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  1. W: Old Metal Catachans H: $$$
  2. Nids for trade...Want Tau
  3. Space Marines For Sale. +4th Ed. Dex, and 4th Ed. Collectors Rulebook
  4. H: Grey Knights W: tau/money/Brettonians
  5. H: DE, Space Marines, CSM & more W: NIDS!
  6. Broken's Big Bits Bonanza!
  7. Looking 4 SM Meltaguns
  8. [H]Stompa, IG Army, Nid Army, Misc. [W] WM/HORDES/$$$/What you have!
  9. H: Painted and unpainted minis
  10. H Necron phalanx W
  11. H: Space marines/eldar..W: battlefleet gothic
  12. Memorial Project: Looking for Sculptor
  13. Looking for Witch Hunter Models
  14. H: MTG W: Nids/$$$
  15. H: MTG W:Necrons or Cash (Preferably Australia, can do others)
  16. Wtb OLD dreadnaugt
  17. [H] Tau/SM [W] $$/Eldar
  18. WTB: Rule Book
  19. Tyranid Army for sale - Willing to split up!
  20. Large SM ARMY
  21. Vostroyan Meltaguns
  22. Selling Tyranid bitz
  23. Dark Angels army for sale (about 1400 points)
  24. 3,000 + Point Forgeworld Nurgle army for sale on ebay
  25. selling my Dark Eldar.
