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Crazy or not? 13th company combat patrol....
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Default Crazy or not? 13th company combat patrol....

This list totals eleven models for combat patrol, not kill team, a 400pt battle. Its within the combat patrol rules as far as i know and i think with a bit of skill, is extremely powerful and of course, fluffy. After all the 13th company are roaming about in small bands of elite, highly skilled warriors.

Rune Priest - Frost blade, plasma pistol, wolf tooth necklace, melta bombs.
*This guy uses 'The Gate' to get himself and the grey slayers where they want to be, be it out of the line of fire, into combat or running away from units such as bloodletters. This power, combined with the scouts and move through cover rules for 13th company, will allow me to target and hopefully swiftly kill one enemy unit at a time.

9 Grey Slayers - 2 plasma guns.
Wolf guard pack leader - powerfist, bolter, mark of the wulfen.
*These guys rock. A very powerful unit, especially in combat where the mark of the wulfen will really play its part. The pack leader is throwing out 5-7 powerfist strikes when in combat. Of course, against strong close combat units, this squad can soften them up nicely with firepower before going for the throat.

So yes, its only 11 models in 400pts, but has alot of potential. If playing Tau has taught me anything, its that denying my enemy a target is almost as useful as killing them as they can do no damage to me. Wipe out small sections of the enmy in turn with overwhelming force and the battle is mine, what do you think?

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