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  1. The Protomen
  2. Opeth's got a new CD out!
  3. [Concert Review] Dethtour (Toronto)
  4. Amp questions
  5. Orphaned Land and Opeth
  6. Why do GW fans always like metal?
  7. Fave Cat Empire Songs
  8. Happy guy here, loads of gigs.
  9. British Black crusade dates?
  10. great apocalyptica vid
  11. Covers that equal or better the original
  12. The weird/depraved early industrial thread
  13. The Paths We Choose
  14. requisitions
  15. turn youtube video's to Mp3 files
  16. Archeon?
  17. Indestructible, the new Disturbed CD.
  18. Tell me Leonard, is the fact that you rock also illogical? Inc. Zelda carrot man
  19. Iraqi heavy metal
  20. I got offerd to play a show at the whisky a go go!!!!!!!! My band... Seriouslly!
  21. The master's call - and other poems
  22. New indie band: Faded Paper Figures
  23. J-rock
  24. The Diary of Jane
  25. Master of puppets on sax
  26. I want you all to hear this song
  27. Any portishead Fans?
  28. My band, with free music.
  29. Golf and Nature musicvideo!
  30. The best song ever?
  31. Paganfest!
  32. The happiest metalhead ever!!!
  33. fave bands
  34. a week in the life of cross continental studio work... journal entry unearthed
  35. So, why do you hate Rap?
  36. Muse- Great band or greatest band?
  37. New Judas Priest
  38. A sense of purpose, whats your opinion?
  39. name the song
  40. Grunge
  41. What Instrument Do You Play?
  42. Avenged Sevenfold?
  43. Any Midnight Oil fans out there?
  44. Metal+Subgenres
  45. Amon Amarth - With Oden on Our Side
  46. Retaliation from Metal with Techno!
  47. Lonely/Wargamer/Silk/Rafe
  48. Elf writes music?!?! :O
  49. Name that song
  50. Album Review: A Sense of Purpose [In Flames]
  51. Power/Metal bands
  52. What's the first CD, tape, record, etc. that you bought?
  53. Essential Nightwish?
  54. If you were trapped on an island.......
  55. Dethklok
  56. Just to rub it in SILK's face...
  57. Beastie boys?
  58. Return of Tarja?
  59. clarinet reed cases
  60. Cornucopia of Pirate Metal...
  61. new demo mp3 i put up for criticism
  62. New Riffs...
  63. Journey New Lead Singer!
  64. Manic Street Preachers
  65. Really Old School...
  66. Help with the title of the song I'm writing
  67. How come punks are so pretentious?
  68. Who said PC's aren't creative?...
  69. The "I like" thread.
  70. Gaze upon my new guitar
  71. DJs in Disguise Mini Mix now on Myspace
  72. Inspiring Guitarists
  73. Guitar songwriting...
  74. Teddybears sthlm
  75. My friend's new song
  77. Demon Hunter-Metal Music, Christian members?
  78. Eluveitie
  79. Hail the Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge
  80. passing the torch
  81. Dan Deacon: Tired of the same old Dance?
  82. good music. page just recreated. give it a listen. i hope.
  83. The Bedlam in Goliath: The Mars Volta's latest Masterpiece
  84. warhammer music
  85. Foreign Songs
  86. What is this? So awesome yet no one can figure it out...
  87. need guitar help
  88. Sweep Picking...
  89. a lil somethin for the tool fans... featuring a bunch of NYC snapshots
  90. System of a Down?! Coming back?
  91. same old, same old
  92. the instrumental marvals
  93. need help finding song
  94. Bored: Takeing Song requests
  95. Drummers and drums!
  96. Gorillaz: Demon Days [Half an Album Review]
  97. The Agony Scene-Your thoughts?
  98. Hail to the Geek!
  99. Cops and Robbers
  100. Any Other Parot Heads?
  101. In need of a favor
  102. Which song is this?
  103. Chuck's anniversary
  104. For anyone who thinks a capella sounds the same...
  105. 2 new tracks up
  106. Jars of clay
  107. Mudvanye- the new single "Dull Boy"
  108. Brad Sucks
  109. Bretonnian Music?
  110. Metal cover of Britney's "Gimme Gimme"
  111. Accordion
  112. Maiden Twickenham - Anyone?
  113. My Band!
  114. Klaxons
  115. Anyone heard of Battles?
  116. Fire
  117. Rush- anyone besides AF and I?
  118. Eminem R.I.P hang on hes not dead.
  119. Blind Guardian
  120. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  121. Fatal Bazooka
  122. Bring me the horizon- your thoughts
  123. anyone heard of Meliah Rage? [metal band]
  124. Daft Punk.
  125. E Nomine
  126. Does anyone know about a composer who made a 2 man Bass?
  127. techno/glowsticking/rave anyone?
