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  1. comment hinh anh 13.01
  2. M's Inq 28/40k - Inquisitiorial forces
  3. Von'ta Cadre: Project Log
  4. Blackadder's Thunderhawk Project
  5. Space Marines, Tau and Eldar
  6. Maddosammo's little showcase (pic heavy (eventually))
  7. Tau Advanced Recon Cadre project log
  8. Apocalypse WiP Tau with pics
  9. Kingofmonkeys Random projects
  10. Vare Campaign/Project - comments, opinions and tips apreciated
  12. Ollie's GD Blog
  13. Re-Raven Guarding it.
  14. Codex: Fists of Flame [Las Update: 19-06-10]
  15. [40k] Clockwork Daemons
  16. Kaub 17th Gebirgsjšgerkompanie (Guard Log)
  17. Metropolis of Murder (A Project Log)
  18. King's Rifle - Project Logs
  19. Jonagon's Tau [Updated Week 3]
  20. D&D Game models (New Models)
  21. For the greater good
  22. Shas'o Kar'savo Tio've
  23. Adam's Chaos Space Marine Log
  24. MOVED: Creating a codex
  25. Vex'os Sept -wip
  26. Brak'ila sept
  27. D&D Tiamat Dragon
  28. Rosen Knights - 2nd company
  29. 201st Fleet Force Recon Cadre: A Tau WiP Blog
  30. Valtens 3rd Company Blood Angels Log
  31. Fidelis Legiones Astartes - "Brighter than the Sun"
  32. Karnival of Pain - A different style DE army (Wanting opinions and C&C)
  33. WIP eldar blog
  34. "Victorus aut Mortis" - Pre-Heresy Raven Guard
  35. Valten's Deathwing Log-Home of the Magherno IV Campaign
  36. DarkKnightCuron's Cadian 42nd Mechanized Blog
  37. A Thousand Sons: Pre-heresy
  38. zanathids Heratical Grey Knghts [WIP]
  39. Warp's Nuclear Knights Chapter (SM Project Log)
  40. Ashtoruin's Necrons
  41. Pre-Heresy World Eaters - By Murchankite [sergeants]
  42. Lord Zambia's Lair of House Ruling
  43. Scar's New Project log. 22/04/2010 Halequins C&C please :)
  44. Cadian 8th. The 3rd Guard Army.
  45. Chopping up the Armorcast Baneblade; Blackadder's Heresy
  46. Mr X's Crimson fists (commander finished)
  47. Awesome marines, tau and a nurgle valkyrie...
  48. Blood Angels Sanguinary Guards *bling* *bling*
  49. Scythican's Miniature Blog (Warriors of Chaos, Trygon Prime, and Plague Marines)
  50. Cubes of Tzeentch
  51. Mordian CXIII "Iron Fists"
  52. Ultra_17 Wips (pics heavy)
  53. ++ The Reclusiam ++ [Workbench Log]
  54. March of the Cadians, the Hammer of the Emperor.
  55. Apocalypse Datasheet: Ork Dread Mob
  56. Yet another Diorama
  57. Chaos Space Marines VS Space Marines Diorama (VERY PIC HEAVY)
  58. Rules of the Project Logs Board
  59. Talvisorta! Krieg winter assault!
  60. Black Templar Project Log
  61. The Warmaster's Super Sekret Projekt!
  62. The Angry Marines Army
  63. MOVED: Harpy WIP
  64. 2250 Ogres
  65. 1,500pts (or thereabouts) of Marines in 30 hours.
  66. Tervigon WIP (Conversion Bitz) Comments and Opinions Wanted For Future Design
  67. Rezzy's Desert Themed Airborne IG - Project Log
  68. ~Splinter Fleet Typhon~
  69. Ollies Ogre Onslaught.
  70. March to War [Rosetta Stoned and ∆ūikdlr Joint Progress Log]
  71. Double Phreshwing
  72. [Infinity] Ariadna Svalarheima Recon Unit, Yu Jing Tactical assassination Unit.
