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Successful Space Marine Army lists
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Default Re: Successful Space Marine Army lists

[size=14pt]Shadow Spectres 3rd Company Combat Patrol[/size]



Troops 1: Tactical Squad: 190 points
- Veteran Sergeant with Bolt pistol and Power fist
- 1 Marine with Plasma Gun
- 8 Marines with Bolters

Transport: Rhino APC: 50 points
- Storm Bolter

Troops 2: Tactical squad: 110 points
- Sergeant with Bolter
- 1 Marine with Missile launcher
- 1 Marine with Plasma Gun
- 3 Marines with Bolters

[Fast Attack]

Fast Attack 1: Landspeeder: 50 points
- Heavy Bolter


[size=14pt]Army Total: 400 points[/size]


Unit Selection:

The Combat Patrol rules make it possible to play fast and fun games of Warhammer 40,000 that should take no longer than 40 minutes to complete. Space Marines can pretty much hold their own in CP games, but due to their somewhat high cost, they can be outnumbered or outgunned. Designing a patrol is not something to be taken lightly. When putting together a patrol it is very important to consider the background of the army in question. Although a patrol is a small force it should still reflect the overall character of the army.

The list is a pretty simple and straightforward one. The 10 men Tactical squad provides the main attack unit. 10 Marines are very hard to crack and especially in CP games where every man counts. The squad can unleash some nasty Rapid fire death and can also make a stand in close combat because the Veteran Sergeant is armed with the Power fist that can take down any target. The squad goes in the cheapest possible Rhino, I wanted to take the Extra armour and smoke launchers upgrades but I was not sure what to drop so I went for the Power fist instead because I already had the model ready instead of creating a new Sergeant with a Power weapon. The Rhino speeds up near a objective or behind some cover so the squad can disembark safely and then make their attack the next turn. The second Tactical squad provides heavy weapons fire from a good vantage point. And lastly the Landspeeder is there for fast mobility and it's Heavy Bolter can mow down enemy troops with ease. The Speeder is hard to keep alive due to it's pretty poor armour value so you need to make use of it superior mobility to see the end of the game.


When creating a Combat Patrol list I always try to keep in mind the fluff and background of the Army. The Landspeeder is used by the Space Marines as a reconnaissance unit and because of its speed and mobility it suits the Combat patrol perfectly. Also the squad in the Rhino also makes perfect sense in line with the fluff.


I have been trying out several Combat Patrol games lately and all games were great fun and didn't take too much time to do. The Combat Patrol rules are perfect for experienced players playing within a lunch break; and because the forces involved are relatively small, but potentially varied, they also make for ideal games with which to introduce a new player to Warhammer 40,000.
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Default Re: Successful Space Marine Army lists

[size=14pt]Army Name: Terenus Crusade Advanced Unit [/size]




Troops 1:Alpha Squad : points 154
- 6 Bolters, plasma gun, plasma cannon


Fast Attack 1:Assault Squad Insanity : 242
- 2 Flamers, Power Weapon

[size=14pt]Army Total: 400 points [/size]


Unit/Army Selection:
I chose to use the Black Templar for one reason and one reason only, I did not have to purchase the Veterain Sergent upgrade in order to get a power weapon in my Assault Squad.

I chose the units based upon what I knew to be a good compliment for each other, as the fire support squad could cover the Assault squad as they advanced.

I tend to try to place the fire support squad in cover, in order to maximize their survivablitlity, with the Assault squad behind some blocking terrain in order for them to get the charge without taking as many casualties.
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Default Re: Successful Space Marine Army lists

This army list has been very successful for me, although it has undergone much modification from its original state, but you know what they say: "Practice makes perfect." Or, at least, better than before.


Cleanse and Purify
Purity Above All
Death Before Dishonor
Eye to Eye

1500 Points


Master-166 points
Jump Pack, Iron Halo, Artificer Armor, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Frag Grenades, Bionics


5 Assault Terminators-200 points

Dreadnaught-193 points
Venerable, Tank Hunter, Twin Lascannon, Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers, Drop Pod Transport


Tactical Squad 1-248 points
8 Marines, Apothecary, Plasma Gun x 2, Rhino with Extra Armor and Smoke Launchers

Tactical Squad 2-248 points
8 Marines, Apothecary, Melta Gun x 2, Rhino with Extra Armor and Smoke Launchers


Assault Squad-211 points
8 Marines, Veteran Sergeant and Power Weapon, 2 Plasma Pistols


Land Raider-253 points
Smoke Launchers

Whirlwind-85 points



This army is fairly simple to deploy. The Commander should be deployed as part of the Assault Squad, behind some sort of fire-blocking terrain as far forward as possible. If no terrain is near the front of the deployment zone, just put them at the front of the zone. The Tactical Squads and Rhinos should go in front of/next to the Assault Squad, with the marines hidden behind the Rhinos, and the Land Raider with Assault Termies near them to one side. The Dreadnaught starts in reserve (as evidenced by the Drop Pod).

