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  1. H: 5 assualt Marines W: Chaos
  2. Have Fantasy Dwarfs Want Dark Elves or Dark Angels (Australia Only)
  3. W: 10 Ork Boys, H: Tau, Orks, Daemonhunters, Marines, bits
  4. W: current Terminator Deathwatch/Inquisitor shoulder pads H: bitz and paypal
  5. H:Ork stuff W: other stuff!
  6. Looking to split 2 x Assault On Black Reach
  7. H: Urban Tau Army and $. (See Pics) W: Space Marine Battle Company boxset
  8. UK: W: Chaos Defiler Battle Cannon and Reaper Autocannon, H: variety of models
  9. Want chaos tank Spiky bitz
  10. Now looking for Tactical SM models. H: Have a look...
  11. H:3rd ed termie W: Pred parts, or Vet SM
  12. H: Tau- FW's, Kroot, Drones, Tanks- W: WHF stuff
  13. H: TONS of Empire W: 40K stuff
  14. Long shot... W: Warhammer Quest game. H: AOBR Orks on Sprue
  15. W: Tanith cap badge + dog tags H: $$$
  16. Sisters of Battle for Necrons, army for army. Have a Look.
  17. W: forgeworld + Nurgle + specific bitz H: tons of stuff!
  18. Some stuff for sale
  19. H: Black Reach Orks W: Tau, SM, Guard, CSM (US)
  20. H: Various things. W: Various Things
  21. Big Trade: I have a ton of Tau stuff
  22. Want: Macragge Terrain...lots of it. Have: Everything
  23. H: Imperial Guard. W: Eldar. North america only.
  24. Have sentinels, AOBR Marines. Want WHFB ORKS or 40k /AOBR orks.
  25. Dark Angels 1300 for sale
  26. Any good conditioned manga for barter?
  27. H: Various Thing W: Wood Elves, Gobbos, $$
  28. H: Tau Crisis (unassembled) & Small Cash W: Tau fire warriors
  29. Ways to boost confidence in a shop (RGD GAMING)
  30. wierd advertisement, but most of these items from gorilla are 40% off
  31. Have Ork Blood Bowl Team Want Wood Elves
  32. Value query.
  33. W: IG, SM & Orks H: $, High Elves, Eldar & More [UK Only]
  34. Overtrading for Horrors ! have a look ! Now also looking for Drones !
  35. Can anyone in the US help me get what I need from over there?
  36. Bad Trade Warning: Corporal DJ No Resolution
  37. W: Tau Gun Drones H: Tau Bitz, PayPal
  38. W: eldar loincloths H: some tau, and marines US
  39. W: Swooping Hawk wing H: Tau bitz $
  40. Have: Farsight Bits. Need: Broadside Bits. US only please
  41. Have: Bunch of various Guard tank accs, tracks, dozerblades etc.
  42. W: Bor'kan Tau forgeworld transfers
  43. H: forge world rhino doors W: tau
  44. W: Terminator power weapon H: lot's of bits all races + cash
  45. Want to unload some older nid models. Maybe some Tau
  46. H:Tau W: 'Nids Imp guard UK only!
  47. WANTED!- High Elf Spears x 10, Bitz in Return
  48. I wasn't sure where to post this...I wanna ask about selling some stuff on ebay
  49. Orks for Eldar or painting services
  50. Old school Obliterators? Where can I get them?
  51. H. Kroot and Ork Blood Bowl Team - W. Defiler part or $
