian Tigurius, so here's a list that I threw together. There are several versions, but this is the one that I'm liking at the moment.

#1... The idea is to mostly park Tigurius & company (via Infiltrate) into a covered spot near the center of the board or the enemy lines & make maximum use of Fear of the Darkness (and probably Fury or possibly Vortex). Teleport Homers guide Terminator Squads in to support Tigurius, or contribute to other parts of the board as necessary.
#2... I like Scouts. The theme of this list is a Scout/Advance group of Ultramarines, led by Tigurius, whose goal is to seek out signs & portents of the Tyranid threat.
#3... Terminators, I like. They are OMFG KEWL, even if they can die when hit by a Guardsman's flashlight. They represent the emergency reserve/backup that Tigurius can instantly call upon should the need arise.

Why teleporting Termies? It's more of a psychological/fun thing to have the Termies teleport in (I like the ooh-ahh factor of Termies)... stats/game-wise, I make no claim to its efficacy.

Anyway, I'm just in the start of repainting beakies & assembling new plastic Scouts for this list... none of the expensive stuff is bought yet (aside from maybe some old clunky Space Hulk Termies for the hell of it) so comments welcome

EDIT: Revamped, potentially will do this list after finishing my Ultramarines 1st Company list.

Chief Librarian Tigurius

Command Squad Traianus (226 pts)
Brother-Sgt Traianus & 7 Space Marines
- Sgt Traianus: Terminator Honours, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Teleport Homer, Auspex
- Apothecary
- 2x Plasma Gun
- Vet Skill: Infiltrate

Reclusiarch Bartimaeus (135 pts)
- Terminator Honours, Tactical Dreadnought Armour, Storm Bolter, Bionics

Reclusiam Terminator Squad Peleus (265 pts)
Brother-Sergeant Peleus & 4 Terminators
- Sgt Peleus: Power Weapon, Storm Bolter
- Asscan x2, Chainfist x2
- Tank Hunters

Tactical Squad Firio (115 pts)
Brother-Sergeant Firio & 5 Space Marines
- Lascannon, Plasma Gun

Tactical Squad Menix (115 pts)
Brother-Sgt Menix & 5 Space Marines
- Lascannon, Plasma Gun

Scout Squad Tollus (168 pts)
- Brother-Sgt Tollus & 9 Scouts (pistol & cc weapon)
- Sgt: Terminator Honours, Power Fist, Teleport Homer
- Heavy Bolter

Scout Squad Clavius
- Brother-Sgt Rafael & 7 Scouts
- 4x Sniper Rifle, Missile Launcher

Fast Attack

Scout Biker Squad Ezekiel (180 pts)
Brother-Sergeant Ezekiel & 4 Scout Bikers
- Squad is also equipped with Meltabombs
- Sgt Ezekiel: Terminator Honours, Lightning Claw, Combat Shield, Bionics, Teleport Homer

~1500 pts
50 troops
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