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Blood Angels 1850 pt Army List
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Default Blood Angels 1850 pt Army List

Hey All!

I'm going to be playing in an 1850 point battle in a few weeks so i was hoping I could get some advice on my list! I'm not sure all of the armies that will be there but I know there will be two shooty space marines, necrons, speed freaks, black templar, ultramarines, imperial guard and latd.
Here it is!

Blood Angels 1850


Master of Sanctity 237
-Jump Pack, Bolt pistol
frag grenades, meltabombs

Death Company Free!!
-Jump packs, ccw and bolt pistols

Master 126
-Jump pack, twin Lightning
claws, frags.


Furioso Dreadnaught 135
-drop pod, heavy flamer


Tactical Squad Alpha Delta 190
-8x Bolters
-1x Meltagun
-Veteran Sergeant Sargaras
-power fist, bolt pistol

-Rhino Aniranjado 73
-Overcharged engine, Smoke
launchers, extra armour

Tactical Squad Beta Gamma 187
-8x Bolters
-1x Flamer
-Veteran Sergeant Kawan
-power fist, bolt pistol, frags

-Rhino Verde 73
-Overcharged engine, Smoke
launchers, extra armour

Blood Angels Scout Squad 158
-9x ccw and bolt pistol
-Veteran Sergeant Tron
-Powerfist and bolt pistol

Scout Squad 90
-4x Snipers
-1x Heavy Bolter

Fast Attack

Assault Squad 251
-9x ccw and bolt pistols
-Veteran Sergeant Bob
-Power Fist and bolt pistol and frags

Land Speeder Tornado 80
-Assault Cannon

Heavy Support

Hank the Tank (Baal Predator) 115
-extra armour

Frank The Tank (Predator Annihilator) 135
-extra armour, heavy bolter side

1850 on the dot I believe.

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