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  1. Đức - Quốc gia có tấm hộ chiếu quyền lực nhất thế giới
  2. A game of life and death...
  3. Breaking News: Australian PM steps down, first female PM elected!
  4. Internet Kill Switch
  5. The American Empire: Expansionism Part II
  6. Powerful handheld laser 'lightsaber' for sale...
  7. US finds vast minerial wealth under Afghanistan
  8. Extremism vs Extremism, or how two wrongs do not a right make
  9. MOVED: 3rd Babie on the way!!!
  10. 9/11 site Mosque Proposal.
  11. USA and Russian Relations
  12. So... Israel is attacking aid ships now...
  13. Owner of attack chimp dies after 'series of heartbreaking losses'
  14. Senate Bill S510 Makes it illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food
  15. A step toward stupidity... Texas re-writes the school-books.
  16. MOVED: Rest in peace o god of metal
  17. The apparent Islamization of Europe and the supposed steps against it
  18. Gordon Brown to quit as leader of the Labour Party!
  19. BP troubles in the Gulf
  20. Neaderthals - Turns out there was breeding among them and Homo Sapiens.
  21. Western provinces sign economic deal
  22. I'm confussed about 911 and Bush being appraised for his response?
  23. I'll have my tea [party] black, please.
  24. Brown's ''Bigot'' slur... how much damage could it do?
  25. United Nations Security Council
  26. Teacher Assaults Disruptive Pupil
  27. Baby Boy 'Survives' Days After Being Aborted
  28. Censorship of the Prophet Muhammad
  29. Economists say that Stimulus did not help. - CNN
  30. Clerics, mammaries, atheists, and earthquakes (Boobquake)
  31. Israel Attacked An American Ship?
  32. Information is beautiful: war games
  33. Ethics Classes for the Non-Religious
  34. Marijuana
  35. Torrenting music, games and microsoft word. Now books?
  36. In American Society what should be the less accepted flag or even banned?
  37. Fraud in the banking industry
  38. Professor Antony Flew - Died April 8th
  39. UK General Election Thread
  40. Ban on gender specfic activites places (ie sports, bathrooms)?
  41. Gun-Cam Video: US Soldiers kill journalists, civilians.
  42. Islam-phobia
  43. MOVED: Labour election shock tactics
  44. An archaeological mystery
  45. Is the way celebrities talk about their mental illness causing problems?
  46. Is China's Politburo spoiling for a showdown with America?
  47. An interesting discussion (Iceland Bans strip clubs)
  48. Earth Hour Fad
  49. What's Wrong With The Bloody Russians?
  50. Gay Couple Have To Return Home After B&B Owner Refuses Them A Double-Bed Room
  51. Please return to sender
  52. Harry Potter and the World (Box Office Comparisons)
  53. Reason to not Drive on Motorways?
  54. Death Penalty
  55. An Interesting Thought on God and Religion
  56. Gaming outside the Xbox (Can games make people better people?)
  57. Assassination vs Drone Attack (a question of legality & morality)
  58. Transgender People
  59. Should History be made compulsory in UK schools.
  60. American banks veto pay cut.
  61. Cameron's 'Duty' to oust Brown.
  62. The Technological Singularity, Boltzmann Brain Paradox, and The Ten Commandments
  63. Idea to fix the deficit, gov. spending, and political pork.
  64. Lower the voting age to 16 in the UK
  65. Americans and Identification Cards
  66. The US and the 'evil' of universal free healthcare...
  67. Deaths: Lack of Healthcare > Terrorism!?
  68. No reasonable expectation of privacy?
  69. How can this be justified in the name of democracy?
  70. Sarah Palin's Tea Party Speech
  71. Excess Internet Use Linked With Depression?
  72. Faith healing parents found guilty of son's death
  73. 'Red' Space?
