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1500pts. Crimson Roses
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Default 1500pts. Crimson Roses

After many changes, adaptations, and purchases I have finalized my chapter and the Crimson Roses were born.

The chapter was founded long ago near the outer edges of Imperial Space. The sector they controlled faced periodic attacks from Thousand Sons but they were always repelled. Over hundreds of years the attacks in the sector diminshed and the crimson roses were assighned border patrol on the even outer edges of imperial space.

The new chain of planets they patrol are arid and rocky. Great mountain ranges criss cross the surface and vicous battles are often fought in the valleys. The Crimson Roses develpes an intricate undergound tunnel system in the mountain ranges that provide cover from the intense electrical storms.Because the electrical storms disable vehicles they were forced to leave their vehicles in the hangars underground. Still they are able to move quickly on the backs of the local animals. They have tamed and now breed the large reptiles of the mountains for patroling and scouting operations.

The 400pt. Command unit has been converted to all be riding cold ones as have my other bikes so I would like to keep that unit but I wanted to know what you think about the army

Color Scheme: Deep purple armor with bone white helmets and dark turqoise shoulder pads. (the scheme is very similiar to the colors of the crimson lilys seen here: http://gamesday.us.games-workshop.co...sword_page.htm)

Traits are: See but dont be seen + Trust you battle brothers
Crimson Rose Strike Force

1500pt. Army List

Chaplain Xavier: 195
-Artificer Armor
-Twin Linked Lightning Claws
-Terminator Honors

Bike Squadron 195
-5x Bikes
Veteran Sergeant - Power Weapon- Bolt Pistol
-Plasma Gun

Terminator Squad 220
-5x Terminators
Veteran Sergeant- Power Weapon- Stormbolter
-Assault Cannon

Tactical Squad 210
-10x Tactical Marines
Veteran Sergeant- Power Weapon- Stormbolter
-True Grit and Counterattack

Tactical Squad 126
-5x Tactical Marines
Veteran Sergeant- Lighting Claw- Bolt Pistol
-True Grit and Counterattack

Tactical Squad 110
-5x Tactical Marines
-Missile Launcher
-Plasma Gun

Tactical Squad 110
-5x Tactical Marines
-Missile Launcher
-Plasma Gun

Assault Squad 145
-5x Assault Marines
Veteran Sergeant- Power Fist- Bolt Pistol
-Plasma Pistol

Devastator Squad 130
-5x Devastator Marines
-Missile Launcher
-Missile Launcher

I regret not having a commander with so many troops but he will be in the 2000pt list
http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=75487.0 ~ My Space Marine Chapter
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