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  1. Have lots of historicals want 40K figures
  2. Need ??? have 30 goblins
  3. Want Dark eldar and elves. Have Marines, Tau, Orks
  4. Looking for limited edition models.
  5. Random Stuff (Eldar, Orks and WHFB) for UK. Needing Guard.
  6. Wanted 40k bits (Australia Only)
  7. H: Tau IG Eldar Necrons W: IG TAU
  8. magnus the red / scarab lord + horus WANTING V-MUCH!
  9. Battle for Macragge Stuff for Orks
  10. Need Imperial/Orks/DH/Tau/Necromunda. Have lots. (NOW W PICS!)
  11. Trading 3 Drunken Dwarves (Australia ONly)
  12. W: Plague Marines, Nurgle Daemons, Random 40k Chaos stuff H: IG, Necromunda
  13. i got bamboozeld!
  14. 12 Primed Kasrkins for Trade
  15. Trading un-used nurgle stuff for IG.
  16. H- 24 Kroot new on spure W- many
  17. cadian lasguns heads and legs.
  18. Looking to get Praetorians
  19. Tau for Trade! Want Empire, Wood Elves or BT
  20. Want Squig Herders - Have marines and tau
  21. Box O' Genestealers for Trade - Want Eldar
  22. Have Tyranids; Looking for Tau or $$
  23. Getting Rid of Dwarves and Night Gobs!
  24. have griffon mortar will trade for chaos or space marines or whfb orks
  25. LOTR battle package--- good price
  26. Tactical squad plus some extras---good price!!! could a mod please lock this
  27. Small amount of tyranids---cheap price
  28. Tau army for sale--- ONLY $100 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS! WORTH OVER $350
  29. Have Swooping hawks need skaven
  30. Ogre items for sale!!! -Please delete super mod!!!
  31. Commission Work U.K. only for now
  32. fantasy rules!
  33. Empire Core Units Needed
  34. A request for Fantasy
  35. Codex Trade
  36. Commission Work
  37. Games Day Ticket, other things for trade
  38. Want Mordians/Praetorians (pref. Australia)
  39. Have a but load of LotR BGiME stuff to trade.
  40. Have Wave Serpent/partially painted Falcon; Looking for Tau
  41. Have Tyranids + Bits; Looking for Tau
  42. commission work!
  43. getting rid of eldar army! want vehicles or guard army.
  44. Wanted:Tau AI models, trading vespids
  45. Wanted: IG Folding Stock Lasguns
  46. tau for sisters of battle
  47. I need your unwanted/broken models!
  48. Have lots of Tau, need Imperial Guard or Marines or Orks
  49. Parts Desperately needed. (Bolters Required!!)
  50. Have: Marines, Tau, Bits Want: Assault Cannons, Gamecube Controllers *UPDATE*
  51. Have: IG, Eldar, Want: Anything Chaos/Tau
  52. Orcs and Goblins
  53. H: Tau Army, Almost New! W: Another Army equivalent, Money, Eldar Models
  54. Getting Rid of Chaos(Good pics)
  55. Have Eldar need Orks (Orcs)
  56. classic rhino wanted
  57. Imperial Guard... Cadian based... 1500-2000 points... almost all painted
  58. Assorted Tau for Trade/Sale
  59. Dark Eldar for trade
  60. I will now begin offering Commission Work ;)
  61. 11 Kroot ~ for trade
  62. GK Termies, Genestealers- up for trade.
  63. 16 Gaunts for trade. I need 8 Hormagaunts
  64. My excess tau that I need to get rid of
  65. lots of random stuff
  66. nids. alot pf nids. not for sale or trade YET.
  67. Lots of Marines and Orkses. And a wee bit Guard. And now, commission work.
  68. Need Eldar, have lots! *pics heavy* (updated 6/08/07)
  69. Tau and Marines up for trade/sale
  70. Unopened Tallarn Box up for Trade
  71. I need Hormagaunt bits.
  72. Need 3 Scatterlasers
  73. Looking for ork bikes. Yes I do !!
  74. Armies for sale.....
  75. 16 Assault marines for trade.
  76. Looking for odds and ends...
  77. Laser Tank Destroyer... who's got one?
  78. Lot of Miniatures, Take a look.
  79. Tau army for sale
  80. Wanted: Cities of death battle matt!
  81. would anybody be interested in LOTR models
  82. Tau Stuff!
  83. Various Bits needed.
  84. Tau units and bitz wanted
  85. Have Kroot Need Tau
  86. I want your tyranid bits!!
  87. selling tau-
  88. Looking to sell quick - Orks
  89. Looking to sell quick-Tau- big lot (over 60 items!)
  90. Demolisher Kits For Sale
  91. Very well painted eldar wraithlord and farseer!
  92. Need bits/have bits ;)
  93. Will Trade Fish for Chimeras.
  94. Need a part
  95. Lizardmen!!!
  96. I need one ork and one Devilfish
  97. Looking for Wyches
  98. In need of ELDAR aspect warriors///// Have a many items
  99. Need Tau Bitzm Have Money
  100. Junky junk (Space marines, chaos?)
  101. Looking for Rhinos/Immolators/Chimera/SoB++ (UPDATEDx2)
  102. Looking for Tau Missle Pods...and Kroot
  103. Chaos terminators w/pic
  104. Eldar Army up for sale.
  105. Biggest sale ever! You'll pee in your pants!
  106. old eldar warwalker, wraithlord up for grabs
  107. Looking for XV8 spares
  108. Have: box sqd. Chaos Terminators (1998)
  109. Fantasy Orc Bitz?
  110. bits wanted
  111. Need: Space Wolf Bits (SW Back Packs, Bolters), Beeky Helmets and more
  112. I want your Leman Russ or Chimera
  113. 2000 pts tyranids for trade. Looking for Necrons.