  73. Redhaven's Big Chaos Project
  74. MY Tervigon WIP
  75. Don't forget to feed the valkyrie... [image heavy] Update Jan 29
  76. AL's next big thing (New project)
  77. MOVED: Working with Scrap
  78. More Dark Elves than I can reliably count.
  79. Waargh! Punkabusta's Blog(Pic 'Eavy)(New Update: Battle Report with new units!))
  80. Ollieb8's (that's olly-b-eight =P) hive fleet transformation
  81. Rosetta Stoned & ∆ūikdlr Make a Lava Terrain Board!
  82. Blood & Slaughter (A World Eater's Project Log)
  83. Blog of my current projects.(pic heavy)
  84. Bugs and sculpts for all
  85. Black Templars Redux [Update 16/01/10]
  86. Rej's Gaming, Battle, Army Projects. [Updated 30/5/2010, Powerfist sgt WIP]
  87. Gecko's Flames of War Blog and Starter guide- Army list and pictures soon!
  88. Imperial Coast Guard Project
  89. Ok, I lied, the REAL New Year's Army.
  90. Space wolves Thunderhawk
  91. Working with Scrap
  92. IG Lucanian 5th Mechanised elements (Image Heavy)
  93. Warboss Ironklawz Krumpin' Boyz
  94. My photobucket (PIC HEAVY)
  95. Marathon Painting Blog
  96. Draconia the fallen saint & Unforgiven
  97. Ice World IG army
  98. Log: -Legion of the Sun- A Necron army for 2010
  99. Unnamed, no fluff marines
  100. Cult of Ruin(ation?) - The Rise of a Archite
  101. Pure Ork Fury
  102. Invisible Predator
  103. Starting a Tau Army
  104. DarkKnightCuron's Black Templar BLOG
  105. Curon's Tau Blog (Currently Unnamed Sept)
  106. suddenly lizardmen [going to be heavy]
  107. hive fleet Azer
  108. ∆ūikdlr's Finest
  109. a BIG ole fixer upper army (tyranids)
  110. The 5th Company - Dark Angels
  111. Esteban XVIII Guard Log
  112. Gandalf the Grey (WIP)
  113. The return of an XV9 thread...
  114. Murchankites Tyranid Project. Hivefleet Aasgardsreia [Zoanthropes]
  115. Murchankites Skaven Project [alot of painted stuff inside]
  116. Hive fleet Vanargand (Formerly Grey&Boney)
  117. Starting Tau Army
  118. Blackadder's Scratchbuilt Warhound
  119. Angels descendant 1500pt painting blog.
  120. Scizor goes Hulk!
  121. Hive Fleet Gargamel
  122. Unholy's Log of War! - Eldar BFG 11/5
  123. Shi'Kauyon Hunter Cadre (On Hiatus)
  124. Saim Hann Warhost Blog
  125. Big Orky Blog (Updated 26, Nov, 2009)(Pic Heavy)
  126. Eldar Assassin
  127. Legacy's New Project: The Defenders of Falkreath
  128. WAAAGH! Gorespittle log
  129. Sa'Cea Night Hunter Cadre
  130. All my firewarriors
  131. Merrick's Tau Blog. Beware, sloppy painting within. :D
  132. MOVED: A newbie's work - Samples of Merrick's work.
  133. Lost and the Damned/Dark Adeptus Project Log
  134. Bran Redmaw's Great Company
  135. 777th Banettan Skyguard. Vulture Pics folks!
  136. Space Wolves project Log
  137. Gue'Vesa in the works -pic heavy-
  138. Chaos Fallen Marines [WIP]
  139. As I go (Chapter Master in Artificer/Terminator Armour WIP)
  140. Grindgobbles Necron Battle Challenge Blog (Picture Heavy)
  141. They're coming outta the walls! They're coming outta the goddamn walls!!!
  142. Mostly Elysian army
  143. Witch Hunters never ending story
  144. Grey Knights and Imp guard
  145. first project log (greater deamon count as)
  146. JD's Dark Angel Project.
  147. My Fallen
  148. Poly's other army: Clan Cragtread
  149. Learning to paint
  150. The start of a Hive...
  151. Khorne comes to Vraks'
  152. Icer's Brettonia Barony
  153. My Tau Army Log
  154. 1750 pts WH
  155. Ansith's un-named Cadre log
  156. Emmy's Exodite Project
  157. Necro Escher Gang.
  158. The Burning of Prospero
  159. Brother Nagom's TABLETOP QUALITY marine blog
  160. The End is Nigh. Doomsday Guard Project. Current: Adding 2nd Valkyire for 1900
  161. Indomitable Fortress [Final stages of construction started] (Picture-heavy)
  162. The All-father's Imperial Armies Project Log.
  163. Knight Titan WIP Shots - Masters
  164. [WFB] Warriors of Chaos Blog;