  52. SELLING!!! Brettonian archers already painted...
  53. wanted: tank aerials
  54. KROOT! NiB, half off! and more!
  55. Looking for Aeronautic Imperialis models
  56. H:Orks, Tau and bitz- W: Tyranids or Deamon Hunters
  57. H: Completely Painted Tau Army, W: unpainted SM
  58. Who would be interested in a fully painted army?
  59. XV15 Jump packs etc
  60. W: Sister of battle with helmet H: Sisters without helmet + lots more stuff
  61. H: 40k Eldar Tau W:Imperial Guard
  62. Want: Cities of Death bits, IG bits, Empire bits, Dwarf bits H: Tau, Dwarfs, $$$
  63. H: epic eldar W: 40k
  64. Giant overstock list at 40% off!
  65. H: 4 metal chaos termies W: open to offers
  66. Have: Boxes of Assorted Bitz. Looking For: Tomb King Ushabti
  67. H: Behemoth Nid army W: Eldar Wood elves $$
  68. H:Eldar W: Tau,space marines or Orks!// UK only!
  69. H: Tau Stealth Unit & Hammerhead W on Sprue W: XV88
  70. H: IG Cadians and Sentinel some $$ W: Tau
  71. UK/WW - H: 40k Demon Spearhead (New in Box) W: FW, $$
  72. H: Some plague marines and Nurgle daemons and Vampire Counts W: Orks, $
  73. W: Ork Nobs on Mega Armour H: SM, Chaos, IG, Orks ++
  74. H: Unassembled Tau Piranhas and Crisis Suits; W: Tau Skyray and Broadside Bitz
  75. H: Crons, Nids, Cron BFG W: High Elves, Dark Eldar, Dark / Eldar BFG
  76. H: 3 Tau Piranhas W: Tau or Eldar
  77. ALL MUST GO!
  78. want tau, have raptors
  79. One for you Chaos types...
  80. chaos warhound possibly for sale.....
  81. Looking for Thousand Sons....
  82. H: Yugioh, pokemon,digimon and 1 MTG 1 Ps2 game
  83. Khador army for trade or sale - W: 40k FW items, Dire troll extreme, mercs
  84. H: NOS Orks, Zombies, Ghouls, Skeleton warriors W: $, Nurgle
  85. H: Tyranids, other bits, W: SM, CSM, whatever (US, Canada)
  86. DKoK Wanted
  87. Have Tau Want 'Nids
  88. 2 hvy bolter & lascannon needed
  89. W: tau and Khorne Daemons H: Various Bitz & Cash
  90. H: Tons of random stuff, W: Necrons, SM,etc
  91. H: Firewarrior--the Novel W: an inquisitor
  92. Trade: W: 3rd Edition Tyrant Head. H: Marines
  93. H: Cygnar Army W: WM Dwarves, Combined Army (Infinity)
  94. Eldar Army for Sale
  95. Wanted : Plastic Wheels (Ork Artillery Type) & DoW Gallopper Guns
  96. H:HE,VC,Lizard-men, W:Imperial Guard(UK only!)Now with new Dragon princes!
  97. Space wolves army for cheap (US ONLY!!!)
  98. H: Space Marines, Tau + Eldar *PIC HEAVY* (UK only) **UPDATED AGAIN**
  99. Selling/Trading Tau for Offers (UK only)
  100. H: Set of Plastic Wings W: Fire Warriors
  101. Want Space Hulk. Have Cash/models.
  102. W: New or Old Vampire Count Skeletons - - - H: Sprue Cadians, Wood Elves
  103. have: yu-gi-oh, pokemon, 'nids
  104. W: Witchhunters Imperial Guard H: Tau, Imperial Guard
  105. xbox 360 stuff for cash or chaos or forgeworld!
