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500pt starter list
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Default 500pt starter list

Hey guys. I'm going to start off with a small 500pt list. I want this list to be a simple well balanced force. Here is what I came up with.

[size=500pt]Army Name: (Flanagan's Force) [21/size]



HQ 1: (Captain, 1 model): (140)
- (terminator armor, power weapon)


Troops 1: (Tactical Squad A, 10 models): (180)
- (Missile launcher, plasma gun)

Troops 2: (Tactical Squad B, 10 models): (180)
- (Missile launcher, plasma gun)

I plan on thinning out the lighter enemies with bolters and then eliminating heavy armoured enemies with the plasma and missile launchers. Once the opposing force has been dwindled down I'll rush into close combat, my captain will support either squad. What do you guys think?
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