If you ever have a choice between choosing to go first/second and choosing to deploy first/second, always pick to go first.

If the enemy army is likely to charge you (such as Tyranids or Chaos), the Whirlwind should pick Mine-layer missiles, motherwise normal missiles. Also, if the enemy has lots of vehicles or monstrous creatures, give the Assault Terminators Thunder Hammers, or Lightning Claws against infantry-heavy armies. A mixture of both is also fine.


If you get the first turn, and the enemy is playing an army that is not likely to charge your lines (e.g. Tau, Imperial Guard), load all units into their transports, move up 6", and use the smoke launchers. The Assault Marines and commander (from here on just called the "assault squad") should follow just behind. The whirlwind should fire a missile at the tightest clump of enemy infantry.

On the second turn, if the Dreadnaught is available, have it drop behind an enemy tank and fire at it's rear armor. Don't forget the storm bolter: with tank hunter, its effectively S 5, good enough to damage rear armor of 10 or 11. This has worked more often than you might think!.

If the enemy has a vehicle that you really need to deal with, and the Land Raider still has Lascannons left and can shoot, unload the Termies and then turn to face the enemy. Also unload the marines from their Rhinos. The tactical squads should move towards nearby targets of the appropriate type (infantry for the plasma squad, tanks for the melta squad), Trying to keep them close to each other so they can "borrow" each toher's apothecaries. Reme,ber that, as long as the APothecary isn't in combat, pinned or falling back, he can treat ANY model within 6", even units in assaults like commanders or terminators. meanwhile, the Assault Squad and Assault terminators should move towards enemy troops, particularly enemy characters or melee units (unless they're way out of their league).

Have the Land Raider fire on any suitable target (if it can), and DON'T FORGET THE MACHINE SPIRIT! it can fire an extra weapon at BS 2, so if the Raider moves (in any turn, even up to 12") the spirit can still fire one weapon. The only exception is if you use SMoke Launchers. THe rhinos should fire at random infantry (if they can), along with the Whirlwind, and the Tactical Squads should rapid fire against their targets. The Assault Squad can also unleash a decent amount of pistol fire, but only do this if the target will survive (you want to be able to charge them).

Finally, the assault phase. Have the Assault units charge into their targets. The Master is a real beast, with a 2+ save, 4+ invul save, strong stat line and 4 power sword attacks (5 on the charge). On the charge, your Assault Squad will get 30 attacks on the charge, 9 with power weapons, while the Assault termies will get 15 (with thunder hammers) or 20 (with lightning claws). This will shred most infantry, especially since your MArines will go first most of the time, or at least tie with the enemy.

If the enemy manages to get 1st turn, try to implement this tactic as best you can. If a unit is left without a transport, trudge forward on foot and (for the tactical squads) fire once you are about 24" away so that at least some shooting gets done. Also, remember that the Land raider is NOT a dedicated transport, so it can "shuttle" tactical squads to the front if need be while still firing (thanks to the Machine Spirit).


If the enemy troops are likely to charge you (and therefore has relatively weak shooting), vary your deployment by putting the tactical squads and Termies in the tranports to start with. Also, deploy all models so that they are 25-26" from the enemy troops, as some armies (like tyranids) can potentially charge uyp to 24" in one turn.

If you have first turn, don't move your units, just fire at enemy targets (the Land Raider should fire on any tanks while the Whirlwind throws mines in the enemies path, or on top of their squads).

When the enemy charges, unload your troops and counter-attack. Let the Tactical squads rapid fire, while your Assault Squad and Termies charge into close combat. This, combined with your shooty units should stop their charge flat. Your dreadnaught can drop behind enemy lines to destroy any shooty units they have, or drop amognst the approaching hordes and wade into melee, as most rushing units cannot pierce vehicle armor (although it can't move or charge the turn it arrives). Rhinos can also be useful as Tank Shocking units, especially if the enemy can't damage them with their weapons.

