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  1. Imperial Fists Project Log (Test Model 10.14.07)
  2. Baldr's Force blog(Lots of Pictures)(New Painted models : Batch 2!)
  3. Cadaver's Death Guard
  4. Tau WIP Dev Journal (Updates pg. 3!)
  5. Imperial guard army blog UPDATE 3, 12/1/08
  6. my w.i.p death guard blog(new pics 28/9)
  7. Blog for painting SM-Chapter
  8. Combat Patrol Challenge - Tau Progress Blog
  9. Canoness Painting Blog
  10. Reker 5th Dog Company-Project Log (pic heavy)
  11. Angels Of Reason Conversion Blog
  12. Inquistion Blog (Pic heavy)
  13. Rosen Knights 8th Company Blog
  14. My Dark Angels Blog (Updated 8/7/07)
  15. Forest Tau Blog [PIC HEAVY]
  16. Blog - Shas'O R'Myr
  17. Empire army blog- August 6 update Flagellants WIP #3
  18. desert nids army blog (updated++warriors coming++)
  19. Amassing the Cerbrun 5th (IG Blog)
  20. Project blog
  21. My Chaos Blog - PIC HEAVY
  22. Dwarf Army Blog-> 2000 pts done, now the next 1000
  23. tau restoration blog (lots of pics)
  24. My IG Blog, the Bellum 131st
  25. LeeStars(Chaos) Death Generation Blog. will be Pic heavy (will be updated often)
  26. Tau Strider Titan (Project Log)
  27. Piling up the Calories (An Ogre Kingdoms blog of immersive porpotions)
  28. WIP Scratchbuilt Warhound Titan (Project Log)
  29. Another Tael Stealth XV8 (Project Log) *Pic Heavy*
  30. Da Gathering of Da WAAAGH! (An Orcs and Goblins Blog)
  31. Scions of Ra; DIY Marine Chapter - Blog
  32. McCoy's Tau project blog (4/18)
  33. The Brood (Fallen Deathwatch) Showcase Blog
  34. Blood Raven Blog
  35. Elf's eldar blog. *New pics!*
  36. Bladeswift Cadre (army blog C&C pls)
  37. Rogue's Art And Photoshop Blog Updated:new drawings
  38. The king's Art Blog (now with several new drawings) (pic warning)
  39. WIP Commission Orkies Blog (Pic Heavy)
  40. Another Stinky Blog, A very small one indeed. [Nurgling Wannabe Deathguard blog]
  41. the old (i REALLY mean OLD!!) Tyranid blog...(in fact Ancient!)
  42. Reaper Miniatures Blog
  43. Re: Sitarangi's Deathguard blog UPDATE 12/11: WIP Latd Weapons team
  44. Tau army blog (Piranha!)
  45. The Dean's Eldar Army blog..... Avatar
  46. keener's wood elves *now blog*
  47. Nurgle blog(tons of pics)(painted daemon prince, painted termies,and other WIP)
  48. My Tau blog... (update 3)
  49. Genswick 99th Rifles *Army Blog*
  50. My Desert Goblins... Goblin-blogglin
  51. Rapouc's Goblin Army Blog *update Troll!*
  52. :: Shadow Spectres Blog ::
  53. Tau blogg
  54. Tau Remora jetbike Blog [ WIP, Stage 2]