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blood angel mech list 2000 pt help?
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Default blood angel mech list 2000 pt help?

2 x Librarian 200
6 x Assault squad without jump packs = 600
6 x razorbacks lascanon twinliked plasma = 330
3 x Baal predator heavy bolter side, storm bolter = 465
3 x preds- las side = 405
fear and shield as powers.
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This is a pretty strong list. MSU mech is probably my favourite way to run BA. Its got tons of firepower. The one thing this is lacking is CC ability, and if you want you can easily get that.
If you drop one of those assault squads and transports, you would free up enough points for 3 sanguinary priests. This will literally double the survivability of those marines once they leave their transports, and give them a nice buff to their charges.

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