After the second turn, battles are too fluid and unpredictable to plot an exact plan, so just have your shooty units shoot and your assaulty units assault, and take advantage of any opportunities the enemy gives you to inflict losses. Also, don't be afraid to try something completely unorthodox and insane. Even if it fails and you lose the game, it's often fun to try anyway.

The advantages to this army (Purity Above All and CLeanse and Purify) allow you to field some mean tactical squads. Armed to the teeth with short-range weapons, mounted in rhinos and with apothecaries minimizing your losses, (especially since they prevent those nasty "gets hot!" deaths, and can still use their powers in the enemy turn afterwards), they can dish out plenty of hurt.

The drawbacks cause minimal detriment to the army: Death Before Dishonor allows the enemy to request an extra turn on a 4+. Since your army relies on a lightning-fast attack (or counter-attack), most of the real fighting is done by turn 2 or 3, so this makes little difference in most games. Eye to Eye restricts you to 0-1 in total of Bikes, Attack Bikes and Land Speeders, none of which are in the army.


The army consists of a mere 30 infantry and 6 vehicles (half of which are simple transports), so a stroke of bad luck can severely hurt your chances of winning. Also, most other armies will outnumber your troops. It can also be hard to claim objectives such as loot counters or table quarters.

Also, the army possesses little firepower on the first turn, giving the enemy 1 more or less unmolested turn to try to inflict as much damage as possible. The army is also somewhat short on anti-tank firepower, although the addition of Meltta Bombs to the Assault Squad and Melta Guns instead of Plasma Guns can remedy this easily.

Once you endure the first turn, your army can really dish out the hurt on turn 2. Your melee units often wind up consolidating from enemy to enemy, whilst the tacitcal squads rapid fire into the enemy ranks more often than not.

The Venerable Dreadnaught is particularly effective: in the turn of its landing it can often destroy or at least cripple an enemy tank, and in melee its 2-3 Strength 11 attacks can tear up even Land Raiders and Monoliths with ease. By killing even a single tank it often makes up its points value.


If playing in a bigger game, the following are great additions to the army (besides more of the same):

Bikes or Land Speeders: although you only get one per detachment, these fast-moving units are very useful, as they can zip up and down the line of battle and help wherever needed. They can also generally get off some fire on first turn.

Veterans: A veteran squad in a drop pod, with apothecary and close-combat weapons (and if you've got the points, mass Terminator Honors) makes sure your dreadnaught isn't alone, and can really mess up enemy lines by assaulting these pesky shooty squads or commanders from unexpected directions.

Scouts: Sniper scouts can pick off enemies first turn to support the charge, while melee scouts with liberal heplings of grenades (both kinds) can eliminate weak enemies like artillery units or shooty squads. Also, making the sergeant a veteran and issuing him a power weapon allows you to go up against targets like Tyranid Zoanthropes, Techmarines, Guard Tech-priests, and more with good odds of success. Or take a power fist and show those vehicles what the Emperor's blessing can do.

Techmarines: Besides repairing vehicles, a Techmarine with gun servitors can make an excellent shooting platform, almost equal to a Devastatoir Squad in firepower. Or, load them in a Razorback and throw them into melee: A techmarine with 2 combat servitors and Terminator Honors gets a whopping 19 power fist attacks on the charge, enough to silence almost any foe.

Inquisitorial Allies: Inquisitor Lords can make great support units, acting similarly to techmarines (but without repair powers). They also let you take an Assassin, of which the Callidus is best-suited to this army. It disrupts enemy deployment, reducing the amount of fire going into your advancing units, and can rip up commanders and other elite models with ease in melee, although it has trouble with vehicles or Monstrous creatures. The Vindicare is also decent, as it can pick off the strongest enemies to clear your troops' way.


Played and equipped right, this army has the potential to defeat almost any foe. However, their are several relevant points that are less directly gameplay-oriented but bear mentionning:

1. Diet Drop Pods
If you don't have models for drop pods (too lazy, don't have the money, or don't have the time), consider a cheap, easily-accessible alternative: soda cans. They are a bit smaller than the regular drop pod, but this is rarely an issue in casual play. Most gaming sessions will not be short of empty soda cans, and marking destroyed ones is as simple as flipping them sideways or upside-down.

