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Drop Pods 1850
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Default Drop Pods 1850

Whereas I am starting a Tau army, it'll be a calm day in the Empyrean before I abandon my Marines.* So, here's the list I usually run.* Any constructive criticism would be appreciated.
TYBB stands for a squad that has bought True Grit and Counter Attack
(i.e. 8x TYBB)
All squad sizes include Sergeants and special weapon carriers and miscellaneous squad upgrades.
Unit points subtotals do not include transports.* Subtotals are given for any seperate entry, for purposes of determing scoring units and points.

Knights Anelic 1850

Traits: Courageous, Stern
Trust Your Battle Brothers
Cleanse and Purify

Eye to Eye
Death Before Dishonour

Epistolary (@195)
. Bolt Pistol
. Familiar
. Frag Grenades
. Melta Bombs
. Terminator Honours
. Iron Halo
. Might of Heroes
. Fear of the Darkness
Command Squad (@219)
8x Marines
. 2x Plasma Guns
Veteran Sergeant
. Power Fist
. 8x TYBB
Drop Pod (@30)

Dreadnought (@120)
. Heavy Flamer
. Extra Armour
Drop Pod (@30)

Dreadnought (@120)
. Heavy Flamer
. Extra Armour
Drop Pod (@30)

Tactical Squad (@199)
8x Marines
. Plasma Gun
. Plasma Gun (in place of Lascannon)
Veteran Sergeant
. Power Fist
. 8x TYBB
Drop Pod (@30)

Tactical Squad (@199)
8x Marines
. Melta Gun
. Melta Gun (in place of Lascannon)
Veteran Sergeant
. Power Fist
. 8x TYBB
Drop Pod (@30)

Tactical Squad (@199)
8x Marines
. Melta Gun
. Melta Gun (in place of Lascannon)
Veteran Sergeant
. Power Fist
. 8x TYBB
Drop Pod (@30)

Scout Squad (@144)
8x Scouts
. 8x Sniper Rifles

Scout Squad (@96)
6x Scouts
. 6x Sniper Rifles

Fast Attack
Land Speeder Squadron (@160)
2x Land Speeders
. 2x Assault Cannons

Army Total: 1853
Model Count:
48 Infantry (50 wounds)
2 Dreadnoughts
6 Drop Pods

Notes: The Librarian is expensive, I know, but the squad literally eats Marines (and various other infantry).* The Libby can character hunt with relative ease (he's got a Hive Tyrant, Master, 2 other Librarians, Chaplain, Bloodhirster, and a Lord of Change under his belt), as well as use Might of Heroes to eat through infantry.* Removing anything except the frags and meltas would hamper his ability to do both.* Finally, Fear of the Darkness is there for forcing various shooty squads off the table (or silencing their heavy guns).

Any comments?

Edit: fixed bold problem

"In the nightmare future of the far future there is only war." - Apocalypse
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Default Re: Drop Pods 1850

I might drop both or one scout squad in favor of moor toops, or even another dreadnought. Just my oppinion.

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