  74. WikiLeaks.org
  75. Global Unity? One world government, could it be a good thing?
  76. The war in Iraq: Illegal?
  77. Food for thought (sustainability)
  78. Shoot 'Em Ups: Where's the fun?
  79. Massachusetts Special Election - Political Fallout
  80. David Cameron: "Brazen elitism" for teaching.
  81. Relativism: Is there a limit?
  82. Public School Dress Codes
  83. Cat selected for jury duty
  84. Possible Voluntary Manslaughter Charge for Killing a Late Term Abortion Doctor
  85. A brain worm I've had in my head about Homosexuality
  86. Social Science Question - Swearing
  87. Gun Control - Does it really work?
  88. Lactose Intolerance - anyone have this I can talk to?
  89. 'Radical' Islamic group Islam4UK is now banned in the UK, thoughts?
  90. What's the deal w/ 2012?
  91. Gen Z | Your Time Has Come
  92. Not really a serious discussion... (it's about Bingo + Political correctness)
  93. British man to be executed in china on the 29th
  94. How do you feel about a prime minister/president who has faith?
  95. Eurostar Breakdown
  96. Copenhagen Climate Change Conferance 2009
  97. "Black" Princesses, Presidents and Post-racial racism?
  98. Tony Blair's latest revelation
  99. The next general election (UK)
  100. Yes, I know it's the Daily Mail, but still...
  101. Apparentl perfect "Weight Lose Video" - Fat Burning Furnace
  102. World's First Driverless Taxis Being Installed at Heathrow Airport.
  103. Man in coma is really conscious for 23 years!
  104. Hacked email exchanges indicate scientific data on climate change manipulated
  105. Your thoughts on drinking
  106. US & UK militaries not cooperating enough?
  107. 11 People Missing After Flood in the UK
  108. patriotism...
  109. The growth of the far right in Europe...
  110. HPV Vaccine
  111. Tamiflu - drug pirating, quality, and avalibility vs ethics
  112. 12 dead, 31 wounded by a gunman in US military base. (yikes)
  113. Fixing the Educational System [Discussion]
  114. Exponential Money in a Finite World: An Inevitable Collapse?
  115. Rape is a pre-existing condition
  116. Singing in the shower...
  117. Armed police to patrol London...
  118. Question time with Nick Griffin...
  119. Mind Control
  120. Post office wants to hire 30,000 temps
  121. Atheist Fundamentalism
  122. Centralization vs Federation
  123. Apartment complex residents told they cannot fly flag
  124. United, or Divided?
  125. Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
  126. Homeowner holds intruder at gunpoint, is shot by Cops while on phone with 911
  127. Health Care
  128. Peace in Afghanistan
  129. Al Qaedas New Tactic
  130. Sanctions on Iran...
  131. University of Pittsburgh students attacked by Riot Police
  132. Two Statements, Discuss
  133. Socialism Discussion board
  134. Another foiled bomb plot
  135. Truth dies at the hands of Capitalism & Putin
  136. My "I Pledge" challenge
  137. Responsible Reporting?
  138. Diplomatic Amnesty Towards Diplomatic Censor
  139. That's so gay... knock it off...
  140. Tucker Max promotes rape?
  141. reading rainbows over? NO!!
