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  1. Worse Way To Die!
  2. Drop Troop Regiment Questions
  3. Ordo Xenos
  4. 40k dating system
  5. A few quick Medusa IV questions
  6. Thought on the Emperor's Godhood and The Warp
  7. Rhana Dandra:the final battle
  8. The Hive Mind
  9. Buildings
  10. Warriors of the Adeptus Astartes, Join the fight.
  11. Some confusion about the Heresy Novels -
  12. Markerlights
  13. Lost worlds
  14. Space Marine, Guard and PDF Chain of Command
  15. Ranks/Command Structure in the PDF
  16. Old landmarks still on Holy Terra??
  17. Hey, what ever happened to...
  18. Lasgun controversy
  19. Slates
  20. VALHALLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! (Blind Guardian referance, if ya dunno...)
  21. What if.....
  22. Vostroyan questions
  23. Cadian questions
  24. I do not know if this has been brought up, but do any guardsmen even know what..
  25. Imperial Saints
  26. Tau recruiting Psykers?
  27. Just noticed something...
  28. Lunar Wolves...
  29. Callidus and Tyranids
  30. Imperial and T'au Reports
  31. How are Sisters of Battle recruited?
  32. Some research
  33. Percentage of Galaxy occupied by each faction
  34. Necrons - Bad for Fluff?
  35. Imperial Titans vs. The Core Krogoths
  36. How can there be Possessed Marines in a Thousand Sons army?
  37. Space wolves, Dark angels, and Thousand sons(oh my)
  38. Might Sound Morbid - How Long Does The Emperor Have Left?
  39. Maybe the Emporer was an...
  40. Eldar vs Dark Eldar?
  41. Imperial Firepower Database
  42. Vespid Weaponry
  43. Space Marine Conquest Tactics
  44. Universal entities?
  45. How does he do it...
  46. Why are Space Marines called Space Marines
  47. shadow lord
  48. Geneseed traits
  49. I've been wondering... Who fixes up damaged/injured Rubric Sign Thousand Sons?
  50. Warp-Spawned Entities
  51. Possible or Not
  52. Could a new chapter get the wrong geneseed?
  53. Dark and Chaotic Question
  54. Before the astronomicon
  55. M4... What???
  56. Warhammer 40000 vs 3 'Star' franchises
  57. Slann?
  58. History of the imperiam
  59. Calendar question
  60. artefact worlds
  61. Question about religion in 40k.
  62. How would you be able to deal with a Alpha level Psyker?
  63. Can Imperial Guard fight chaos space marines and live to tell the tail?
  64. Psykers
  65. Quick question about Black Library and the 40k universe...
  66. Just how does Sonic Weaponry work?
  67. Mad theory on STC's
  68. Psykers in Fluff
  69. Swear Words and 40k
  70. Tau vocabulary discussion.
  71. Is this what it looks like INSIDE of a Hive City?
  72. bug spray
  73. When did the current, modern-day religions die out?
  74. Golden Men?
  75. Orks & Eldar allied?
  76. Chaos and Tau
  77. Tau Police?
  78. Tyranids: Biological Possibility or Fanboy Myth?
  79. Eldar marriage.
  80. Fluff Change
  81. Eldar hands...
  82. Last standing
  83. How strong is a Space Marine?
  84. Preheresy Question
  85. Why they fight
  86. Did scouts exist pre-heresy?
  87. Rebirth of Eldar Empire... Is it possible...
  88. What do the tau use for currency?
  89. 40k tech and it's misconceptions.
  90. Female space marines...
  91. Would it be possible?
  92. Nids... Possible threat to the Eldar?
  93. Question about Geneseeds?
  94. Chapter Leadership?
  95. Iron Hands
  96. Q'orl Swarmhood-Any fluff?
  97. Info on Knight Titans please.
  98. Mercenary Forces of 40K
  99. How is necron tech powered? and is it compatible with tau tech?
  100. Some questions on Chaos and others.
  101. Tau and Tzeentch!!!!!!!!
  102. Eldar / dark Eldar Words
  103. 40K date system? Race dates? important history dates confused!
  104. Rate of expansion of the Imperium?
  105. The Emperor-Is he a C'tan?
  106. How many generations?
  107. If Lucius was killed by Kharne?
  108. An Ordo Xenos discovery of a lifetime!
  109. The consecrators... hidden story/agenda
  110. Markerlights- why doesn't everyone have them?
  111. Demise of the Squats
  112. Can Greenskins grow beards?
  113. Who handles Grey Knight "Techpriest" duties?
  114. and anti-Eldar bias
  115. Deus Ex Machina and EMP
  116. Gellar Fields
  117. can eldar navigate normal warp?
  118. Does Nurgle have a place in 40k?
  119. What would it be like if the fantasy races could actually push into space?
  120. Current date of the 40K universe
  121. Space marines their not all there.
  122. [Farsight Enclave]Battlesuits: Suit Up or Ship Out?
