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[1750pts][Spectre Lance][Tournament]
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Default [1750pts][Spectre Lance][Tournament]

One thing I'd like to point out to everyone before you read this list;
I'm more concerned about comp, then enjoying myself, then if I win, it's more of an afterfact.

I'm really happy about a couple things in this army.
1.) Not a single Assault Cannon!!
2.) I have more troops than anything else combined!!
3.) My army is nearly 70% troops!!

Now, what I plan on doing with the army is not to actually transport my units, but to use the rhinos to dictate where shooting will go, and paths of assaults.
The Librarian isn't necessarily going to be with the assault squad, he'll likely blast a couple furies following the rhinos, then eventually meet up with the assault squad/chaplain before the grand assault.

I've set the army up so I can easily do shooting or assault and I can do both relatively well.

1750pts Spectre Lance - Purity Above All (Apothecaries as Vet Serges), Die Standing (No Drop Pods)

Epistolary Nebuchadnezzar
Blade of the Ancients (FW/CCW), Plinth of Skulls (Psy Hood, Iron Halo)
Fury of the Ancients, Fear the Darkness, Jump Pack, Frags

Reclusiarch Persepolis
Crozius/Powerfist, Jump Pack, Frags, Terminator Honours, Melta-Bombs

Tactical Squad Sidon
Ten Men, Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun
Apothecary Sidon – Powerfist
Rhino – Extra Armour, Smoke

Tactical Squad Ashur
Ten Men, Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun
Apothecary Ashur – Powerfist
Rhino – Extra Armour, Smoke

Tactical Squad Troy
Eight Men, Lascannon, Plasma Gun
Apothecary Troy – Powerfist
Rhino – Extra Armour, Smoke

Tactical Squad Uruk
Six Men, Meltagun
Apothecary Uruk – Powerfist
Razorback – Twin Heavy Bolters, Extra Armour, Smoke

Scout Squad Thebes
Eight Men, BP/CCW x7
Veteran Sergeant Thebes– Powerfist

Assault Squad Alexandria
Eight Men, Flamerx2
Veteran Sergeant Alexandria – Power Weapon


Comments and Questions welcome!

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: [1750pts][Spectre Lance][Tournament]

This looks alright. I think you might be short a bit on heavy weapons at such a high point game. I'm fearful about the rhino's and razorbacks. It's not that it's a bad choice it's just you don't make your opponent choose. A mechanized list should have a threat. You should have a dreadnaught or a tank that's gonna kill him. Your opponent should go "do i kill the transport and slow the troops down, or do i kill the tank and stop the death". If i faced your list i would immidiately shoot the razorback denying you one more heavy weapon.

I know that you say your Libby isn't exactly going to be going with the assault squad. If he isn't with the assualt squad then make sure he is invisible cause it's a very tempting target to attack. If i had a choice i would take this squad:
Tactical Squad Uruk
Six Men, Meltagun
Apothecary Uruk – Powerfist
Razorback – Twin Heavy Bolters, Extra Armour, Smoke

and drop it making another assault squad. By doing this you could seperate your libby and chaplin and give them both a solid attack unit to harrass the enemy. A heavy Armored enemy may prove to be a challange for you if your dice go cold.
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