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Board Guidelines and Rules
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Default Board Guidelines and Rules

Welcome to the Space Marine Army Lists board!

The rules are here for the general good, so please take time to check them every so often to make sure you're following the rules!


Rule #1
Do NOT post point values of upgrades OR rules. These are infringements of copyright laws, which Games Workshop likes to keep uninfringed. Please post only unit summaries. This is one of the most important rules, and if you don't follow it you can count on me or someone else editing your post(s) to exclude illegal content.

Rule #2
Make sure your list is legal. Please check that you have taken the min/max unit choices on the force organization chart, and that wargear and upgrades are right. Always check the Codex.

Rule #3 Tell us the type of opponents you plan to fight or if you want a balanced take-on-all-comers style army, it will affect any advice.

Rule #4 Tell us how experienced you are. It makes a difference in giving advice if we know if you're a newbie or a vet.

Rule #5
Read the other army posts, someone may have already posted a list like your's and you will get an idea about how people tend to view some choices.

Rule #6
Respect the opinions and ideas of everyone else. Please, keep things civil. Provide only constructive criticism! Instead of slamming someone's roster/tactic, help them to make it better.

PLEASE try to keep your army lists legible. Sometimes its very hard to read 'internet speak' and makes it difficult to reply. Save bad grammer for MSN, AIM and etc. You have time, don't rush. If you don't use capitals and what not, at least make sure your post is understandable.

Rule #8 Post topics that makes sense. Don't post topics like "1000 points - help!" or "Space Marines" but rather "1000 points Space Marines against Tau" or "Dark Angels for a newbie" so that people can know what they are getting into by opening/reading the the post. We don't want anyone to have to sift through posts "conned" by poorly formulated topics.

Rule #9
Please don't just ask for a army roster to be made for you ("what's a good Space Marine list for 1k?"). Some members will make lists for you, but it's generally better to have a list ready. After all, you're going to be playing with the list, so you should go through the work of making it!

Rule #10 State what army list you are using, tell us if you're using the Standard Codex or that you are using The Black Templar Codex or any other supplement Space Marine Codex.


A good idea before you ask advice is to look up in the Space Marines Army Guide here you can find unit selections, sample army lists and some tactical advice.

Also, when you are going to post a list then try to use the Frame for posting army lists.

Now post your army list or take some time to help an other member out with his army list.

That is all for now. Feel free to give comments and suggestions!
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