  165. Kabal of the Crimson Woes (MrChaos Dark Eldar Blog of Doom!)
  166. The Cardian (not Cadian) 120th Urban Fighters WIP
  167. Da Bukkit Mob
  168. Struggle to paint 3k pts of eldar.
  169. Colonel Sorck's Ork Waaagh!; Latest Addition(s): Burna Boyz
  170. Wip terrain/diorama
  171. Urban Tau Cadre (First Army, WIP)
  172. A Tale of Four Armies (And one guy)
  173. The Emperor's Thunder (A Basilisk diorama log)
  174. Valtens True Scale Marines Log-Lots of Pics! UPDATED 6/27
  175. Allo Allo Allo, What's goin' on 'ere then? (25/06/09)
  176. Tau Human Auxiliary Unit
  177. Inquisitor Retuine [WIP][Pic Heavy]
  178. Evil Inside of Me is On the Rise: Chaos Space Marines Blog (update 6/23)
  179. Cadian Command Squad + Diorama
  180. Eldar aurora: Battle fleet gothic
  181. Warhound Blog - New pics
  182. Dak's Pre-Heresy/Heresy Project and Others now too!
  183. Emperor's Children(formerly Black Legion)-WIP Predator.
  184. Night Lords new pics
  185. Disciples Raptura
  186. Ellixian 127th - Adding to the force :)
  187. my ork blog battlewagon with deffrolla now up 13/06
  188. New 40K race, The Sombra
  189. Starship troopers (Elysian models) 1750 pts deadline 12th of june
  190. My Imperial Guard WIP, Pics hopefully will be heavy soon ;D
  191. Steck's deathguard/renegade IG project (pic heavy)
  192. Catachan/Cadian blog*pic heavy*
  193. Strike Force Indomitable - Ultras & Scions of Strife [OMG A MODEL]
  194. The Angels of the Claymore my DIY chapter
  195. Canoness + two Fire warriors = Blood, smoke and deep wounds.
  196. Challenge: 600 pts in 6 days. [updated: Challenge Failed]
  197. Rujorua and her brave lads.
  198. Ethereal *Now finished*
  199. Atomic Dogs Scout Marines
  200. 501st Elysian. 1750 Point Army blog. Building to 2000 points.
  201. Silk did it first (Forgeworld daemon conversion)
  202. Deathwing Challenge Blog
  203. Angels of the Tempus (2000pts Marines) Updated: August 12th
  204. Space Hulk Terminator Army
  205. Afrika Korps Themed IG
  206. Valkyrie Numero Uno (Topic is in english!)
  207. Ork Stompa Blog
  208. Death On Call...
  209. Warhound Titan - the blog!
  210. Splinter Fleet Marchosias - Building the Godfex.
  211. Em's Circle Blog
  212. 60-Marine Batchpaint Fun
  213. Orky's Project log.
  214. Dawn of War II Characters
  215. Typhon's Project log Version 2 [UPDATE PICS 04/18/09]
  216. My New IG/DH Blog.
  217. Da Ork Sky Ridas
  218. °A Moment of Laxity Spawns a Lifetime of Heresy!
  219. Space Wolves Begin
  220. Dak's Pre-Heresy Project. Now with a painted model! Amazing!
  221. Chaos [Slaanesh] Tau - Project Log
  222. Cirque Macabre (WHFB)
  223. Spirit of the COG - Techmarine army
  224. JD vs Deraj: 2000 points of wood elves, 250 points per month challenge
  225. Wood Elves: Simcon list
  226. Cadaver's Metalorkalypse Project Log
  227. Rebel Tau... Updated (fluff idea)
  228. Into the Darkness (Warhammer Quest)
  229. Typhon's Chaos Host [03/19/09 PIC HEAVY]
  230. Ork Dakka project
  231. My Orky Project
  232. Just bought a tau battleforce & some paints
  233. WIP Landraider
  234. Blocky Demons - Sculpting Diary
  235. Gnome Log.
  236. Warriors Of Chaos Army
  237. New Tau cadre...
  238. Cadaver's Forgeworld Death Guard
  239. Log Thantos: Pre-Heresy World Eaters Army- True Scale Marines (24/02/09)
  240. proving my devotion to nurgle
  241. Republic Inquisition blog
  242. Doing a whole chapter? This guy is!....
  243. Witch hunters Log - Bones of the sacred heart
  244. Purple Power Armour!
  245. Tales of the Greater Good
  246. The Imperial Blog - some converted SM
  247. Do I Have More Money Than Sense? The Log! [First Dread Done, Order Updated]
  248. Jonagons Tau + Marine Project Log [updated 18/4/10]
  249. soul forge army log.(NOW WITH PICTURES!!!)
  250. Chasing Shadows(A Daemonhunters blog with pictures)