  142. Presidential Power to Seize Control of the Net
  143. Facebook and death
  144. To tax the rich or to tax the poor
  145. Japans dolphin cull
  146. End of life wishes...what's offensive vs what's necessary
  147. Cloning a mammoth...
  148. Terrorists?
  149. Lockerbie Bomber Released
  150. Swimmers are told to wear burkini's
  151. Health Care Reform
  152. Page 425 and intentional misinformation.
  153. Are MMORPGs taking over our social life?
  154. Virtual Money
  155. An american teacher
  156. The idiocy of Speeding.
  157. Legality of online account trading.
  158. You can be innocent but you're still staying!
  159. The great big Obama Joke.
  160. Racism
  161. Torres Strait Islands fight to secede from Australia.
  162. THAT'S HOW YOU DO IT (North Korea pardons)
  163. The future of China.
  164. Feds persecute honest god fearin man because of his beliefs
  165. Another $675 000 for the RIAA
  166. Background check on Obama, backlash
  167. Further MP Expenses...
  168. Sarah Palin: More than meets the eye?
  170. Tearing down a monument.
  171. The BNP, Union Attack Party, and European Muslims
  172. The infinite multiplication of legislation.
  173. Tastes like chicken....
  174. Far right terror on the march once more
  175. Prince Charles on the Future of Sustianable Development
  176. The BNP Presents Wacky Nicky in: A Sinking Feeling!
  177. Israeli military and Hamas unites in their vehement opposition--
  178. Focus on the Family...Christian Propaganda
  179. Ronnie Biggs: to release or not to release?
  180. Diffretn countries, diffrent consitutions.
  181. Yet another country braces for bloodshed
  182. Obama's next test: Another Iraq?
  183. SC Governer Disappears for Four Days
  184. The White Christian Heterosexual Married Male is the epitome of everything right
  185. Joining and being a part of the Military
  186. $80,000 per song in fines... are you next??
  187. Ecstasy is no worse than horse riding...
  188. Do you want kids?
  189. The year is 2013 and...
  190. Iran Election turns to Revolt
  191. Feds remove child from parents due to their belief
  192. Aaaand it's happened again...
  193. Gordan Brown?
  194. Avast! Pirate party wins seat.
  195. BNP leader pelted with eggs in protest to conference.
  196. God and Physics
  197. Havin' Kids
  198. NASA releases footage of UFO's
  199. European elections!
  200. Motherhood...as a career?
  201. Too many choices
  202. Christian Extremists are at it again...
  203. Couple Ordered to Stop Holding Bible Study at Home Without Permit
  204. More sad news... (gun safety and regulation)
  205. A Religious State
  206. Mac vs. Windows.
  207. Gay Marriage to be Legalized in New York
  208. The different sects of Christianity - Explain
  209. 6 seconds = shock jock revises view on waterboarding
  210. North Korean 2nd Nuclear Bomb Test
  211. Voting BNP... a political statement?
  212. Religious passages non-religious people like
  213. Pakistan...interesting.
  214. Tamil Protests
  215. Clash of Civilisations...or not?
  216. Germany seeks to Outlaw Paintball
  217. Morals and Breeding Dogs for Profit.
  218. Viability of a Modern Airship Tourism/Goods Transportation Service
  219. The three beats of history march on.
  220. Briton To Be Executed - No Fair Trial or Legal Representation
  221. Military future for young Australian jobless.
  222. Arlen Spector
  223. Tangent about Climate Change
  224. Is England going to hell due to immigrants? or is it all a load of rubbish?
  225. Elephants
  226. Economists claim UK's debt freedom day to be Feb 17th! 2032......
  227. Miss California on Same Sex marriage
  228. IFPI playing into the hands of The Pirate Bay?
  229. Congressional Members Briefed on possible use of Waterboarding in 2002
  230. Jacob Zuma & South African Elections
  231. What do you think of the "Media Bias"?
  232. Social Security.
  233. banning comic sans?
  234. T.E.A. Parties
  235. WWII Stereotypes and where do they come from?
  236. To heck in a handbasket
  237. Transnational Progressivism.
  238. Somalian pirates!
  239. Obama expands secret wire tap powers
  240. Gen's Q: Is the Christian God relevant in today's society?
  241. Fire at Bayer plant and the attempted cover-up
  242. Yet More Shootings...
  243. A snapshot of Japan
  244. The British Monarchy Will Die With Queen Elizabeth II
  245. ... Hacked the classifications board?
  246. Outsourcing...to robots! Wait...wha??
  247. Economy Update
  248. The study of failure
  249. How is this even REMOTELY like justice??
  250. Rocketry wins against BATFE!