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Space wolves substitution
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Default Space wolves substitution

As In my signature I have capped of my wolves at 3000 points. although this may be true, That only means that is the largest battle I will play. I was thinking of Getting a few extra units to substitute in certain situations, IE A whirlwind when fighting nids rather than a Predator with three lascannons. Here is what I have so far.

Wolf Lord
Weapons and gear:Frost Blade,bolt pistol, Rune Armor, Belt of Russ, wolf tooth necklace, two Fenrisian wolves.

Rune Priest
Weapons and gear: Frost Blade, Bolt Pistol, rune armor, wolf tooth necklace

Wolf Priest
Weapons and Gear:Thunder hammer, Close combat weapon, rune armor, wolf tooth necklace, Iron wolf amulet healing potions and balms.

Wolf Guard battle leader
Weapons and gear: Frost blade, bolt pistol.

Venerable dreadnought
Weapons and Gear: Assault Cannon, Dreadnought close combat weapon, Heavy flamer.
smoke launchers.

Weapons and gear: Assault Cannon, Dreadnought close combat weapon, storm bolter, smoke launchers.

Wolf Guard
Weapons and Gear: 9 Wolf Guard body Guard, 4 with power weapons, 5 with power fists, all with bolt pistols. One with power fist and mark of Wulfen.

Troops 2X
10 Grey Hunters
Weapons and Gear: Bolters Close combat weapons, 2 Power Fists, 1 melta gun

10 Grey Hunters
Weapons and Gear: Bolt pistols Close combat weapons, 2 Power Fists,

10 Blood Claws
Weapons and Gear: Bolt pistols, Close combat weapons, 2 Power Fists, 1 melta gun

10 Blood Claws 2X
Weapons and gear: Bolt pistols, Close combat weapons, 2 Power Fists

3 Rhinos

Heavy support
Vindicator 2X

Predator Destructor
Weapons and gear: Auto cannon, side Sponson las cannons

Land Raider Crusader
Weapons and Gear: Twin linked assault cannon, Pintle mounted multi melta, 2 Hurricane bolters. Smoke launchers.

OK keep in mind that this is all the models I have available. I was wondering what I should add next for substitution. I was thinking about a land speeder squadron so I can have something very mobile and quick. I am not worried about points or money. Although there are a few thing I will not add or am stern with. 1st,(maybe) terminators. mine always attract fire and die really quickly. Second, Jump marines, Because for space wolves they are not cheap! I also don't worry about swapping things out.

EDIT: I have looked in the space wolf codex and have thought about blood claw bike packs. I would take a large pack of these, 2 with power fists and a wolf guard battle leader with them with either a frost blade or another powerfist. does anyone have any experience with blood claw bike packs that could give info on their effectiveness?

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