  26. Tank....thing
  27. Fully Painted & Based SM Army FOR SALE *Pics too!*
  28. Selling my Dark Eldar
  29. Tau army for sale. Including Barracuda
  30. Wanting Tyranids. Have Cards of various games.
  31. Fully Painted Tau Army! (UK Only)
  32. Eldar, Dark Eldar, Harlies and more!
  33. Looking for Steel Legion
  34. Looking for Skeletal Horses
  35. H: WHFB small Bitz packs
  36. Trading away some stuff. WH, Warriors of Chaos, Space Marines, codex etc.
  37. ACHTUNG! Need DA Heavy bolters! I now also crave Black Templars bits!
  38. W: vespid, trades preferred, US preferred.
  40. UH's Trade Centre
  41. Wanted: Warmachine Mercs / Trading: Skaven and/or $
  42. Searching For Teutogen Guards and Teutogen Command Squad
  43. WTT: SM heavy Weapons for Ork Lootas Sprue.
  44. WTT/WTB Inquisitor scale Tau
  45. WTT: Magic cards
  46. Want: Robed Dark angel
  47. WTT: Two Gray Knights and some sort of Choas Marine.
  48. WTB: Sisters of Battle Immolator Turret Screen
  49. H: PSP Game System and games W: CSM
  50. WTB: Leman Russ Turret
  51. WTB: Necromunda Weapon Sprues.
  52. WTT/WTS SoB's. Looking for IG/Tau/Eldar/cash (Pics of minis for sale/trade)
  53. H: Imperial Guard Army and Kroot W: $ or Emperors Children
  54. H: Runescape and WoW account W: chaos marines or $
  55. H: True Scale Marine Army W: Orks/$$$
  56. H: MTG cards W: CSM, will pay $ if needed, USA
  57. H: Skull Pass Gobbos W: Inquisition, Dark Elves
  58. H: AOBR Orks W: Space marines
  59. WTS: Tau on Sprue ~40% off
  60. Lookin' to trade some stuff
  61. Selling 40k, MTG. U.S. only
  62. Tetras for piranhas
  63. Some DVD's, PS2 games, and Warhammer if anyone is interested.
  64. Tyndmyr's massive trading thread
  65. W: Baneblade Inferno Cannon H: Lots of bitz, Tau, IG, CSM and SM or $$$
  66. Terminators and Nobs
  67. W: imp. guard chainsword and marine stormbolters H:tons o' bit's and money
  68. Searching For Tau and Marine Models
  69. Selling Vostroyans,Imperial Guard,Space Marines.
  70. Foxxy's End of Summer Trade Thread - Now Priced!
  71. H: Fantasy Dwarf Army +Book W: $$ Crons L5R
  72. Magic TG Deck for Sale
  73. H: Fantasy Orks W: Tau, SoB, DH, DE, Eldar. $$
  74. h:marine,ig and deathgaurd W:orks,bfg,bloodbowl or
  75. H: Necrons, Scouts W: Space Marines (UK)(Pics Available!)
  76. W: Tau BFG H: $$
  77. Clearing out some catachans, novel, and some uneeded tau gear.
  78. Pre-College 40k Tau Sale (Everything 50% off retail value)
  79. W: Old Tau Codex, DE Codex, Tau models H: $
  80. Col.Gravis's Clearout Thread
  81. W: a couple BFG Mantas and Barracudas H: Bitz and $$
  82. H: Assault Marines -weapons W:Kroot, Tau, Bitz, or $$
  83. Need Ork bits have lots!
  84. Looking for Angkhor Prok
  85. H: Orks, Space Marines and a few Chaos W: Money ONLY!!!
  86. H: orks, ig W: mostly $, but negotiable
  87. H: bt, eldar and misc W: cash/computer parts
  88. A whole mess of stuff to get rid of
  89. Selling Eldar
  90. The Waaaghadist's Vault o' Trade! - Looking for Shootas
  91. IG flamers and generic special weapons needed!
  92. H: dwarfs,tau,necron,eldar,BFSP,ogres. W:/anything
  93. H: Fantasy Orcs (Possibly 3rd/4th ed) W: Negotiable
  94. H: chaos daemons W: Ig or $
  95. Need one or more Imperial guardsman have lots!
  96. H:orks W:eldar,deamons,bretonians
  97. H: Land Raider Crusader, some other IG and SM stuff W: new Land Raider kit or
  98. GW Edmonton Bit Swap
  99. H: Eldar, Chaos, Hordes W: Historicals, Warmachine or $ (updated 6/22)
  100. H: Tau W: $$
  101. H: Lots of Guard W: Old Necron models
  102. unopened imperial guard starter box for necrons.
  103. W: Tzeench Horros and Flamers, Old Bloodletters H:$/ Miniatures
  104. bikers and OOP eldar for sale/trade
  105. Tau Empire, Space Marine box services (buy, trade) US, UK, Canada.
  106. two space popes and some bitz needed
  107. Looking for Parts
  108. H: Magic The Gathering W: Anything SM, DE, or Chaos
  109. H: Imperial Guard W: Eldar
  110. H:Marine W:$$$
  111. W: High Elf Archer legs H: , some SM and IG stuff
  112. W: Plastic Fantasy Warboss bitz
  113. W: Khador, Guard and Chaos lascannons. H: IG, various, LotR, SM
  114. Rezzy's Big Sale - Now v.low Prices for Quick Sale!
  115. Trading Tau for $ and IG
  116. Tyranid Termaguants
  117. H: Eldar BFG W: Orks
  118. Trading Tau and space marines for GUARD! or $$$
  119. Gorilla Tactics Gamer's Union
  120. H:High elves,W: Dark eldar,black reach rulebook,IG, Uk only
  121. Wanted: Vindicare Assassin
  122. H: SM, Tau, some Valhallan and Tallarn W: Necromunda and SM
  123. Have: marines Want: Guard/Necrons
  124. WTB/WTT. Guard. Have heaps of stuff
  125. H: 1987 RT Eldar x5 + 1 Eldar Construct
  126. Need help w/ Gargant bitz
  127. Battlefleet Gothic: Blow stuff up in space, too!
  128. 2 Showcase Armys for 50, Im starting anew.
