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  1. The Semi-rant thread
  2. Barrack Obama
  3. Political Allingment
  4. synergy
  5. First time rant :P may be good, may not be good
  6. Germ-line Therapy, Sematic Cell Intervention and Genetic Engineering in general
  7. IM TIRED of people being tired!!!!!
  8. MY freakin' Rant
  9. Age and maturity
  10. The Tau Online Political Party: The Public Service Party
  11. I'm tired....(MiniRant)
  12. Good Samaritan Law... do you think its fair?
  13. Native Americans
  14. Quebec: A Nation within a Nation. Or, Here We Go Yet Again.
  15. Cultural differences.
  16. Who will be the Dutch Prime-minister?
  17. Something is definetely wrong with me.........
  18. A persons worth
  19. Iranian-American abused by UCLA UCPD with a Tazer
  20. What is the most important polices that gonvenments should spend money on?
  21. This is dumb...
  22. Wireless Energy
  23. True lonelyness
  24. Is ad hominem a legitimate form of argument?
  25. Is Lethal Injection a Humane Form of Capital Punishment?
  26. Some family problems
  27. 2006 US Congressional Elections
  28. Where'd the rage go?
  29. Serious mind F*ckage
  30. The greatest day!
  31. Killology
  32. US Life Expectancy expected to DECLINE
  33. Origins Pt. 1: Halloween.
  34. The Hobby
  35. Stranger in a Strange Land
  36. Intelligent Design/Creationism
  37. Morality
  38. A question on relationships and age.
  39. A nice Quote by Albert Einstein
  40. UK Binge Drinking problem
  41. Wednesday, October 25th...
  42. Predatory Pelican
  43. Wear a Green Shirt
  44. Martial Arts Discussion;
  45. Camp Falcon Explosion Casualties Grossly Underreported?
  46. Kids getting even more moronic?
  47. Okay, Sociology experiment
  48. School Shootings- secular education?
  49. A social Experiment..
  50. Save Darfur?
  51. Stealth Suits and Cameleoline real soon???
  52. An interesting question
  53. Idiot whom bullies me
  54. Consider the...
  55. Democrats Involved In Conspiracy Wider Than 9/11?
  56. Finding the purpose of my life.........
  57. Jack Thompson rides again!
  58. Doubtless many of you have heard of this before, but...
  59. Foley's Folly and the GOP response
  60. Regarding the 'Re-location Theory'
  61. Why do people tend to think that nuclear technology is bad?(Very Urgent!)
  62. Zombies are real
  63. Interesting times
  64. I was mugged today
  65. Elf's turn for a rant.
  66. Chirstian bible contradictions
  67. December 22, 2012. The end of the world?
  68. My family life is crumbling apart.
  69. The Inimitable Fred Phelps
  70. Sexual Harassment
  71. Alternative deep-space propulsion
  72. Some more of the Mothman's Political Platform
  73. Split from "Catholic School" thread in the Enclave: School kerfuffle
  74. Venezuela getting drawn into possible US/Iran war?
  75. Who Really Invented the Internet?
  76. Pope's Islam Remarks
  77. bomb dillema of the world
  78. Why do top Canadian companies ALWAYS get bought out by foriegn companies?
  79. 9/11 Truth - Interesting Experiences
  80. Is anybody in the National Forensics League(NFL)?
  81. Five years ago...
  82. Touchy subject on/your views on homosexuals
  83. Authorities, or Who have you read recently?
  84. Bank Profits
  85. Nuclear War?
  86. Anti-Americanism: Adressing the Problem
  87. John Mark Karr Released? WTF?!?
  88. The Rangers-Celtic Cross fuss
  89. Venting time
  90. Illegal Aliens
  91. 8 Planets
  92. Mideast Discussion Thread
  93. The New X-Prize
  94. Stress..............can't take it anymore!
  95. The Island of Java:The Island of Mud.
  96. The political platform of Shas'la GeekyGator! (U.S.A)
  97. The other candidate: Spiritbw's Political platform.
  98. 3000 Dead?
  99. Anger.....
  100. The Truth of 9/11
  101. My political platform.
  102. The Bigger Picture
  103. Returning to Cruel, Painful Executions to Prevent Crime?
  104. [relationship related]-friends...damned friends....
  105. Idea:International Jerusalem(yes it is stolen from Jon Stewart)
  106. I need some opinions.
  107. Guantanamo Bay..... (Edited)
  108. Some help needed
  109. Starship Troopers: Crime, Punishment and Service
  110. religious intolerance
  111. President Bush's diplomacy policy......
  112. Joining the army
  113. Interesting views about economy: a thing or two you maybe didn't knew
  114. Do i come off as an angry guy?
  115. Snobbery, Toffs.....
  116. SPECULATION: Could the USA effectivly support Israel's war?
  117. What are your views about Scientology?
  118. Subtle Fear: Using it as a Tool for Good rather than Personal Gain?
  119. A Recycling Universe?
  120. How much do your siblings really affect who you are?
  121. Engineering professors speak out on 9/11
  122. Birth License
  123. The Media......
  124. Truth or Fiction... legal age for sex.
  125. 40K players and familys
  126. China - And why we should all be learning Mandarin/Cantonese
  127. Drinking, Drugs, Smoking
  128. The Myth- MYths about Anti-grav and Past lives?
  129. the third world war?
