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Is this legal?
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Default Is this legal?

I just picked up a Space Marine Codex. Wow, it that thing kick tail.
But, I wanted a very Artillery based army, with out having to paint yellow.
For the commander:
Epistolary - Force Weapon, Thunder Hammer, Artificer Armour, Furious Charge Veteran Skill, Emporer's Wrath, Might of Heroes
Command squad: 9 Marines, Bolt Pistols and Chainswords. Furious Charge Veteran Skill.
I know it is going to be steap in cost, but it will devistate any unit in CC.
This will be backed up Whirlwinds. And Lascannon toting Razorbacks.
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Default Re: Is this legal?


It is legal, but approaching almost 350 points for that one squad. That is mostly due to the cost of the Epistolary, who takes up about 180 points on his own. Personally, I would drop the Thunder Hammer from this guy, and use those points to upgrade one of the Marines to a Veteran Sergeant with a Power Fist. I'd also replace his Might of Heroes power with Terminator Honours - this gives you an extra attack anyway, doesn't require you to always pass a Psychic test, and means you can also use your Emperor's Wrath power (and Force Weapon insta-kill) on the same turn without 'losing' those extra attacks. Throw on a bolt pistol for an extra point, and you have yourself a mean (albeit expensive) unit. The Librarian has a guaranteed 5 attacks, 6 on the charge.

A problem however, how are you going to get them into combat? Risk a Rhino? Drop Pod? Land Raider?

Whirlwinds are good, Lascannon Razorbacks usually not-so. Vindicators would fit nicely into this theme too. Also, what are you going for as Troop choices?
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Default Re: Is this legal?

with your Artillery based army do you mean fluff wise or game wise? cause game wise WW are good but fluff wise i would go with vindicators
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