  123. Emperor = Jesus
  124. Custodes? [minor spoilers for Flight of the Eisenstein]
  125. Can eldar have babies without them dying?
  126. names for rogue trader stuff
  127. Craftworlds are the size of planets??
  128. Titans
  129. Firefly/Serenity-like people in the 40k 'verse?
  130. Tallerains homeworld Tallarn?
  131. The Being that is everything in 40k
  132. Machine Spirit Question
  133. How many Tau pilot a Devilfish/Skyraw/Hammerhead?
  134. How the new Chaos space marines are made. (I have found the answer!)
  135. Who's still alive?
  136. The blades of Vaul
  137. Warhammer 40,000 A to Z
  138. Chaos gods and worship.
  139. Odd, that the Tau share some things with the C'tan...
  140. Question about the Word Bearers...
  141. Does this sound stupid?
  142. Gue'Vesa squads
  143. Slightly silly question...but...
  144. Tau invasion - Where would you stand?
  145. The Imperiums Robot rebellion?
  146. Farseer V 40k Universe
  147. Can Tau use Chainweapons??
  148. My thesis on the Necron "Gauss"
  149. "The Emperor's Peace" Killer of Many.
  150. Dawn of War themed Epic armies?
  151. Emperor's name
  152. A Chaos Fluff Question... Commanding Daemons?
  153. Fluffy Reasons to take two commanders...
  154. The Hawk Lords
  155. Genmotty’s Random Quiz of 40k Knowledge
  156. Are the Primarchs...
  157. Eldar and the Greater Good.
  158. The Second Great Crusade
  159. What do the Demiurg actually look like?
  160. URGENT background novel advice needed
  161. WTH is a megarachnid???
  162. Slann in 40K?
  163. Communicating with Nids
  164. Tyranids in WFB?
  165. An idea of how Chaos could easily destroy the Imperium and take over the galaxy.
  166. Why do Eldar look Human?
  167. The SM backpacks.............
  168. How do you pronounce Maccrage?
  169. Imperium Matchups
  170. Before the Emperor
  171. Battlefleet Gothic!
  172. The Emperor: Mysteries revealed, and more added
  173. The only good race, the least good?
  174. Like the 'Horus Heresy' novels....... id love to see 'Fall of the Eldar' novels!
  175. Assassin Question
  176. Tau....from Tyranids!?!
  177. What do races drink?
  178. Does any Race Celebrate anything?
  179. The Imperium Calender
  180. Eldars feelings on Tau?
  181. Imperial Sewage
  182. MEQ and GEQ
  183. Officio Assassinorum
  184. The Imperiums discovery of the Necrons?
  185. Do eldar ever change?
  186. Where are the nukes?
  187. Hive Fleet entrance into Ork space?
  188. questions
  189. A couple of Inquisition questions.
  190. Imperator Titan
  191. A few Tau questions.
  192. Shas'ui Kais and Shas'O Lusha, which sept are they from?
  193. Will the Imperium Last?
  194. The history of the Emperor
  195. What is a Space Hulk/Hulk?
  196. Imperial battleships, can they still build them?
  197. Campaign Advice
  198. What would the Imperium be like if Horus never betrayed the Emperor?
  199. What does the Imperium speak?
  200. Tau Exterminatus.
  201. Is it possible for the Humans to make their own separate empire/civilization?
  202. The Tau's air caste operates the same way as the Rebellion in Star Wars??
  203. halo zone and ghost stars revealed
  204. Boats
  205. Why don't Grey knights use normal marine equipment?
  206. Ardias and Constantine
  207. Could the tau become a dysatopian regime?
  208. Analysis of Imperial technology
  209. (Yet More) Missing Legions Theories
  210. Red Scorpions
  211. Amphelion IV - what's the story?
  212. Could the Kroot take control of the Tau?
  213. 1700 Point farsight list - for tournament
  214. Some tau questions, devilfish gravity drives, etc
  215. How long can they perform?
  216. chaos space marine prisoners
  217. The Weapons of the Imperium! (Intresting to anyone without 3rd edition rulebook)
  218. Tau, Trench Warfare Kings?
  219. Tyranids?
  220. Anyone feel . . . .
  221. Normal Human jobs
  222. Tau armour
  223. Grey Knight: Saturn's moon...
  224. The Blood Ravens come from...
  225. hey all just wondering bout a couple of things
  226. are there cars in 40k?
  227. The Chaos-Gods "corrupted"
  228. Why only humanoids?
  229. Size and Stature of The Emperor
  230. Can Space Marines love?
  231. Tau caste interbreeding.
  232. I hate a fanboy... please help me take apart his argument.
  233. The Emperor
  234. Zombies in 40k?
  235. Gauss weaponry
  236. Could Sigmar be...
  237. Recoil of a bolter
  238. Stupid Question
  239. Those crazy Inquisitors.
  240. Inquitistion Selection
  241. Sisters, and traitoring
  242. A question...
  243. Where's the Warhammer of 40k??
  244. Favourite fluff piece
  245. Is their religion in the year 40k other than the cult imperialis?
  246. forge worlds
  247. Sensei
  248. Do any of the races conflict?
  249. tau word for eldar
  250. Why arn't necron lords female?