2. It's just a game
This army configuration, due to its low number of models, can easily lose a game due to one piece of bad luck or stupid mistake (or even a smart mistake). Therefore, don't beat yourself up when you lose: it happens to everyone. Find other ways to enjoy your games. For example, focus on what good does happen. Or, if you don't mind some good natured self-mocking, share a laugh about how terribly you're doing: "So, my asasault marines miss every single time, and then all but 2 die due to failed saves...I guess they forgot to turn their power armor on." OK, bad example, but you get the idea.

3. There's always room for improvement
I myself have altered this army list at least a dozen times since first using it, and will no doubt change it again. No one's army is perfect (although you will see many that are darn close), and we all lose sometimes. Figure out why you lost: did the rhinos blow up turn one and strand your troops? did you just have bad luck? If it's a flaw you can fix, fix it.
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Default Re: Successful Space Marine Army lists

2250 pt Luna Wolves army list:
Its a transport heavy army, going by the rules of: if its not a tank or in a tank, its not in the army, the only exception to this is deep striking units or fast attack. This list uses the DA codex, as it is the most up to date.


Loken 145 pts
power weapon
combi plasmagun

command squad 245 pts
company champ
power fist
power sword
2 plas pistols
company standard

Rassek 130pts
Belial stats
Twin lightning claws

HQ total:275 pts


Assualt terms (rasseks retinue) 215 pts
3 lightning claws
2 thunder hammers and S shields

terms 250 pts (deep striking) 250pts
assualt cannon

elites total:465 pts


Tactical squad 10 man 275 pts
power fist
plas pistol
plas gun

tactical squad 260pts
power fist
plas gun

fast attack:

5 assualt marines 195 pts
2 plas pistols
power fist
combat shield

fast attack total: 195 pts

Heavy support:

Land raider 265pts
extra armour

land raider crusader 265 pts (rassek)
extra armour

H S total: 530 pts

total: 2250 pts

This is a fairly recent army list for me, and has been played agaunst chaos marines,eldar, daemons and necrons. It has never lost and only drew once (though this may be because the enemies were off set by the fact that there was no cover).

Deploy the land raiders dead center unless against tau, where you should try to hide them. Just behind, deploy the rhinos and from a sort of shell around the command squad, this will stop the lighter fire from ripping into the fragile rhinos, as the LR's will block almost all shots, keep the assualt squad in reserve, ready to deep strike. In the first movement phase, move the LR to the side and pop smoke with the LRC and rhinos, get these forwards as far as possible and deploy behind the tanks. This will keep the men completely covered. Next turn, hurtle forwards with the LR and the command squad, whilst leaving the other squads behind. Keep trying to get those assualt marines to turn up in heavy cover, near the enemy. In the assualt phase, smash into the enemy with the LRC and hopefully tank shock them with weapons blazing, then hurl everything into combat. Keep firing from the other squads and LR to hit anything out of charge range, if possible, dont stay in combat for a long time, but make them flee in the first round or 2, then consolidate and keep fighting. Unless you are fighting grey knights, most armies will flee under the attack of 2 elite units and hopefully a assualt squad.
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Default Re: Successful Space Marine Army lists

Salamanders 1500 (not as cool as some of these other names DX )

Vulcan HE'STAN


dreadnaught Senji
twin linked las cannon
Rocket launcher

dreadnaught Semj
heavy flamer

Dreadnaught Toren
Heavy flamer
Twin linked heavy flamer


Squad Dan
Sgt lieutenant Dan
combi melta
plasma pistol
10 troops
melta gun
multi melta
Razor back

Squad Vlad
Sgt Vlad
chain sword
Plasma pistol
10 troops
melta gun
multi melta

Squad Zypher
Sgt Zypher
"Power fist"
combi flamer
10 troops
multi melta

Fast attack
Land speeder
Heavy flamer
Heavy flamer

heavy support

Land raider redeemer

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Default Re: Successful Space Marine Army lists

This army has stood VS two players allied against me, each of us with 2000 points. 1 game with objectives, and one just total annihilation. 1st game was VS Tau and Eldar, 2nd game was Tau and Chaos. This army is an all around build. Drop Podding speaks for itself as the enemy can't fire at something that isn't on the table yet. The lack of vehicles is mainly due to the Tau Railguns. The chaplain goes with one of the assault squads. Hope you like it.

