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  4. HELP! I am so lost.
  5. Who would win...
  6. Help me! Whats his name!?
  7. C'tan?
  8. the imperium
  9. the star wars empire vs the imperium
  10. What Qualifies the term 'Alien'?
  11. How does the Melta Cannon work?
  12. MOVED: Help
  13. Calixis Sector?
  14. antiwarp
  15. Firing Arcs on Naval Vessels
  16. Who knows about Knights? (and not the Rosen variety)
  17. Imperial Navy
  18. Tzeentch Vehicles
  19. Imperiums Technology and Ours
  20. Ryan's Peanut Gallery: The Imperial Guard
  21. The Space Marine - any challengers?
  22. Some thoughts on Distances on Tabletop to Reality.
  23. So what's the story with Mephiston and Eldrad?
  24. Private corporations in Imperial industry
  25. Imperial naming of Hive Fleets, etc
  26. What do you think of my endgame scenario?
  27. Own Space Marine Chapter?
  28. Tyranids reach earth; what happens next? (??Void dragon awakening??)
  29. Space marine traitors
  30. 40k turned D&D
  31. Emperors badassness and its limitations.
  33. Need Help: Looking up Obscure Apocalypse Formations
  34. Librarian Drednoughts?
  35. Beyond your normal 40k
  36. Forge Worlds and Space Marine Chapters?
  37. Necrons/Tyranids fighting amongst themselves?
  38. Warhammer Apps
  39. Questions about Dark Disciple
  40. Useful Links to 40k Resources
  41. Segmentum Ultima - Why is it so empty?
  42. Damocles Crusade re-retcon
  43. Tyranids
  44. The Emperor- a true deity or just Vectron?
  45. Chaos, Spartan like society?
  46. Titans...Is bigger really better?
  47. Drop ship/Shuttle
  48. 40k TV Series
  49. 40K Main Battle Tanks
  50. Adamantium
  51. Good Daemons?
  52. Planetary Governor's Bodyguards
  53. Adepta Sororitas Assault
  54. Justify!
  55. Radicals and Deathwatch
  56. Exorcists; A Grey Knight Successor?
  57. Leviathan/Capitol Imperialis
  58. How much damage can a Power Fist/Klaw do?
  59. Great companies, a question of scale.
  60. Bolters
  61. 40k race dimensions?
  62. Ordianance Imperius
  63. Men of Iron theories.
  64. Tau Dorsal Bomber
  65. The Astronomican, and pre-Heresy Warp travel...
  66. Bad Ideas Part III: Statement of Purpose
  67. Tyranids and Space Battles
  68. More fluff information?
  69. Legion Size
  70. Trial by Fire
  71. Any news on the golden throne
  72. Social Life within the Imperium
  73. Space Marine attitude towards casualties
  74. The Great Schemer(s)?
  75. Good vs Evil
  76. Tau warp Storm
  77. The future of the 40k universe?
  78. Nova Cannons vs the Sun (resolved)
  79. The High Lords' plans.
  80. A few questions - Imperial + Space related
  81. Black Ships Question
  82. Random fluff questions
  83. SPOILER for Flight of the Einstein- Ending???
  84. Tau Relations
  85. 40k Time Displacement
  86. question about the warp
  87. Grey Knight fluff question
  88. Histories of the Imperium. 1
  89. Ork Homeworld?
  90. Caste of the general Tau population
  91. New info on the demise of the Squats in the IG 'dex
  92. Dark Mechanicus
  93. How the hell is a "neutron laser" meant to work?
  94. Farsight
  95. Exterminatus Virus Bombing: Oh boy it's another Plot Hole :D
  96. How Would YOU Equip Yourself
  97. Space Marine Organ Question
  98. A-bomb in 40K?
  99. Titan Legion Numbers
  100. tau armor question
  101. Fluffy space marine armour question.
  102. No worlds like Earth in 40k
  103. Melta versus Plasma
  104. The Old Ones
  105. Order of Horus Heresy books?
  106. The Warp...?
  107. 40K Year Measurements: What is the standard? (Fluff Gods to the Rescue)
