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1000 points against mechanized Tau
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Default 1000 points against mechanized Tau

Hey, tomorrow I am playing mechanized Tau 1000 points. And i need to advice and feedback on my anti-tank Black Templar Army

Equipment-Terminator Armour/Honours
Holy Relic
Total Points-140

Sword Brethren Comman Squad (4 Marines, 1 Sergeant)
Equipment-One Marine with bpistol and cc weapon
Company Champion
Total Points-135

The Hq and the Command Squad inside of a Razorback
Smoke Launchers
Extra Armour
Total Points-98

Emperors Champion
Equipment-Suffer not the Unclean to live (I don't know if this is the best one against mechanized tau, if anybody has a better vow against mechanized tau let me know)
Total Points-125

Furious assault or tank hunters (let me know which one is better)
Total Points-155

Troops- (6 Marines and 2 neophytes)
Equipment-2 marines with bpistol and cc weapon
2 neophytes with bpistol and cc weapon
Melta Gun
Total Points-141

I plan to put this inside a Rhino with Hunter Killer Missiles
Smoke Launchers
Extra Amour
Total Points-73

Troops- (6 initiates and 2 neophytes)
Equipment-2 marines with bpistol and cc weapon
2 neophytes with bpistol and cc weapon
Plasma Gun
Total Points 132


If anybody could give me pointers or advice it would be most appriciated.
I was thinking about using my heavy weapons in both my Rhino, and Razorback to take out any tanks, along with the dreadnought, and use the second troop choice to take out any infantry. Tell me what you think, and any advice is most appriciated.
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