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  1. (SALE) little tau force (UK)
  2. Selling the ol' mech Tau army
  3. Many 40k eBay lots - tau, guard, marines + age of sigmar! Posted from UK
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  6. Full Tau army worth $1500 Ebay auction
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  8. Dark Angels Army Up For Grabs
  9. 40k eBay lots - Space Marines, Chaos, Necrons + Tau - Worldwide postage from UK
  10. Many Space Marine eBay listings - Worldwide shipping from UK
  11. Shield of Baal Deathstorm, Catachan Imperial Guard and Many other 40k
  12. 2014 space hulk figures and rules
  13. seling my skaven guard army
  14. WTS: Lot#1 Space Marine Army
  15. Many 40k eBay Lots - Space Marines, Orks, and More! Worldwide Postage from UK
  16. Many 40k eBay Lots - Space Marines, Stormclaw Box + More! Worldwide Postage from UK
  17. Many 40k eBay Lots - Space Marines, Orks, Tau and More! Worldwide Postage from UK
  18. Many 40k eBay Lots - Space Marines, Orks, Guard and More! Worldwide Postage from UK
  19. Ebay sales, bloodbowl, Titan, 40k chaos, 90s Codex...more
  20. H: high elves and stuff. W: tau codex, riptides and new style broadsides
  21. H: Ogre Bits & Gnoblars // W: Tau Drones, Ogre Bits
  22. [H] WFB Dwarfs, WE, VC, Orcs and Goblins, DA, Kings of War Undead [W] Eldar/Paypal UK
  23. Many 40k eBay Lots - Space Marines, Imperial Guard + More! Worldwide Postage from UK
  24. Tyranid army for sale
  25. Warhammer 40k Tau Mega Battle Force
  26. Many 40k eBay Lots - Space Marines, Tyranids and More! Worldwide Postage from UK
  27. Tau army for sale
  28. New necrons for sale
  29. Huge Tau Army for Sale
  30. H: SM W: Tau
  31. Many 40k eBay Lots - Space Marines, Tau and More! Worldwide Postage from UK
  32. H Tau NOS W:Orks, $$, Skaven, O&G, Books
  33. I sell and I search from W40k and Fantasy.
  34. Several 40k eBay lots - Space Marines, Tau and Others - Worldwide postage from UK
  35. H:Dystopian Wars Antarctic fleet W: Tau (USA ONLY)
  36. [H] Various 40K SM, Tau, Eldar NoS [W] $$ [USA]
  37. Many 40k eBay Lots - Space Marines, Tau and More! Worldwide Postage from UK
  38. kroot / pathfinders
  39. Many 40k eBay Lots - Space Marines, Tau and More! Worldwide Postage from UK
  40. Tau and Space Marine eBay lots - Worldwide postage from UK
  41. White Dwarf Issues, Rulebooks, Codexes, Army Books, and Assorted GW Books & Magazines
  42. Many 40k eBay Lots - Tau, Marines, Guard, Tyranids + More! Worldwide Postage from UK
  43. Many 40k eBay Lots - Tau, Marines, Guard, Eldar + More! Worldwide Postage from UK
  44. 2 Ebay Lots: OOP Space Marine Motorcycle and 3 Jetbikes, Epic 40k Tyranids
  45. Hundreds of 40k eBay Lots - Marines, Tau, Guard and More! Worldwide Postage from UK
  46. Tyranid army trade for Nurgle Chaos
  47. 6th edition tau codex
  48. space marines for sale
  49. 40K bits and bobs for sale
  50. W: Tau and/or Tyranids and/or Chaos and/or LotR and/or $$$ H:Warmahordes w/Battlefoam
  51. Tau devilfish - for sale worldwide
  52. Fire Warriors + Space Marines - eBay Worldwide Postage from UK
  53. W: 40k Daemons,CSM,Tau,Tyranid H:warma/hordes
  54. Tau and Space Marine eBay lots - Worldwide postage from UK
