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  1. Chuyển nhượng mầm non Thanh Xuân H* Nội
  2. Index Astartes - The Warp Hunters
  3. The Crushing Wall Tactica for Black Templar
  4. A Guide to Playing Deathwing Part 1
  5. Imperial Fists: A Comprehensive History
  6. Black Templars: A Comprehensive History
  7. Terminators- Relics, Veterans, Heroes
  8. Codex Space Marines: In Depth Review
  9. Sons of Sanguinius: a Guide to the Blood Angles codex.
  10. Crimson Fists: A Comprehensive History
  11. White Scars: A Comprehensive History
  12. Raven Guard: A Comprehensive History
  13. Space Wolves: A Comprehensive History
  14. Salamanders: A Comprehensive History
  15. Space Marine Vehicle Tactica
  16. The Chapters of Legend Part 1
  17. Space Marines of the Black Library Index
  18. A Tactica for the Templar and their Crusading Brethren.
  19. Blood Ravens: A Comprehensive History
  20. Founding the Chapter: how to create a new Chapter from scratch!
  21. Deployment Doctrine of the Adeptus Astartes
  22. Thesis on vehicle configurations
  23. Armour of The Adeptus Astartes
  24. 1,000 Chapters
  25. The Bolter
  26. Tactics of the Adeptus Astartes
  27. Sample Army lists - Space Marines Work Horse
  28. The Librarium
  29. Space Marines Army Guide