  129. H: Nid Codex (newest version) w: Newest eldar codex
  130. WANT: Imperial Guard! Have: Heaps of GW
  131. H: Black Reach, Dark Elves, Fantasy Bitz! W: Guard, LOTR, or Battlefleet Gothic
  132. I want the orcs from the 6th edition WHFB starter box
  133. Lots of Tyranids for trade/sell
  134. I need Super Heavy Armor Plates and much more! Have alot of stuff
  135. Black Reach Service (plus mini-dice and transfer sheets)
  136. H: Some Tau W: Some Kroot
  137. I'm your new Trading Board Moderator - Please Read!
  138. H: 40k, fantasy, various, stuff. W: Guard, tanks, =I= and bitz!
  139. Tyranid Army for Sale
  140. W: Necromunda- Van Saar H: SM, Tau, some Valhallan/ Tallarn and $$
  141. H: DA Army, Clipped Marines, WIP Stompa, Bitz W: New Tau, $
  142. Selling Vallejo Paints
  143. Buy/swap/sell
  144. H: Various items W: =I= Henchmen, Vallhallens, steel legion
  145. H: lots of nids, and IG W: make me an offer
  146. Miniaturz Workshop
  147. Crazy Prices - Kitbashed Tau Vehicles
  148. W:Necromunda models - US
  149. WTT/WTB: =I= H: heaps
  150. H: Dark Elf cold one knights... W: AOBR dreads, other SM stuff
  151. H: Eldar, Bitz W: Termi Weapons Transfers and Marines
  152. WHFB Dwarves sent to Ebay.. Mod's please delete
  153. Three Crisis suits painted for trade
  154. Trading or selling area??
  155. [UK/WW] H: 3x Tau Devilfish New on Sprue W: IG,
  156. H: Fantasy Dark Elves/Lizardmen W: Chaos Defiler legs, Necron Destroyer bodies
  157. Re: H: tau hammerhead turret upgrade sprue W: chaos marines or AOBR dread/termie
  158. Gretchin and Boys for trade
  159. (IN THE UK) 3 Leman Russ, Sealed, Looking for Guard/Tau/Nids/Necrons/Chaos
  160. Leaving the Hobby 7 armies for sale or trade, now with 100% of the pictures
  161. [H: Cadians, Tyranids, Space Marines, Hobby Materials] [W: $]