  55. [H]Ebay: Ork army,NIB Chimeras, FW marauder, Space Hulk Lib, CSM, IG, lots more
  56. (H) Space Marines (W) Paypal/Tau
  57. H:40k Ork's W
  58. chaos stuff for sale 40k/whfb
  59. USA [H] Space Marines painted well, WHOLE ARMY, and many models, [W]$ eBay or Paypal
  60. [H] warhammer40k [W] [UK]
  61. Very Large Eldar Army with Pictures
  62. W: Kroot heads H:$
  63. H: Many SM W: Paypal & Necrons (AUS)
  64. [H] Warhammer 40K and Warhammer many models [W]$, USA, eBay
  65. H: Fantasy/40k armies W: Money [USA][Ebay]
  66. W: Kroot arms H: Cadian infantry or PayPal
  67. WTS Death Korp of Krieg
  68. WTS Red Scorpions Army
  69. Necrons for sale
  70. Looking for a particular bit
  71. Looking to buy a Tau Starter Army
  72. Trade tau for tyranids
  73. Tau for sale
  74. H: Necrons W: Paypal
  75. Have: Warhammer Invasion plus Expansions [USA]
  76. H: Farrow Hordes army painted, W:$$
  77. have tau, want warmachine or cash
  78. [H]: 1500 points Tau Army [W]: Paypal/Cash/'s [UK ] [EBAY]
  79. 4 Armies for Sale Northern MD-PA
  80. Giveaway to Good Home - Old Skool Space Orks
  81. sisters of battle for sale 2nd attempt
  82. sisters of battle for sale
  83. for sale war walker weapons
  84. Kroot Battleforce Offer?
  85. [H] Sisters of Battle Army [W] $
  86. [H] WoC & great starter space marine army [W] Tau or $$$
  87. W: tau flamers H: lots o IG bits
  88. Oryhara Ebay Sales
  89. Tyranid and Space Marine Armies - 80/$140 Each
  90. have tau and dark eldar an epic
  91. looking for a tau manta...
  92. Tau for Sale
  93. [H] 40K Books, Codex, RPG, More [W] Warhmachine/Hordes, Paypal
  94. [H] New Dark Eldar Army [W] Paypal, Khador
  95. 2100+ pts of TAU, cheap.
  96. FT: High elves, skavem rule book Wt: WF Orks
  97. H: OOP rare Chaos minis. W: $$$ or see list.
  98. Permenant fix for briken Flying base Stems
  99. Huge & Unique Master of the Forge / Techmarine conversion [Ebay]
  100. Have Tau Want Chaos Space marines
  101. Huge Space Marine army for sale
  102. H: Nice TAU army (very good painted; ebay)
  103. Huge Sale! 40k, Heroclix, Books W:Chaos, Dkok, Titan, Paypal
  104. W: Terminators and dreds H: $$$
  105. Have one tau commader and two crisis suits to trade
  106. 40k Space marine + Eldar Vehicles for sale (big list)
  107. W: Death Korp of Krieg H: Lots of Paypal, 1st Born Child =)
  108. H: Tau & IG W: $$$ & Warmachine
  109. W: Orks H:whatever else
  110. H: Huge Tyranid Army + FW W: Paypal, $$$, Dkok
  111. Want Paperback 5th Edition rulebooks
  112. sellings orks from assault on black reach: warhammer 40k
  113. Wanted: Lots and lots of drones + bits
  114. WTS Necron battleforce with codex. Fully painted and assembled for $70
  115. Want to trade my Archos 5 120GB internet media tablet
  116. Looking for New Nids
  117. WTS: Lizardmen Army (Painted 30% off)
  118. H: old school tyranid army W: space marines
  119. Space marine/chaos space marine army for sale
  120. H: Forgeworld Chaos Warhound W:$$
  121. Tau for sale
  122. World of Warcraft RPG Ultimate Collection Sale
  123. Selling Tau Winter Cadre Army
  124. Assault on black reach orks for trade for any tau
  125. [W]: Tau [H]:MTG cards, paintball & airsoft equipment
  126. [H]~2000Pt Tau [W] $$$ Paypal [AUS]
  127. unique model sites, no of any good ones?