115 Chaplain Jump Pack

185 10xTAC Multi-Melta, Flamer, Power Weapon
185 10xTAC Multi-Melta, Flamer, Power Weapon
185 10xTAC Multi-Melta, Flamer, Power Weapon
190 10xTAC Multi-Melta, Meltagun, Power Weapon
175 10xTAC Multi-Melta, Meltagun
175 5xDrop Pod

215 10xAssault Marines Power Fist
215 10xAssault Marines Power Fist

186 6xDEV 3xMissile Launchers, 1xLascannon
170 5xDEV 3xMissile Launchers, 1xLascannon

1996 Points
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Default Re: Successful Space Marine Army lists

This is the best list I have ever played, from any army list. I have never ever lost a game with this list. I have taken down orks, necrons, marines, chaos and just about everyone else I can think of. The best bit about this list is it came about though alot of co-operation and helpful tips from these forums. Also I must admit watching peoples faces when I start deep striking deathwing left right and centre is a hoot. Oh and Bellys squad pumps out so many attacks on the charge it just aint funny. >

Belial, Lightning Claws
130 pts
Deathwing Terminator Squad, Aster
x4 Lightning Claws
x1 Apothecary with Assault Cannon
Deathwing Company Banner
300 pts

Deathwing Terminator Squad, Corvus
Sergeant has Lightning claws
x1 Assault Cannon
x1 Chainfist
250 pts

Deathwing Terminator Squad, Persus
Sergeant has Lightning claws
x1 Assault Cannon
x1 Chainfist
250 pts

Deathwing Terminator Squad, Damas
Sergeant has Lightning claws
x1 Cyclone missile Launcher
235 pts

Deathwing Terminator Squad, Joel
Sergeant has Lightning claws
x1 Cyclone missile Launcher
235 pts

Venerable Dreadnought, Boreas
Missile Launcher

Venerable Dreadnought, Dragien
Missile Launcher

Land Raider Crusader, Zaul
250 pts

2000 pts
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Default Re: Successful Space Marine Army lists

Here is a 2000pts force which has won me a fair few games, but no tournaments, probably because I haven't entered one!

Tactics are at the end of the army list.I hope they help.


Chapter Master
Storm Bolter
Power Weapon
Artificer Armour
Hellfire Rounds
Melta Bombs


5x Scouts
Sniper Rifles
Missile Launcher
Camo Cloaks

10x Marines
Heavy Bolter

10x Marines
Plasma Cannon

10x Marines
Plasma Cannon

10x Marines
Heavy Bolter
Plasma Gun

10x Marines

5x Assault Terminators
Thunder Hammers
Storm Shields

5x Terminators
Power Fists 5x Sternguard
Storm Bolters

Heavy Support

7x Devastators
3x Missile Launchers

Twin Linked Lascannon
Sponson Mounted Lascannons


Total = 1998pts

The Scouts deploy in cover, like a building where they get their +1 cover save. This means that if you put them in a ruin they get a better cover save than armour save.

The scouts are equipped with sniper rifles so they can rend and take out nasties such as wraithlords that normal marine guns can't wound. the missile launcher is included as it can take out vehicles and wound everything.

The HQ choice is deployed with the terminators(doesn't matter which) as this encourages them to shoot at them were there 2+ armour saves should save them. this takes off the pressure of the other squads so they can fire at particularly worrying things.

This army usually sits back in the deployment zone and fires all that it can. The heavy weapons are all long range so you should never have nothing to fire at.

The devastators fire at any vehicles with the lascannon using the sergeants signum and, with the inclusion of it, can take out any vehile.

While this army excels at ranged fighting, it still deals with assaulters quite well,as nids and orks are killed LOTS while they are crossing the board as the weapons AP value is less than their save.

I have included the terminators because they can take out anything. The assault terminators are primarily for taking out vehicles and wraithlords etc while the other squad deep striking with them acts out a support role, as their power fists can take out a vehicle with no trouble.

This army is difficult to play with at first. You have to keep your attacking instinct at bay. For the first games, do be disappointed if you lose some of them, it was the same for me. Just stick at it and it will really shine, just like it's done for me.

