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Raven Guard, 1500pt army list for review
Closed Thread
Old 15 Aug 2006, 10:43   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Raven Guard, 1500pt army list for review


im looking at beginning to expand for a 1500pt Raven Guard army list as they are the best chapter in my eyes with the best captain and theme for a space amrine army.
heres the list:


Captain Shrike - 175pt


Assault Squad 10 men - 295pt
-vet serg
-furious charge
- 2x plasma pistol
- teleport homer

term squad 5 terms - 255pt
-2x assault cannon
-tank hunters

dreadnought - 150
-drop pod
- heavy flamer
- extra armour


tac squad 6 men - 115
-plasma gun

tac squad 6 men- 110
-missile launcher

fast attack

2x land speeder 145pt
-assault cannon

land speeder - 65pt

assault squad 6 men - 190pt
-vet serg
-power weapon
-furious charge
- 2x plasma pistol
- teleport homer

exactly 1500pt

waht do you think, i believe that with the large assault troops backed up by 4 assault cannons and a large array of troops brings a good Raven Guard force

any comments?
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Default Re: Raven Guard, 1500pt army list for review

Well the small tac squads might get some calls of power gaming aswell as the full elites and fast attack. However that seems offset by a lack of heavy support. I do like the core of assault marines and the (I assume) deep striking terminators backed by the Land Speeders. All in all it looks like a great army. There are two things I notice. Your second tactical squad has a melta gun and a missil launcher. Now Im not sure when the melta gun would be able to come into play with its short range. Id suggest switching it for a plasma gun for the increased range as from your list I doubt your tac squads will move and therefore with the speed of your army range is probably best with them.

However if you intend to spend the first few turns moving up into position it may work. The second thing is the Land Speeders. One squadron has a multi melta and an assault cannon the other just a multi melta. Perhaps to maximize the targeting you could put both multi melta speeders in one squadron and the assault cannon solo. Just a couple things I noticed that might want tweaked but then again maybe not. Otherwise looks very good.

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Default Re: Raven Guard, 1500pt army list for review

you should include shrikes wing
The Shadow Hunters

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