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1500pt space wolves list! Help Please!
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Default 1500pt space wolves list! Help Please!

hey guys

heres a list im trying out in a few days, borrowed a friends spacewolves
he complains they lose all the time, im surprised.. i really like some of their gear.

im trying to make a friendly balanced 1500pt list, to vs some tau, chaos, Deldar, even necrons. a bit of everthing really.

here it is.
HQ 1
Wolf Priest 1 -> powerWeap, Boltpist, Ironamulet, Runic Armour, Healing Balms, tooth necklace, fang of mokai
= 155pts
(Retinue see Elite 1)

HQ 2
Venerable Dread -> Asscan, xarmour, DCCW, Stormbolter
= 160pts

Subtot = 315
Heavy 1
LemanRuss Exterminator - with xarmour, twinlink autocannon, las front mount, heavybolt sponsoons, smoke
= 208pts

Heavy 2
Pred Anhilator - twinlinked Las turret, las sponsoons, xarmour, smoke
= 153pts

Heavy 3

Subtot = 361
Elite 1
4x Wolfguard Bodyguard - Power Weap, Terminator Armour, Stormbolters , 180pts
DropPod with HQ 30pts
= 210pts

Elite 2
6x Wolf Scouts - 3x Bolters, 2x PowerWeap and PlasPist, 1x Plasmagun

Elite 3

Subtot = 346pts
Troop 1
8x Grey Hunters - 9x Bolters, 1x Plasmagun, 1x Pweap, 1x Pfist
Rhino with Xarmour, and Smoke.

Troop 2
8x Grey Hunters - 9x Bolters, 1x Plasmagun, 1x Pweap, 1x Pfist
Rhino with Xarmour, and Smoke.

Troop 3

Troop 4

Troop 5

Troop 6

Subtot = 478pts
Fast 1

Fast 2

Fast 3

Subtot =
Total = 1500


there u have it.
i dont like the look of bloodclaws, althou they have tons of attacks.. they seem, unreliable..?

Only other thing i can try is to drop smokes on the pred, leman and a plasmapist on the scouts for an assult can on the droping termmies..?

great site! im also a tau player..sorta ^_^

thx for any help.
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