  114. For sale or trade some old DE
  115. Have: Imperial Guard/Chaos lllllll Need: Eldar, Necron, IG Tanks lllll Huge Lot
  116. need marines, have an assortment to trade
  117. Looking for Eldar or Necrons.
  118. Looking for Dark Eldar
  119. Need Stormtroopers (Not Kasrkin) Have: Marines, Older Orks, Catachans, Guard
  120. Wanted: Tau, Will trade Eldar...
  121. Shedloads Of Unwanted Bits
  122. Want: Non-Painted WH, Cash/ Have: Chaos, Dark Eldar
  123. want: tanks Have: have a long look sir...
  124. Looking for Old Stealths
  125. FOR TRADE/SALE: Eldar & SM Stuff
  126. 2nd Edition Books
  127. Award-Winning 2000 Point Space Marine army for sale (lots of pics)
  128. H- Kroot W- many
  129. Looking for: Hammerhead weapons ( or the whole tank )
  130. Imperium Rhinos WANTED!!!
  131. Wanted: Chaos Dwarves
  132. Wanted Khornate Juggernaut
  133. WTS Nurgle LATD Army
  134. Tau for trade/sale
  135. !IG - SOB- 2 Armies - 4 other armies or sale.!
  136. WANTED: IG Stormtroopers (Karskins) & Chimeras
  137. Jade green paint needed
  138. Have: Ultramarines Want: Protectorate/money
  139. 20 Space Marines for sale, cheap price OR TRADE
  140. Tau Army for sale
  141. *NIB* Chaos BattleForce! CHECK IT OUT!
  142. Un-used Land Raider + IG tanks/stormtroopers?
  143. W: LOTR plastic orc bits
  144. Have Full SM army W: $$$, IG, TAU SOB !! XD
  145. Necrons, Space Marines for Sale
  146. Approx. 1200 point Tau Army for sale
  147. Looking for Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer!
  148. Witch Hunters Needed
  149. Online game account trading
  150. need eldar platform.
  151. Wanted: 4 Stealth Suits!
  152. warhammer rule book
  153. Please Delete This
  154. Trading/Selling Catchan Army/Squads
  155. Ogre Bulls, LeadBelchers, Tomb Kings Chariot, and Empire Handgunners on ebay.
  156. Wanted: Wraithlorf Pennant bitz
  157. Space Marines, Old Orks and Ratlings for trade.
  158. Empire Spearmen and Kroot Warriors for Sale
  159. Really want necrons.
  160. i need a price for this ELDAR list!
  161. W: Vostroyans H: Lots of stuff!
  162. For Sale: commissioned writing
  163. H: Eldar W:Nids or $$
  164. WANTED: Tau Fire Warrior & IG Bits
  165. Does anyone have any horses?
  166. For Sale: SoB and GK armies.
  167. 40k For sale or Trade W: $$$, IG, SoB
  168. Sabretusks
  169. I need 2 Kroot!
  170. Imperial Guard Tank Parts Wanted
  171. Trading Ogres for SoBs
  172. 2500 Points of Painted Eldar on Ebay
  173. Urban Basing kit on ebay!!!
  174. Potential eBay/Trading Board Force Price Up
  175. 40k Daemon Prince
  176. Wanting Tyranids
  177. H:SM ARMY W: DH - CSM - Slaanesh - $$$
  178. Lots of 40k some fantasy - looking for LRBTs
  179. Dark reapers
  180. Some Tau stuff for sale(Ebay)
  181. Selling Valhallans, Sisters of Battle, and a Leman Russ Battle Tank(Ebay)
  182. Classic Stormtroopers Wanted
  183. a few nids.
  184. Old ork miniatures
  185. Selling my Chaos army.
  187. Have: Forgeworld Shield Generator Arm Want: Regular Forgeworld Crisis Arm
  188. Epic models for Pocket 40k
  189. A few chaos marine and tau items (in uk)
  190. Have: A lot of Tau, Need: Shadowsun
  191. Tau: NIB/Used for sale/trade
  192. Successful trades?
  193. Pewter Mordians, Cadians and Rough Riders for sale or trade
  194. Looking to buy some 'Nids...
  195. SM, nids, and DE for trade/sale
  196. $25 Warhammer 40k Rulebook(Hardcover 4th ed)
  197. Wanted - Necron Destroyer Guns
  198. Getting Rid of Chaos(Warning 56ks Pic Heavy)
  199. crisis suits?
  200. eldar oldies
  201. Bag 'O Khorne Bezerkers for trade
  202. anyone selling alot of hammerheads/fishes?
  203. kroot hounds?
  204. need eldar for trade
  205. Want to buy: Imperial Armor Vulume Three - Taros Campaign (Forgeworld)
  206. Eldar Models for trade or sale
  207. Want to trade army for army
  208. Any one know where I can still get the limited edition Taubattle box?
  209. few tyrandis for trade[pics!!!]
  210. 2000 pt Tau army for sale or trade for ogre kingdom 2250
  211. Lizard men
  212. whole tau army sale/trade
  213. Selling Eldar army (specific units, combinations of units or whole thing :-P)
  214. Dark Eldar Army of Shadows for sale/trade
  215. Tau army for sale/trade... now with pictures.
  216. Daemonhunters for Sale.
  217. bits for predators?
  218. i need FW
  219. Looking to buy...
  220. Needing tau...
  221. Trade or Sale - WHFB Skinks & Space Marines
  222. Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons Team
  223. Tau Army and Ratlings For The Trade *updated
  224. OMIGod I'm so happy we have this now!
  225. Tips on Successful and Safe Trading and Selling
  226. Announcements/Disclaimer and Rules. Read before posting!