  128. free music. download it. burn it to cd. skeet shoot at it. whatever. have fun.
  129. Meat Loaf
  130. pig destroyer-for fans of napalm death,narcosis and hardcore bands
  131. Lounge Rock
  132. Puscifer
  133. What Instrument?
  134. Avenged Sevenfold- Your thoughts
  135. Coheed & Cambria
  136. Serj Tankian.
  137. Doing my part to plug some awesome indie bands
  138. dethklok views?
  139. So how about that Led Zeppelin Reunion Concert?
  140. soldja boy "crank dat" rules
  141. Your perfect compillation album?
  142. Westboro Baptist Church the new Def Row?
  143. In the market for a new amp...
  144. Any one here heard of...
  145. Um... halp?
  146. The poet and the pendulum
  147. Your Ultimate Ozzfest (or similar festival)...
  148. Mall Punk Emo: The Ultimate Triumph of a Scene/Counter-Culture
  149. Music from "The Sound of Drums"
  150. Damien Rice-Your thoughts
  151. Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked Part 1)
  152. What's everyone got against Blaze?
  153. Dethklok - "The Dethalbum" is almost upon us...
  154. Demon Hunter
  155. Battlelore
  156. Elvenking - The Scythe
  157. Parkway Drive- Your thoughts?
  158. Godsmack
  159. Nighwish...
  160. My band
  161. OZZY+ROB ZOMBIE!!!!!!
  162. Linkin Park parody
  163. The Killers?
  164. Rhapsody (of Fire)
  165. The rolling stones last gasp..
  166. In Flames- Your Thoughts?
  167. What's with MCR?
  168. Top 100 DJs Vote 2007
  169. 17 Years Ago Today...
  171. this is just too wierd
  172. just recorded a few new tracks... link to listen for anyone who cares
  173. Nightwish
  174. Battle Metal, for wargammer a power metal band!!!
  175. how do you get your music(cds)
  176. Operatic Metal
  178. What sort of strings would you use for a Diffrent tuning?
  180. Bands that have crapped out
  181. Classical and Jazz?
  182. Machine head -your thought
  183. 2112
  184. Starman
  185. I have found a band, named after a warhammer character.
  186. Post your Drum kit
  187. My uncle came and...and...He gave me some cd's and.... Pirate metal!
  188. Rezzy's Good Music Videos
  189. KoRn - your thoughts
  190. Songs to be played at your funeral.
  191. Awesome song!!!
  192. Land of Confusion
  193. Job for a cowboy- your thoughts
  194. I fianlly started lessons...
  195. Project Chaos
  196. Fantasia
  197. Song in 15mins... C&C would be great...
  198. Cool song about London Underground -
  199. My first exposure to the system.
  200. Is there something wrong with my music?
  201. The man with the bucket, Buckethead!
  202. Slipknot-Your thoughts
  203. Recording Issue
  204. musicovery.com
  205. the irony of a guitarist who can't read music
  206. In the flesh?
  207. Rateyourmusic
  208. Marilyn manson concert!!!
  209. Playing at a party
  210. Are you nobody's hero?
  211. I'm looking for thieving music...
  212. Where do you go...
  213. Fighting the World
  214. 8 Bit music maker?
  215. Flame those lyrics!
  216. within temptation
  217. iLike
  218. Metal Enthusiasts in the Worcester, MA area...
  219. The used, the bird and the worm
  220. Arctic Monkeys
  221. Live Earth 07/07/07
  222. Question about CKY
  223. In need of a new band name...
  224. Tunak Tunak Tun
  225. imperial guard song
  226. "Battleheart" - Pirate Metal
  227. Is this real?
  228. 8bit music
  229. Your Top 25
  230. Speed Metal?
  231. Zeitgeist
  232. NUMA NUMA CRAZE!!!!!!!
  233. Blink 182
  234. 30 seconds to mars
  235. dangermouse's grey album
  236. Songs that provoke an emotional response?
  237. Muslim Punk, bet you didn't see this coming!
  238. Minutes To Midnight
  239. Eva - nightwishes new singer reveals her talent.
  240. Just a few things I felt like sharing...
  241. I made new songs!
  242. Friday the 13th, horror themed party, need help with music
  243. Finnish band to make film! Awsome!
  244. Help! In desperate need of band name suggestions
  245. Drum Kit
  246. Yamaha DTXpress 4 special?
  247. Non-metal fan 40k players?
  249. Mars Volta?
  250. Does Metal or Punk Music have a bigger affect on society