  106. Rogue Trader Terminators and Genestealer Hybrids
  107. Looking for Kroot bitz
  108. Tau + Tyranid full armies for trade. LOTR as well. Want: Offers (read inside)
  109. Have Tau, little O&G Want Nids
  110. W: Fire Warrior novel H: Kroot bitz, cash, Crisis bitz
  111. Lots of Tyranid + bits and Imperial Guard accesories! W: Vehicles, and offers
  112. H: 2 Kroot Sprues W: Stormtroopers or Firewarriors/make offers
  113. Lot for trade for nothing specific, just make offers
  114. Guitar Hero 3 pc (CD ONLY!) Want: Any kind of model, read inside.
  115. A few choice bits/figs wanted.
  116. Looking for Dark Eldar BITZ
  117. W: Catachan Vox Backpack, H: What would you Like?
  118. Don't know what to do?? (unreceived trade)
  119. H:lots of Dark eldar W:LM,HE or cash UK ONLY!
  120. W: Bikers H: cash
  121. Traders wanted: Guard for Orks, or Orks for Guard. Interested in Tau Bitz too.
  122. Need Bitz!
  123. w: OOP stealth suits
  124. Necron terrain for trade
  125. (pictures)terrain for sale (Lonely Tau said it was ok) Pic Heavy
  126. H: Catachan assault weapons with FEMALE warrior. W: Assassins, also various bitz
  127. H: Warzone Imperial trench infantry W: Bauhaus, anything
  128. Have: Two Dark Heresy core rulebooks want: Lizardmen, money or offer.
  129. H: Metal Venerable Dreadnought W:Plastic Dreadnought
  130. W: Spawn bits, Death Guard bits H:possessed wings, Chaos, SM
  131. H:Battle of Macragge Marines W: Hormagaunts
  132. Have: War Walkers W: Tanks.
  133. Selling Large Tau and Imperial Guard Armies, Cheap!
  134. need orks will trade small amount of nids\ maybe eldar (australia)
  135. Magic the gathering clear out sale.
  136. H: LOTR O&G Codexes/WA & misc. W: Tau Lizards maybe SoB IG or Dwarfs
  137. H:Skaven W:Daemons,high elves or dark elves
  138. looking for OOP models - please trade them to us!
  139. H: Tau army (units listed) + SM Scouts + Bitz, W: Orks
  140. H: Tau fire warriors, kroot, vehicles W: IG Leman Russes, Chimeras, or Rhinos
  141. Gorilla Tactics Gamer Union buyers in Canada
  142. H: Dark Eldar, CSM, Plastic assualt termies & tau W: Gaunts & stealers
  143. h two broadsides,kroot,devilfish+more w necromunda gang,cadian,chimera
  144. H: lots of Tau/ Space Marines/ Chaos bits W: Wood Elves stuff!
  145. W: Tau Box Art, Sky Ray fins H: Random Tau/IG bitz
  146. Australia
  147. Looking to buy (OR trade) for lizardmen!
  148. Thread Closed.
  149. Have: High Elves Want:Necrons or Lizardmen
  150. Eldar storm guardians
  151. H: Huge Kroot bits bag, SM, Orks W:Chaos /Nurgle Daemons
  152. H: tyranids W: wood elves, cadians.
  153. Willing to trade Gears of War (PC) for Gears of War (Xbox 360)
  154. Need lord of the rings rule book!
  155. W: Eldar H: $$$, Marines, Tomb Kings, Hordes and CCG cards
  156. W: Catachans, Cyber Mastifs H: Necrons
  157. Wanted: Markerlights From XV25 Set
  158. Have: Halo 3, Want: Any Xbox 360 game (will discuss)
  159. H: NIB or unassembled Tau, W: Tyranids
  160. Small collection of Tau for trade
  161. W: Warhammer Daemons, Zombies and Skellies H: 40k bits and models
  162. W: SW bits, Chaos Bikes, Chaos WHFB, Orks, Catachans H: IG, SM bikes, SM scouts
  163. 1500+ of Eldars for trade
  164. Chaos Defiler, Spawn, Khorne Berserkers
  165. Have Eldar, want Tyranids, Dark Elves, or MTG-cards
  166. Gorilla Tactics Gamer Union (Store with discounts)
  167. H Tau W Orks
  168. Predator for trade
  169. W: Land Raider Tracks Tau items, H: SM items
  170. H: $$$ W: gue'vesa or the necessary parts to make them
  171. Wanted: SM heavy bolter bits
  172. H XV25 FB or BC 2 xv15 W 1 XV8
  173. wanting to trade night gobbos,space marines and a tomb king for......