  162. H: Necrons, Daemonhunters, Marines. W: Marines, Guard, Cases!
  163. In (moderately) desperate need of: dark elves (oh, and dark eldar too)
  164. S: Some Tau Units
  165. W: 3-5 plastic Ungors/Gors H: some tau, some marines and some $
  166. W: Green Tide, Land Raider & Monolith H: $
  167. H:Dark Eldar Warriors W: Something else?
  168. Want WHFB Orks and Goblins or $ Have 40K Orks updated 02/25
  169. W: Dreadnaught Plasma Cannon and Plasma Cannon
  170. Loads of Models & Bitz! [Fantasy & 40k]
  171. W: Space Marines H: Various
  172. Anyone else having problems contacting GTGU?
  173. W: Tyranid Bits H: Tyranid Bits, $Cash$Money$
  174. H: Space Marines W: Tau, Vostroyans HQ Squad, Cash $$$
  175. W: Dreadnought Arms H: tau and Kroot Bitz
  176. W: Rhino Bits
  177. Please...take my Storm Troopers...
  178. Anyone had problems ordering from Gorilla Tactics?
  179. W: Ork Skulls (from Ork Boyz upgrade sprue) H: various or $
  180. H:Converted Nurgle Terminators,Converted Nurgle LR,Custom Sculpted GUO W:Various
  181. W: IG and Ork weapons, H: ...err... (US)
  182. Any spare FW shoulder pads hanging around? (US)
  183. W: Warzone plastic Imperials H: Warzone plastic Bauhaus or $$
  184. W: Eldar Fire Prism upgrade H: Chaos, Orks & some Marines
  185. WTT/WTS. Small Catachan army, Gobbos, Chaos, BB team, Books, Bitz, Other stuff!
  186. H: Stuff W: Inquisition
  187. H: Random Space Marine Blisters/AOBR, Kroot, Ork, MTG cards W: Eldar or Tau
  188. W: Daemon Prince and BNIB termie lord
  189. W: Orks, Guard, Marines and more(offers) H: blisters/boxes/bits/+(update 05.03)
  190. W: 2 fire warriors
  191. H: Tau and Eldar W: Guard
  192. W. Guard (cadians)
  193. H: Some Random Chaos Marines, W: Orks
  194. Tired of Orks ... need new army
  195. H: AOBR orks W:marines
  196. H:3,000pt eldar W:Imperial gaurd.
  197. Want: SM Scouts, Landspeeder, Vindicator, Assualt Squad
  198. W: SM Bolter Scopes, Hormagaunts H: Cashmoney
  199. W: Ork Chainsword or Chaos Chansword H: More bitz than you can shake a squiq at.
  200. Want: SM bike rider's legs
  201. H: Tau, misc. W: Ork warbikers USA (12/31: Closed)
  202. Trading Space Marines (unassembled) for Orks
  203. Looking to sell/trade WIP Stompa
  204. H: Guard (Catachans), Chaos W:Khorne Bezerker heads
  205. H: Old Metal Carnifexse W: Either $$$, IG, or Nids
  206. H:Imp HW, SM, Various W: Chaos, some SM, various
  207. sandpaper
  208. Want: Battlesuits H:IG, SP
  209. W: 60mm Round Bases
  210. Wanted: Eldar - dead or alive.
  211. W: Tau Piranha Engines H: Lots of bits and Kroot new on sprue
  212. H: Warmachine Cygnar W: Lizardmen or maybe Eldar
  213. AAA anime Bandai blowout
  214. Want Skaven; Have 40k Orks
  215. H: Cadian Heads W: Hooded Wood Elf Heads
  216. H: New SM Codex W: Hardcover 4th edition 40k Rulebook
  217. Need some transfer sheets!
  218. H: Tau, some various. W: Imperials, Orks and more!
  219. H: Empire army W: Tomb Kings or Necrons
  220. W: Forgeworld Tau Shield generator
  221. W: Death Guard Havocs / H: Orks, Chaos, SM's & $$$
  222. H: Lots of Lord of the Rings W: 40K
  223. sold
  224. W: Chaos Possessed Backpack H: Orks, Dark Angles, SM and some IG.
  225. NEED/Want Tau Broadside metal feet
  226. Need some really random Fantasy/ Empire Bitz
  227. Looking for 'Nids and Tau Have : a lot of random stuff
  228. Need: Old Chaos back packs Have: Bitz
  229. W: Eldar H: Lots of IG and Tau selections
  230. Have: Old softcover Imperial Armour II, want: ...
  231. Want: Imperial Guard Have: Tau, Chaos, Dwarves, Stuff!
  232. W: Any Dogs of war/regiments of renown stuff H:lots 40k and fantasy
  233. Rei Ayanami posters (Evangelion fans, a worth looking at) for sale
  234. space marine termies
  235. W: Eldar H: Marines
  236. Want: GEO-HEX terrain, Eldar war walkers, & tau. HAVE: eldar and tau & other
  237. W: Rhino Stormbolters H: Inq stuff, marines, Chaos, plus more
  238. Tau (Tanks & Pathfinders) --> Marines (Bikes & Attack Bikes)
  239. Looking for High Elves, anything or so...
  240. H: Ork Ravensquig W: Well painted Eldar
  241. Spare Space marines from AoBR
  242. Have: Ethereal Want: Various IG or Tau model (Resuming -See edit post #1)
  243. Splinter Rifle Bits
  244. H:Various Things (IG, BB, Fantasy + more)W: Various Things **UPDATED**
  245. IG for Orks
  246. H: 2X AoBR Tac Marines, Old Empire Stuff W: Dark Angels Marines + Emire Bitz.
  247. For Sale - WARMACHINE Cygnar army
  248. Various Models: all need to go! [Updates: 4th December!]
  249. W:Iron Hands Shoulder Pads H:$
  250. H: 5 assualt Marines W: Chaos