  130. Canabalism
  131. {Eon8}
  132. Drugs
  133. Five things the world would be better without!
  134. Religion and You
  135. Israeli/Palestinian Tensions Grow, Invasion Possible
  136. a little problems....
  137. Debate on the English media split from World Cup
  138. Ghosts, Haunts and Specters
  139. I can't stand the my daily life.
  140. Euthanasia work
  141. I'm a Christian and I'm pissed...
  142. Take a moment, slow down. Think before you leap.
  143. Women and their need to be "as good as" men
  144. Wiggers aka Wangsters aka White Gangster Wannabes :)
  145. The Perfect Government?
  146. Of Lawyers, Buisnesspeople, and Communism.
  147. Discrimination
  148. Whats with the Self-Hatred?
  149. Al Qaeda leader Zarqawi Killed.
  150. "The Da Vinci Code" - Unravelled
  151. Genetic AIDs/HIV resistance...
  152. Lack of Opinion
  153. Hypocrisy
  154. Canada is not safe from Terrorism!
  155. The Empire is falling
  156. The Marketing of Evil
  157. The U.N. : Let it burn
  158. DSPS
  159. Wtf is wrong with our country?
  160. [My Goodness! Homosexuals!]
  161. The Political Pedophile Party!?
  162. Anyone see Tank-man documentary last night. Is China close to the imperium?
  163. US Warmachine rolls on...next stop IRAN!
  164. a death...
  165. Top Ten signs of a U.S. Police State.
  166. Christianity meets Logic...
  167. Loyalty to your country
  168. Un-Identifiable insect
  169. The $20 Bill..Check this out
  170. Moving
  171. Hackers - the bane of the internet
  172. 300 years and not one lasting peace
  173. USA- 2nd gen Talaban?
  174. Bill Cosby for President of the US?
  175. Relationships
  176. Africa, bad situation
  177. What The Heavens Is Going On?PARENT POLICE!?
  178. Kids today
  179. What is your occupation?
  180. Socialism= almost communism?
  181. Mexican Government and Illegal Immigration
  182. What do you think of your country?
  183. How and where did racism spawn?
  184. The Reason Behind Arrogance?
  185. How to improve world( polictal, genicide,ect)
  186. Sickening state of MY country, I am not happy....
  187. Definition of Fat?
  188. Have you ever been fined?
  189. Thoughts of the Afterlife
  190. Alcohol
  191. Is weed worse then cigarettes/cigars?
  192. Genocide in Darfur
  193. Illegal Immgration
  194. Utopia
  195. one nation__________indivisible?
  196. What is it saying?(political cartoons, yet again)
  197. Injustice After All?
  198. The blue Peter badge scam!!!
  199. Morality. What does it really mean?
  200. I don't want to sound like an emo kid but...
  201. What would you do...
  202. UK Cabinet Reshuffle.
  203. Gmo foods
  204. WW III: becoming reality?
  205. Vlaams Belang/Blok or Flemish Blok
  206. The conflict in Israel
  207. The Roast of George Bush as his own party staring Stephen Colbert
  208. Abortion
  209. Your social stand point/class/group
  210. Why are girls such a hassle at times?
  211. Should Cost Be The Deciding Factor In Healthcare?(UK)
  212. Affirmitive Action
  213. The Thinkings Of KJ
  214. Non-standard religious debate thread (hopefully).
  215. Am I an Evil person?
  216. Net Neutrality
  217. How do you to Keep cool with discussions and attuly make head way
  218. Homosexuality - Nature vs. Nurture
  219. The end of Religion, the begginging of a united world.
  220. Smoking. why do we still do it?
  221. Discussion. Goth, Emo, Punk. What makes one which?
  222. Why Pick on Christianity?
  223. The Royal Family
  224. Advertisements: Friend or Foe?
  225. Important Rational Response Squad Show TONIGHT!!!
  226. United and Mighty, Our Soviet Land! (Russia Q&A)
  227. Unions
  228. Is food like sex?(mature topic so lil people keep out)
  229. How much alcohol do you drink?
  230. Complete Eco-collapse
  231. globalisation and its benefits
  232. our monkey business
  233. Ignorance or Stupidty?
  234. Muslim peaceful demonstrations continue...
  235. President Bush's IQ
  236. Idiot's Guide to Being Happy
  237. WTC Conspiracy Madness
  238. affirmative action
  239. Call 911 if you're a kid? Think again.
  240. Iran - do we go nuclear?
  241. Gospel of Judas found!
  242. The Anti-Christ
  243. 9-11 Coverup?
  244. Canada's second language.
  245. Manning has eyes on Klien's job.
  246. Satanic messages
  247. Execution
  248. Night Terrors and Genetic Memory
  249. Do terrorists deserve rights?
  250. dinosaurs,chickens,universe,and others.