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Warrior of Octomar (Octopus Marine) 1500
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Old 19 Aug 2006, 10:37   #1 (permalink)
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Default Warrior of Octomar (Octopus Marine) 1500

I'm planing to build marine army with lots of tech marine. Im going to use Scion of Mars/Cleanse and Purity wit either Aspire to Glory or Eye to Eye as major drawback and minor drawback that wont hurt my army.

HQ: 230

2 Techmarine with full servro harness

Ellite: 300

3 Techmarine with full servro harnes

Troops: 874

2x 8 marine with 2 plasmaguns Drop pod

2x 8 marine with 2 flamers Drop pod

2x 6 marine with lascannon

Total pts 1404. I'll spend the remaining pts for upgrading my sergant or taking more marine
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Old 19 Aug 2006, 11:38   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Warrior of Octomar (Octopus Marine) 1500

Um. Lots of techmarines, but no tanks?
Sure the techs are good, but what role do they support in this force?
Less marines, more tanks.
I'd recommend some rhinos and predators instead of about half your marines and the drop pods. And even though the force is inspired by the Followers of the Machine God, five techmarines takes up too much points, and are too vulnerable.
Limit yourself to two-three max.
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Old 20 Aug 2006, 05:13   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Warrior of Octomar (Octopus Marine) 1500

I want them to support deepstriking troops with their plasma pistol/flamer or supporting lascannon team with signum. I think I'll swap Techmarine HQ with 2 plasma command squad with drop pod, remove flamer marine from the list and take another 8 marine with 2 plasma gun and 6 marine with plasma cannon.
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Old 21 Aug 2006, 07:11   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Warrior of Octomar (Octopus Marine) 1500

Thats why you got assault marines,land speeders,devastator squads, and other long range supporting units at your disposal.I would agree less marines,the tech marines are over kill considering the number.Add some tanks and such.add a predator or a dread of some kind.Give the dread a drop pod too.Have the land speeder deep strike.
I would have a devastator or two fireing while my drop pods are coming.
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Old 21 Aug 2006, 10:44   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Warrior of Octomar (Octopus Marine) 1500

Because without tech marine, they are not warrior of octomar. At first, i'm thinking about using Iron Hand but I realize that their marine killing power are not that strong then I use Cleanse and purity. 95% of my opponent will be marine and necron.
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Old 21 Aug 2006, 18:29   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Warrior of Octomar (Octopus Marine) 1500

Octomar : How about Octimia. It sounds better. Plus it is original.
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Lictor, Lictor, in a tree,
Stupid humans can't see me,
Reach out quick and cut one down,
See the rest all run around.
Quickly kill the last in line,
Hear the rest all squeal like swine.
Cut and slash and hack and slice,
Welcome to my paradise.
Lictor, Lictor in a tree,
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