  108. People new to 40k
  109. Imperial and or Empirical Powers?
  110. Ynnead and Chaos
  111. Why do people think Tau are communists?
  112. My conclusion on some aspects of the 40K universe
  113. Spoiler Warning. Just as planned... Horus Heresy
  115. Knights
  116. Imperial Guard assult ship?
  117. Pre-Heresy Librarians and Chaplains
  118. It's the 41st Millenium, and there is only war! ... or is it?
  119. So this machine spirit...
  120. Legion of the Damned Hypothetical
  121. Thunderhawk Gunships
  122. Plasma, where does it come from?
  123. Which space marine unit?
  124. Warhammer architecture...What do you think? (pic heavy)
  125. Power Armour and Imperial Regression Conflict
  126. crime and punishment
  127. Looking for Hi-def Warhammer Dawn of War vids
  128. Tau Rank Insignias
  129. question about xenology
  130. Pre-heresy Legion Helmets
  131. Aquila, Dreadclaws & Stormbirds, oh my!
  132. Nicassar/Thexians
  133. Ok who are the Reek and what do they look like?
  134. Life Expectancy for the races
  135. Imperium and cloning...
  137. Stargate in the 41st millenium
  138. The Warp = Plato's World of the Forms?
  139. Anathemas as playable weapons?
  140. Grey Knights: Operational Procedures
  141. Loose Ends
  142. Whatever happened...
  143. Scavaging Chaos Remains
  144. the ultramarines and the 40k universe
  145. Personal Canon, or "picking the raisins out of the fluff"
  146. Horus Heresy Movie
  147. Home Work
  148. Imperial Outpost
  149. Why do some Space Marines not wear helmets?
  150. WH40k and the Martial Arts
  151. Warp-Capable Starships and thier Effects on Planets
  152. Coolest way to go in the 41st millenium
  153. grey knight recruitment
  154. Ecclesiarchy?
  155. Your fluff is not my fluff!
  156. Tau and Chaos
  157. The Emperor
  158. Measurement?
  159. Page 51
  160. Where did Huron Blackheart come from?
  161. Haploid orks
  162. Quick question: Exterminatus?
  163. Oil in the 41st millenium?
  164. Imperial timekeeping
  165. The Aquila Lander
  166. Khorne and Khaine: one and the same?
  167. Water Vehicles
  168. the warp, warp storms, warp drives?
  169. Imperial Navy organization
  170. questions about SM legions, and chapters
  171. Daleks vs 40k??
  172. Space Marine's territory
  173. Sons of Malice
  174. Heavy bolter caliber?
  175. Couple of imperial world/religion questions
  176. Just say no to bugs
  177. about bolters
  178. The 8 Pointed Star - Significance
  179. Are there any non-dreadnaught marines...
  180. ecclesiarchy
  181. oddity about chaos marines
  182. What race do you think will survive after all the wars are over
  183. What do tau eat?
  184. Chaos Marines recruitment
  185. who are the 'good guys'
  186. Orks and Nurgle
  187. A Psykick Commissar?
  188. Corruption among the high lords of terra
  189. More 5th Edition goodness
  190. Good Chaos
  192. How does the Imperuim keep time?
  193. Rending VS Power Weapons
  194. officio assassins
  195. The emporer's heritage
  196. Is there a link between 40k and Fantasy?
  197. The Astronomica
  198. Question about teleportation
  199. Webway technology.
  200. Plague Marines: How tough are they?
  201. Possesion?
  202. Orders Pronatus
  203. Imperial Crusades
  204. 2 Armies least likely to meet
  205. Just how common are Commissars?
  206. Sensei...
  207. The Webway...
  208. Genesis Chapter- Who are/were they???
  209. Assault on Commoragh
  210. Where do chaos get their ammo?
  211. Emperor v. Khorne?
  212. Similarities between video game races and 40k races. (Possible Spoilers)
  213. The Emperor: A total tosser or no?
  214. Funny realization about Imperial Emblem
  215. Mistakes of the Taros campaign
  216. Lucius killed by a guardsmen?
  217. 40k versus Star Trek (Redirect)
  218. Who created Sonic Weaponry?
  219. Resignum Astratum: A New Galaxy
  220. The relation of 40k characters to other fictional characters....
  221. Hammerhead Armor
  222. Nova Cannon Firepower Calculation
  223. Warhammer 80,000
  224. Exterminatus - Forms of Execution
  225. Modern day Terra and the future Terra and Global Warming?!?
  226. Adeptus Custodes
  227. What if a Kroot eat a Space Marine...
  228. Warhammer fantasy-planet
  229. Taros campaign timeline discrepancy
  230. Smartest race in to 40k Universe
  231. Who is braver in the thick of battle?
  232. Gene-seed mutation? Could it happen?
  233. Who will snuff out humanity?
  234. Brain Bugs - Space Marine Squads as 'War Winners'
  235. Army Composition
  236. Imperial Commissar Vs Space Marine
  237. Could a Space marine...
  238. 40k Versus... The Film!
  239. Ultramar
  240. Female Tau (split from another thread)
  241. Ok, I know this has been asked a few times before but how does time work???
  242. What do you call your tank?
  243. Blood Angel wing mutations?
  244. Titans? Useful?
  245. Weather warfare?
  246. Vehicle names
  247. All those little things...
  248. Arhra, the fallen father of scorpions?
  249. Worse Way To Die!
  250. Drop Troop Regiment Questions