Thanks for reading guys, hopefully your army gets better after reading this and your tactics improve.
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Default Re: Successful Space Marine Army lists

Double post, sorry.
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Default Re: Successful Space Marine Army lists

1750 Space Marine List
Captain - 115
Power Weapon

Dreadnought - 115
Assault Cannon
Close Combat Weapon

Dreadnought - 160
Assault Cannon
Power Fist
Heavy Flamer
Drop Pod

Tactical Squad - 220
5 Additional Space Marines
Missile Launcher
Power Weapon
Drop Pod

Tactical Squad - 230
5 Additional Space Marines
Missile Launcher
Power Fist

Tactical Squad - 225
5 Additional Space Marines
Multi Melta
Power Weapon
Drop Pod

Tactical Squad - 220
5 Additional Space Marines
Plasma Cannon
Plasma Gun

Assault Squad - 225
5 Additional Marines
Power Weapon

Predator - 165
T/L Lascannon
Lascannon Sponsons

Predator - 85
Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Ok, this list may seem rather soft to some (or indeed, many) of you out there. That is because in Australian tournaments, we have a substantial focuss on the composition of an army. Up to 20% of your final marks can be gained through comp scores.

Originally Posted by Lords of Terra 2009 Players pack ([url
http://www.lordsofterra.com/LoT%202009%20Players%20Pack.pdf[/url])]Army Composition
This year we want you to focus solely on how powerful the opponent's army is, with basically
more powerful scoring lower and less powerful scoring higher. a 5/5 list doesn't have to be
uncompetitive but it is definitely an army that challenges the player.

0 - Shocking army, this deserves no points. Completely Over the Top, this is a Win At All
Costs list. Built not just to crush opponent's armies but crush their spirit as well. It's so bad I
want to talk to the TO about it (who'll want to speak with you to hear why it's this bad and not
really a 1…).

1- Poor army - Built with the aim of winning games by absolute power. Utilizes effective and
efficient choices to make it as tough/damaging as possible. Against any but the very best
opponents it looks like it will pretty much win by power alone. An average army would
expect to lose.

2 - Below par - sits between poor and average. Quite optimised, no below average choices, a
stronger army than average, well advantaged on power vs. a balanced tourney army.
3 - Average, a good balanced tournament army - designed to be competitive but in a friendly
way. It doesn't stick to only the very best options. A balanced tourney army able to win games
when used well but in less skilled hands can be pwned. Should contain an "obvious
weakness", without compensatory factors, such as: lack of AT; lack of anti infantry; lack of
any melee ability; lack of speed; lack of resilience; or includes obvious non-optimised choices
like Pariahs or Grotesques.

4 - Great army - sits between Good and Fantastic. Challenges the player. Contains more than
one "obvious weakness". A balanced tourney army would have a theoretical advantage over
this army.

5 - Fantastic army! - So amazingly cool as well as non-optimised it deserves 100%. Utilises
less commonly seen units, and is generally underpowered containing more than 1 "obvious
weakness" if also very well themed, or maybe more than 2 "obvious weaknesses" if not so
well themed. This army will definitely challenge any player who uses it, no doubt requiring
great finesse to be used successfully. Almost anyone seeing this army would be feeling
quietly confidant of winning. Please tell the TO why you felt it was so comp-worthy.

Composition Scoring
The army composition is marked by two separate judges and by each opponent. The highest
and lowest scores opponent scores are discarded (this is how many Olympic events which are
scored by judges are calculated) and the rest of the scores added.
Anyway, this list has its greatest strength in the Tactical Squads. 4 Tactical Squads can lay down a lethal field of fire, and in objective missions, there are 8 scoring units there. Every squad is mobile somehow, be it Rhino or Drop Pod.

I like to hold the Assault Squad in reserve, as they tend to draw fire from the enemy from turn 1, and many tables at tournaments dont have much scenery (I played a Mech Tau army with multiple battlesuit teams and Broadsides and 2 Hamerheads, on a table that could almost be planet billiards table. Still got the win though, because I had so many scoring units!)

Basically, I like to advance up the field in the Rhinos, with a combat squad consisting of a Sergeant and a Special Weapon (leave the heavies to make a firebasse with the Preds), with the Dreadnoughts in support of these.

I find this army to be quite flexible, and the only thing it really suffers against are: Armies with *lots* of Terminators, Ork spam armys (but then, who doesn't unless you play Mech Bezerkers?), and lately I have found that it can be a bit hard to track down and kill hose annoying little Vipers and Landspeeders that hide all game and then zip out to contest an objective on the last turn. To combat this, I have purchased a couple of Landspeeder Typhoons, and they're going to go skimmer hunting. I just have to work out what to drop from the list first...
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