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Need help making Combat Patrol List!
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Default Need help making Combat Patrol List!


To get started with I'll put here a list that I made:


Scout squad Alpha = 130pts

10 Scouts with Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons

Scout squad Theta = 130pts

10 Scouts with Bolters

Fast Attack

Scout biker squad Omega = 140pts

3 Scout bikers with Melta Bombs
2 Scout bikers

Note: i didn't have enough points to give the last 2 Scout bikers Melta Bombs :'(
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Default Re: Need help making Combat Patrol List!

A very nice combat patrol feel.
Personally I would drop the bikes and use a rhino transport so your troops can get into combat. And a land speeder equipped with a heavy bolter and assult cannon to take down infantry.
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Default Re: Need help making Combat Patrol List!

you don't need help with a cp list cause that list is great. what i would do though is drop the 2 bikes without melta bombs and stick in a plain land speeder, their great for anything realy and are very useful
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