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Help With Building Army List
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Help With Building Army List

Ok i can never make a decent list and would like some help with building one.
K e y P o i n t s F o r G a m e p l a y

Right I want this force to be able to handle random Missions,
To play well against Choas
A Unit / Units to help control the open areas of land to try and force move my enemy to where i want them
For 1500pts - 2500 pts

M y M a r i n e s

Ok see here is my intire army (not that big about 3000ish points in all)

HQ choices
Commander: stormbolter + Power weapon
Librarian: Force weapon + Boltpistol
Terminator Chaplin: Crozius Arcanum + Rosarius

Command Squad Specialists
Champion: Powerweapon + combat shield + Boltpistol
Apocthecary: Narthecuim + Reductor + Boltpistol
Standard Bearer: Compnay banner + Boltpistol


Stormbolters + ChainFists:2
(SgT)Storm Bolter Powerweapon:1
MissleLauncher + Stormbolter: Powerfist:1
Assualt Cannon + Stormbolter + Powerfist:1

Assualt Terminators
Twin Lightning Claws:4
Thunderhammer + StormShield:1

AssultCannon + Close Combat weapon with Built in Stormbolter:1


Tactical Marines
Heavy Bolters:1
Plasma Guns:3
Plasma Cannon:1
Melta Guns:1
Rocket Launchers:5

Rocket Launchers:1

SGTS (all with Terminator Honours apart from ones with closecombat weapons)

Close combat Weapons + Boltpistol:2
Powerweapon + Plasmapistols:2
Powerweapon + Boltpistol:1


When as Razorback: Twinlinked Lasscannon +StormBolter'
When as Rhino: Stormbolter

Fast Attack

Assault Marines
Close Combat Weapon + Bolt Pistol:9
(SgT) Terminator Honours Twin Lightning Claws:1

Heavy Support

Predator Destructor:Auto Cannon + Heavy Bolter Sponsers + Hunter Killer Missiles

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