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My First army list: 1000 pts dark angels
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Post My First army list: 1000 pts dark angels

Please consider that I am totally green (never even played yet) when you read this. Constructive criticism is much appreciated!

Sammael in Sableclaw (200)
Chaplain with Jump Pack (105)

Ravenwing Attack Squadron (80)
with 3 additional bikers (+81)
Power Sword for Sgt. (+15)
Ravenwing Attack Bike with Multimelta (+55)

Tactical Squad (70)
with 5 extra Marines (+70)
Meltagun (+10)
Missile launcher (+15)
Rhino (35)

Dreadnought with twin-linked Lascannon (125)

Fast Attack:
Assault Squad (85)
with Plasma pistol (+15)
Flamer (+5)
Power Axe for Sgt. (+15)
Plasma pistol for Sgt. (+15)

There it is. I've been considering replacing Sammy with a Librarian and a scout squad since many events around here don't allow special characters. I might also like to have advice on what to add to increase this army to 1500 points.
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I'd say it's best to consider what each unit's "job" will be when writing a list. What are they tuned to kill best, and how are they going to get the hurt down on that target.

I'm saying this because of little things that might not be necessary in this list. Plasma Pistols on the Assault Marines, for example. Bear in mind they'll only be able to fire them within 12", so they'll only really get to fire them as they charge. This could be handy, but really they're a bit too expensive to really be worth doing that.

Also the Power Axe is only AP4 if I remember correctly. This will give you a bit of trouble fighting Marines, as they'll still get their Armour Save against the attacks.
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