  128. W: Tau armmy for starting
  129. [H]Various things [W]Various things... (USA ONLY!)
  130. W: Eldar H: Orks/Orcs and Gobbos
  131. WTT / WTS Tyranids, want: Orks
  132. looking to trade high elves for lizardmen
  133. Tau army
  134. FS: 1:1 Space Marine Chainsword Replica
  135. H: Eldar, Orks W: IG, space wolves...USA
  136. H: tau 1500 tournement worthy painted army, w: army trade or money
  137. MASSIVE Tau Army for Sale including Tigersharks
  138. [H] Cash [W] - 40K SM / ORC / TYRANID / IG
  140. Battlefleet Gothic Tau for sale (and some other bits) on ebay
  141. H: Chaos Army W: Moneys!
  142. Tau Ghost Shark Titan Hunter
  143. Gravis' Trading Post - H: Various 40k & WFB W: Paypal
  144. H: Kroot and Demonettes NIB W: Chaos Bikes or Eldar
  145. H:Tau and Necrons W: Greyknights/Land Raider, Orks or Nids.
  146. FOR SALE: Vampire Counts, Space Marines, Steel Legion
  147. WTT: Chaos Space Marines for Tyranid
  148. [H]Terradon riders and Saurus cold ones [W] Cash or Slann
  149. W:Tyranids H:OOP Soundblasting Chaos, Orks, Tau, Necrons, Grey Knights.
  150. Selling a bunch of Tau, conversions, models, bits
  151. Looking for Tau Vehicle Bits
  152. H: Terminators, Skaven W: CSM 1k sons
  153. H: IG army W: high elfs
  154. SOLD!
  155. Desperatly need...
  156. WTS Necrons
  157. Trading Board Rules [updated 5th June '10]
  158. SOLD!!!
  159. Selling: Land Raider and Kroq Gar on Carnosaur (Wyvern)
  160. [have] Forgeworld stygies Pattern Vanquisher [want] Money
  161. H: Landraider W: Devilfish and Broadside
  163. Have: 12 Saurus Cavalry Want: 3 Terradon Riders or 3 Kroxigors
  164. H: Tau, Space Marines W: Eldar
  165. H: Money, GW Vouchers W: SoB
  166. W: Night Lords shoulder pads | H: FW Red Scorpion shoulder pads / $$$
  167. have: Forgeworld Manticores Want: unpainted punisher or demolisher kit or $$
  168. H:Bloodbowl Starter W:$$$
  169. Selling off some Black Templars
  170. H: Chaos/Old Books/Bits W: Aeronautica Imperialis
  171. H: Orks W: Munny, maybe Dark Angels
  172. The Big Sale ALL STOCK MUST GO! includes marines, eldar, Guard, Chaos, Nids etc
  173. Dark Angel Bit
  174. W: Necron bits H: Various lizardmen, tau, celt, roman and viking bits, and cash
  175. H: Tau, Crashed Aquila Lander W: 's Chaos and Chaos BFG!
  176. Have: Planetstrike terrain W: eldar, citadel ruins and orks
  177. H:new Space Marine Codex W:Tau Codex
  178. Trading away Sternguard/Marines
  179. MOVED: Friends, er, Space-romans, lend me your gun-drones!
  180. Baal for SM
  181. Looking for Black Templar Bits and Terminators
  182. W: Rat Ogre Heads and Arms / H: or Bits
  183. Selling Space Marines *some Imp Gaurd
  184. Trading away a chaos army.
  185. Needing Tyranids
  186. Beware of BitzKingdom!
  187. Lord Zambia's Trade Centre
  188. Want to strike a deal with a blood angel player
  189. [H] All the *NEW* BLOOD ANGELS [W] $$$$$$ or trades, please read.
