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1500 pts Inqisitorial Space Wolves
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Default 1500 pts Inqisitorial Space Wolves

I don't know exactly where this would go, it's just as much Space Wolves as it is Witch Hunters. Oh well.


>Cloak of St. Aspira

Pts. 100

(added retinue of Celestians (6)
>Power Weapon
>Heavy Bolter

Pts. 110

Wolf Gaurd Battle Leader
>Terminator Armor
>Storm Bolter
>Frost Axe
>Fenrisian Wolf (2)

Pts. 124


>Master Crafted Force Weapon
>Psycannon Bolts

Pts. 97

Wolf Guard (5)
>Terminator Armor (5)
>Storm Bolter (3)
>Lightning Claws (pair)
>Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield
>Power Weapon (2)

Pts. 254

Callidus Assassin

Pts. 120


2xGrey Hunters (6)
>Bolters (12)

Pts. 230


Pts. 50

Fast Attack

Seriphim Squad (5)
>Twin Linked Inferno Pistols
>Power Weapon
>Plasma Pistol

Pts. 165

Heavy Support

Long Fangs (3 Fangs, 1 Leader)
>Missile Launcher (3)
>Power Weapon

Pts. 167

Total Points: 1403

Comment away me hearties. I'm sure that there's something I accidently left out that messes with the total points. I'm going to add something with the remaining 97 points...but I don't know what yet. I'll see what I still need after a few battles with my regualar opponents.

Thanks for reading! 8)
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