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Scout/Termie army. 2000points
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Default Scout/Termie army. 2000points

His Will:

Capt in Terminator Armor,power wpn, storm bolter.
Cmd Sqd: Sgt, 2 normal termies, 1 cyclone termie,1 AC termie.

Sgt, 2 normal termies,1 with cyclone, 1 with AC.
All with Tank Hunter.

3 squads of these.

Troops- Scouts

Sgt w/Termie Honors, teleport homer, sniper rifle.
3 snipers, 1 with missile launcher.

3 squads of these.

Sgt w/Termie Honors, teleport homer, bolter.
3 bolters, 1 heavy bolter.

3 squads of these.

Hvy Sppt-Whirl Winds x 3

Total: 1988 points.
(FYI, if my calculations are off, let me know)

I have 12points left +/-10 (our game group is relaxed and allows 10pts over what ever the game is). Any suggestions for the remaining points?
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Default Re: Scout/Termie army. 2000points

I truly hate myself for saying this, but why don't you just do a LysanderWing (the only difference would be that you are taking a special character instead of your captain, and that you have to play Imperial fists). the reason I say that is with the list you have, you might as well just have the termies all arrive at the same time instead of piecemeal...

Personally though, I don't like the list. It's boring and been done to death before (though again usually as a Lysander army). Most of all I don't see it being fun to play or play against. But your metagame in your area might call for army lists like this so more power to you.
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Default Re: Scout/Termie army. 2000points

I did the calculations and your army is actually 2140 points, so you'll have to drop 2 whirlwinds
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Default Re: Scout/Termie army. 2000points

I heard about such a thing, but I have some cool fluff I forgot to put in here about why my squads have five men in them and why they operate the way they do. Personally, I do not enjoy Yellow for my armies and I never did like the Special Character.

Bob the Avenger:
Thanks for the clarification. Time to crunch some numbers again and see what comes up. I may tone the Termies down some, pop in more Scouts and keep 3 WW's.

Just a heads up, since this would be my final army, I am trying to include the Scouts, WW's and shooty Termies in this army as much as possible. These are the only units in the SM codex I have never used and am intrigued at what 3 WW's, a nice army of Scouts and some Terminators would do. Also, I do care about my opponent and want him to have as much fun as myself (unless it's Necrons, I never have fun playing against them ).

So if this type of list has been done alot, I'd just like to incorporate those 3 units into my final army in a fun and challenging way. Any suggestions? FYI, I plan to convert rhinos into WhirlWinds like this Damocles rhino I saw earlier. These would function as ways to communicate air strike co ordinates and either nuke an area or drop mines.

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