  190. W: IG, SM, Lizardmen (bits, complete kits, whatever) H: MONEYS!!
  191. Figuring Out Pricing For Local Trade
  192. H: Chaos Space Marines (Slaanesh) W: A different 40k Army
  193. Selling AoBR Orks! Want Eldar or Money
  194. Looking to buy Tau Vehicle Burst Cannons
  195. 40K Imperial Guard - Brisbane - SOLD- Mod delete please :)
  197. H: Eldar W: Marines (Dark Angels)/ Money/ Khador
  198. [W] 2nd edition zoanthropes [H] Tyranids/Paypal!
  199. Old WDs for sale/trade :)
  200. Need chem inhailer bits and kroot shoulder pads
  201. Boneguard Trading Emporium ('Nid, SM, DE VS IG or $$)
  202. Looking for Lascarbines and Valkryie Gunners
  203. H: Tau, SM, Cadian legs, books W: Nids and Catachan legs [US only]
  204. Need 1 bit in the UK
  205. Looking for Rippers!!! H: $$$ Paypal
  206. WTS/WTT. Various 40k, BB + Misc.
  207. Slashed prices even further - All must go (Australia)
  208. It All Has To: Go Go Go!!
  209. W : Lizardmen H : TK, HE, Dwarfs
  210. [W] citadel journal #41 (and maybe #40 too) [H] money, old WD magazine.
  211. Toxin's trading thread *UPDATED April 13*
  212. W: SM Jump Pack, Flamers H: SM, Tau, Lizardmen Bits
  213. [W] 2nd edition Screamer Killer Carnifex! or $$$ [H] $$$ and trade stuff!
  214. Selling/Trading Tau
  215. H: Dark Eldar Conversions W: Money, Nids, Orks, (SOLD)
  216. W: Orks, SM Bitz H: $$ and lots of other stuff
  217. W: Dark Elves/ Money H: LoTR/WoTR gondor.
  218. Looking for a small Dragon's head (UK)
  219. Trading some Elysians away
  220. [W] 2nd edition zoanthropes, gargoyles, and carnifex(screamer killer) [H] Paypal
  221. [W] IG Plasma Gun Figs [H] IG Melta Gun Figs
  222. W: Kinder surprise capsules
  223. SOLD
  224. H: Necrons and Orks W: Nids
  225. H: DE Wyches; HH Books and more W: Praetorian guard; Necromunda
  226. WTT for xbox games.
  227. Sold
  228. [W] Tomb Spyder Claw Bits [H] Various IG, Tyranid, Daemon, Necron Bits or Money
  229. H: Tyranids (Possible OOP) W: / Dark Eldar / Tau
  230. [W] Gaunts [H] Tyranids, eldar, bits, some tau.
  231. H: GKT, Necron BFG Fleet, TK army W: Eldar, Eldar BFG & $$
  232. [W] Chaos Plasma Guns [H] Nids, Nobz, and Money
  233. [W] Cadian melta guns [H] Various bits Tau, SM, IG, Necrons
  234. W: Kharn the Betrayer
  235. [H]MONEY! [W] Mortarion
  236. H: BT army, archaon on foot etc. W: money for books or quad cpu
  237. Selling MTG and Nids
  238. Buy my miniatures...please (Eldar & Historicals)
  239. Selling a few things
  240. Trading away some stuff
  241. Looking for Shrieker jetbike shuriken cannon
  242. Looking for daemonettes
  243. W: Necron transfers H:$
  244. [H]Skull Pass Dwarves & Gobs; [W] Skaven
  245. Tons of FW Fliers, DKOK, SM, CSM etc.
  246. MT's Big Sale; everything must go! Help finance my move abroad!
  247. Any have Decals?
  248. Anyone want tombkings?
  249. Trading Fantasy Warhammer! For Deamons of Chaos and maybe Tau :-)
  250. Want to get rid of ork walkers