  174. H:warhammer, epic, and some 40k W:IG
  175. H:One Peice City Fight Terrain (5 stories) W:IG,GK,BT,$$
  176. Looking to trade Devilfish for Genestealers
  177. H: Too many SM Scouts(metal and plastic) W: Tactical, Assault or Devastors SMs
  178. H: Hive Tyrant, CDN $$ W: IG, Tau, Tyranids
  179. Question about GCM
  180. Space marine rhino/razorback/bike for catachan/wood elf glade guard/tanith
  181. H:IG, tyranids W: Orks, fantasy stuff...
  182. W: Rhinos H: Massive huge giant pile of bitz
  183. H: Predator W: Dreadnought
  184. H:Tyranids W:Chaos,Imperial Guard,Tau
  185. It seems that I've been scammed...
  186. W: Tau Piranha Engines H: SM and Tau Bits, & a lot of clear flying bases
  187. MOVED: 9 Necron Immortals, unpainted, unbuilt
  188. Large Mech Tau Army for Tyranids
  189. W: Old Pred turret and sponsons
  190. 9 Necron Immortals, unpainted, unbuilt
  191. All must go - tau, orcs, gk, de and more
  192. I need your help Tau Online, I need Predator Sensor
  193. H: Classic Marines W: Imperial Stuff
  194. Have: Kroot Carnivores
  195. H:wood elves W: Tau
  196. Surplus 40K I don't want no more
  197. Eldar army for trade or sale. Small force
  198. H:Eldar, Tau bitz, Marine Bitz, W:Chaos and an SM or chaos dread
  199. pred heavy bolter needed
  200. Have: an assortment of things. Need xv8's updated or primed
  201. Have: Skaven want: space marines
  202. H: 2 primed SM dreadnoughts, DG FW rhino doors and havocs W: SM tanks, SM models
  203. have: EPIC eldar army want: imperial guard
  204. In need of Chaos back packs, Trophy racks and skulls... Have tau bits to trade
  205. H: Tau, Tyranids and $120 CDN. W: Imperial Guard (Mostly tanks)
  206. H: Classic Marines Stuff W: IG Stuff
  207. Need Tau for the Community Project
  208. H:Tau W: IG/Sisters of battle
  209. Have - Dark eldar! Want - anything orky.
  210. HAVE: Genestealers WANT: IG Stuff
  211. H: Necrons and SM Scouts W: Ork Bitz
  212. H: tyranids, $$$ W: Lost and damned or orks
  213. Under new Management
  214. W: IG H: Slaanesh and Bitz!
  215. H: space marines bitz W: New Chaos Bits (Preferably Slaanesh)
  216. Have lots of Necrons, want Guard, Eldar, cash (Australia)
  217. Updated trade- Xbox games and tau for Imperial guard
  218. Wnt: Space Marines Hve: Dwarves and Terrain Pieces
  219. H: Tau, $$$ W: Gue'vesa
  220. H: TONS of TAU W:Irn Bru, Money, new Tau XV8/XV88, Chaos
  221. i need tanks! (IG)
  222. H:Basilisk...W:Anything ork
  223. H: Tau W:wood elves.
  224. H: Assorted Tau + $$$ ... W: Ethereal(s), Gun Drones, XV25 Burst Cannon
  225. Desperatly in need of Chaos Vehicule Havoc missile launcher
  226. Eldar models for Trade(Orks) - Sucessful
  227. Want: Sisters of Battle || Have: A whole lotta stuff from IG, SM, Orks and more
  228. Have: Khorne Bezerkers (Sprues). Want: Thousand Sons bits...
  229. H: assorted imperials and two DS games W: kroot
  230. H: Shooty Termies W: CC termies (lightning claws)
  231. H: Tau W: IG Arms and Weapons, Tau Pulse Weapons
  232. Have: DA/tau/random bitz Want: Guard
  233. Have dwarves + imperial guard want $$/grey knights
  234. Need Dark Angels Decals
  235. Want krootox/pathfinders with carbines have bitz & $$
  236. Want: Dark Eldar/elf Vehicles, jetbikes and witches. Have: $$ and Tau (limited)
  237. Dark Elves for anything?
  238. Wanted Empire Knights or Swordsmen Have Skull Pass Dwarves
  239. Kroot Rifles and/or unassembled Guard.
  240. HAVE: Loads of 40k bitz. LotR plastics WANT: Chimeras, Storm Troopers
  241. Looking for something akin to this
  242. Battlewagon Bits Mega Grab Bag Trade
  243. H: Tau, Necrons, Eldar W: IG LMRBT Sponsons/Stormtroopers
  244. Ebay: Forgeworld Tau TX-42 Piranha w. seeker missiles.
  245. WANTED: Plastic Skaven Cloaks... HAVE: Unopened blisters of SMs...
  246. H: Sonic Rush W:nids
  247. H: Marines, Tau, Heaps of Necrons, Macragge 'Nids W: Many
  248. 3x Eldar Shuriken Cannons 4 Sale
  249. Marines for Guard or Tau
  250. Have lots of historicals want 40K figures