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6th Edition 1250p. Black Templar armylist
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Smile 6th Edition 1250p. Black Templar armylist

I'll be facing Dark Angels or Tau Empire. I know my opponent doesnt have the Riptide, so there's a few things to help me out. Plus if he fields DA there's a good chance he will field Deathwing. Anyway, here's my list:

HQ: 310P.

Emperor's Champion 140p.
weapons: Black Sword, Armor of Faith, boltpistol
wargear: Crusader Seals, terminator honors (incl. in profile), fragmentation grenades
Vow: Accept Any Challenge, No Matter The Odds!

So this guy is mandatory; comes with 3 S6 attacks at I5, unfortunately 6th edition errata made the black sword only AP3. However, his attacks increase to 5 on charge thanks to the new AACNMTO vow which now gives all templars the rage special rule. I just have to make sure that I am the one charging and not the guy who gets charged...

Marshal 160p.
weapons: Storm Shield, master-crafted Powerfist
wargear: Crusader seals, artificier armor, terminator honors

My powerhouse. Gives all my squads LD10, so I will pass those righteous zeal rolls and re-roll if I am not satisfied thanks to the EC (leads an initiate squad) and the Marshal's crusader seals. I had to make sure the Marshal can withstand as much punishment as possible and dish out equal amounts of death. So I gave him artificier armor and a storm shield to make him a solid 3 wound 2+/3++ bulwark. Then terminator honors to bring his base attacks to 4 (six on charge!), and a master-crafted powerfist to make sure I don't miss and cause wounds a plenty - all of them with potential insta-kill on most independant characters I might face. I will place faith in the 3++ inv. to survive attacks before I get to strike - plus with regular power weapons (including lightning claws) being only AP3 in 6th edition, I'll laugh in their face. He will be joining the other one of my two crusader squads in the drop-pod. You might ask why I didn't give him terminator armor and save 10 points compared to the artificier armor + terminator honors setup? Well, because he (and his squad, once he is attached to them) would then lose their ability to sweeping advance, and also because he would take up 2 spaces in the drop-pod, meaning I would have to chuck anpther initiate out, and I can't add him to the other crusader squad as they already have 10 initiates. So I would be left over with a total of 26 points not knowing how to spend them.

Elites: 165P.

Venerable Dreadnought
weapons: twin-linked lascannon, missile launcher
ability: Tank hunters

Tank hunters just got better in 6th. Instead of giving my armor pen roll a +1, I can re-roll now, so I am bound to crack open some tanks with the TL-Las and ML combo. Plus, venerable means the dread can withstand more punishment too. So this guy is my mobile moving-and-shooting tank hunter.

Troops: 530P.

Tactical Squad

7 Initiates w. boltpistols & cc-weapons
1 Initiate w. boltpistol & powerfist
1 Initiate w. Melta
*dedicated transport
Drop Pod
weapon: stormbolter
wargear: power of the machine spirit

Black Templars have FAQ'ed access to the drop pod assault special rule now, so that pod will arrive on turn 1 guaranteed. This means I get to assault a shooty squad on turn 2 itself, giving them only 1 turn of effectivity (D6" rerollable zeal during enemy shooting phase if I take casualties + 6" movement + 2D6 charge range means you bet I will get into desired CC from where on I am fearless)

Tactical Squad

8 Initiates w. boltpistols & cc-weapons
1 Initiate w. boltpistol & powerfist
1 Initiate w. Melta
4 Neophytes w. boltpistols & cc-weapons

These guys are my (running) footsloggers led by the EC. They should be in CC by turn 3, but obviously will be the target of vicious fire. Which is why I have 14 models to soak up fire. And taking a Rhino would make the zeal and crusader seals useless, and BT rhinos are costlier than others because they are still based on the old 4th edition SM codex equivalent.

Tactical Squad

3 Initiates w. bolters
1 Initiate w. plasmacannon
1 Initiate w. plasma gun

Ah, yes. The cruel minimum size squad with maximum amount of heavy/special weapons from the good old space marine days that are long gone now. These guys have one purpose: secure the home objective and/or rain terminator-killing death onto any deepstrikers. They're a mere 106 points so I can afford their loss, but the enemy still can't afford to ignore them. Classic pain in the butt type of squad.

Assault: 85P.
Landspeeder Typhoon
weaponry: multi-melta, typhoon missile launcher

BTs having FAQ'd access to the new typhoon weapon profile also will be mercilessly exploited by me. This is my second dedicated anti-tank unit, zooming across the battlefield to harass the enemy and it's quite useful against MEQs out in the open, too. Not open-topped, so that's a bonus, and I always have the jink and hull-points as a last resort.

Heavy Support: 160P.
weaponry: Demolisher cannon, stormbolter
wargear: Power of the Machine Spirit, Dozer blade

Ah yes, the Vindicator. What makes the Black Templars Vindicator particularly deadly is that it has access to the PotMS, meaning it can move upto 12" and still fire its Demolisher Cannon. What makes it even more insane is the fact that thanks to the new PotMS rules in 6th, it can fire this weapon no longer at a measly BS2, but its original ballistic skill! And since glancing hits no longer prevent my tank from shooting, this makes for a very deadly, broken unit that I will gleefully exploit till they release the new Smurf codex for my poor BTs. While the PotMS upgrade "only" grants my tank the ability to move and shoot an additional 6", I have learned that these 6" really matter because - say my opponent deepstrikes an assault terminator squad directly behind my vindie, I would have otherwise either had the option to move 6", swivel and shoot (potentially landing the template on my own tank) and anyways be the victim of an enemy assault (6" + 2D6"), or move 12" away to prevent getting charged with thunderhammers, but forfeiting a round of shooting - and in this round of shooting alone I can make the points for the PotMS upgrade back, given the potency of the demolisher cannon. Oh and due to its somewhat short range, the extra 6" maneuverability always come in handy.

The dozer blade is there purely for wysiwyg purposes as I stuck one on my Vindie to make it look more imposing. Plus it might always come in handy when I am trying to reposition myself all over the battlefield, given the demolisher cannon's limited range, so you never know. Oh and one more thing - since the strength of a blast weapon is no longer halved if the hole scatters away from an enemy tank's hull, the vindie can also serve as a tank-busting unit if need be, also making use of its armor pen re-roll ability thanks to the demolisher cannon being ordnance.

Grand Total: 1250 points

(30 models, 1 walker, 1 fast skimmer, 1 tank, 1 drop pod)

So what do you guys think? I got 3 scoring units, one strategically arriving via drop pod. I got 1 cc-monstrosity, another pretty decent cc-IC, 2 solid cc troops choices, another small one raining AP2 death, 2 dedicated tank hunters and to top it all off the vindicator where thanks to the PotMS I can do my best to minimize its side and rear armor exposure.

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