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  1. Aerogel
  2. The Tau'va do you agree with it?
  3. Empire Strikes Back.....
  4. Eye for an eye
  5. China taking over the world!
  6. An interesting thought on the Defense of the USA(Terrorism wise)
  7. Afraid of getting hit. Need help/advice.
  8. Tae Kwon-Do
  9. Young love and its problems (not an analysis, need help)
  10. To summarise the summary of the summary: Post-night-out thinking
  11. Marrying your own adopted sibling........(Very sensitive subject, be warned!)
  12. Australian Federal Election
  13. Civilians in War
  14. Why do people hate Furries?
  15. National DNA Database
  16. Full bionic prosthetics on the verge of release?
  17. Zeitgeist- Ghosts of Time
  18. Are we free men or slaves who think we are free
  19. Is true freedom anarchy in disguise?
  20. Hookers and playboys
  21. NAFTA Superhighway
  22. America Vs. The Rest Of The World....who comes out on top?
  23. Al Gore: Enviromentalist, or not?
  24. Russian diplomats Expelled
  25. Attack imminent?
  26. Small Debate on Situation that requires justification.
  27. Being innocent is no guarantee Police won't kill you
  28. Age Verification Required
  29. 'If you're not Roman Catholic, you're "wounded"' - Pope
  30. Evolutionism vs whateverism
  31. Would you say that this is racist?(no Anti PC rants please)
  32. Voluntary execution?
  33. Why do we have laws again?
  34. Aliens?
  35. New energy source? Is this our savior?
  36. Don't Push!
  37. Free energy device???
  38. What actually is religion?
  39. Religion is not responsible for morals
  40. Teen writers- judged by age?
  41. Taoism
  42. Today, is a sad day for British Democracy.
  43. Scientology
  44. um, WTF? A 16 year old girl got Married to her 40 yearold track coach.
  45. Native Treaties
  46. Proving afterlife will make man £1m
  47. Is revenge the Western way or does the West/Europe just like to kill people
  48. Manhunt 2 Banned in Britain
  49. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  50. Did Bush hear God speak with him and told him to strike Iraq/Al Qeada
  51. Paid to take surveys...
  52. Vatican stops support of Amnesty International
  53. Curing Homosexuality - should we? Do we have the right?
  54. No Welsh please - we're English.
  55. is there [in your view] really anything like a god?
  56. Backing up my neo-nazi allegations of the 9/11 truth movement
  57. The best way to tackle a threat is...
  58. Putin calls Bush's missile sheild bluff?
  59. Some food for thought.
  60. Time goes by too fast.....
  61. 9/11
  62. Sexism in Religion/Satanism?
  63. Enough with Anti-Islam!
  64. Return of the Cold War
  65. How can we call it a justice system when those who enforce it are criminals
  66. Congressional Voting records(USA)
  67. Woah. I didn't think it would be THIS Bad:
  68. And in other news, <censored semi joking message against Russia>
  69. Police state known as britain...
  70. Reading news.
  71. Political Correctness
  72. Here we go again...
  73. Illegal Immigration (American exclusively)
  74. Real Life Exoskeleton, Designed for Warfare
  75. Music piracy
  76. Update: Canadian dollar rises above $0.94 US(details page three)
  77. Another Jack Thompson Thread
  78. Kinda rant i guess
  79. Why get smashed?
  80. Falwell Dead at 73
  81. Prince Harry will not be deployed to Iraq amid threats
  82. Give Fascism a chance?
  83. Automated Combat Vehicles
  84. Reclaimed virginity...
  85. The three most overdone topics in the universe
  86. Nuclear power
  87. Docking
  88. Just War
  89. Married Young
  90. Individual Rights vs Public Protection
  91. Lawyer Sues Cleaners for $67 Million over a Lost Pair of Pants
  92. Internet Radio - Can it Be Saved?
  93. time machine
  94. Should the US government turn over its War Criminals
  95. Miracle or Coincidence?
  96. Your views on Flesh plugs/Peircings/Tattoos
  97. Prince Harry and Iraq
  98. Earth-like Planet Found
  99. Ultimate Home Security??
  100. self harmers, your view on them [no ranting, just opinion]
  101. Nature Versus Nurture
  102. Does masturbation REALLY make your palms hairy?
  103. VT Conspiracy Theory’s: Exploring the issues
  104. Why Im angry at the world
  105. Who said guys can't hit girls??
  106. Negative Effects of Video Gaming
  107. Blackwater
  108. I have found the shooter's disturbing stories...
  109. Boarding
  110. A deep Thought
  111. need update
  112. I've got a problem........
  113. Right to own guns?
  114. Our beautiful, blue Earth...
  115. Some bad news in Virginia/shooting at virgina tech (Merged)
  116. Should those who do not vote be allowed an opion on the way things are run?
  117. [Rant] Stupid people raining on other people's silly parades
  118. Socialism & Communism: Your thoughts?
  119. The right to be a mother...or the right not to be a father?
  120. Do you care about the fate of our species?
  121. What is it to be human?
  122. The Second Variety
  123. An Interesting Fact Learnt in a RE Lesson at School
  124. The Tau'va on Earth...
  125. The Holographic Universe
  126. BSafe blocks Games Workshop
  127. Violence in the media (read first post)
  128. Prostitution---your views on it?
  129. world war z
  130. Are pornstars respectable now?
  131. Nanotechnology
  132. US Government forces man into medical prison for refusing to remain inprisoned
  133. Anyone else notice the Honey Bees are missing
  134. i feel trapped
  135. Interesting thing I learnt lask week in church.
  136. Is there a Perfect Government or Economical System?
  137. If Hilary Clinton is elected, will she ban video gaming??
  138. Psychological Study, Need Participants ASAP! Karma available! ;)
  139. Nuclear wars.
  140. Conservative view political satire
  141. The Coca-Cola company; murders?
  142. The future of nerd/geekdom as we know it may be gone...
  143. Simple question.
  144. 15 British Marines/Saiolors Captured by Iranian Forces
  145. My UFO story. (Not a hoax)
  146. Thinking on UFOs. Your thoughts?
  147. George W. Bush....Evil Conservative?
  148. The political party I support is about to face utter annihilation
  149. Doom and Gloom
  150. The Rise of the Police State. Security at the cost of Liberty
  151. What is up with Gay Men acting overly Gay (this isn't Gay bashing)
  152. Bullying.
  153. George W Bush: Cynical or Idealist?
  154. Just how much is logic worth?
  155. Just wondering if any one else is going to college and for what?
  156. GW site blocked!
  157. should private vehicles be banned from the CBDs of major cities?
  158. More Middle East... I'm Tired, Aren't You?
  159. Should smacking children be made illegal?
  160. What is wrong with youth today?
  161. Was the firebombing in WW2 necessary?
  162. And Then There Was One: Great Historical Rivalries
  163. Should the USA have dropped the A-Bombs on Japan?
  164. Why it is War in Iraq/Afghanistan and Terrorism every where else?
  165. The Tenth Dimension (?³ as a single point)
  166. Myths and Phenomenons : Part #2 (Colasals)
  167. Political correctness(Please read first post)
  168. Religious Debates/Discussion #3
  169. Religious Debates/Discussions #2
  170. Religious Debates/Discussions #1
  171. Free press or free sausages?
  172. North Korea + oil + US = no more enemy?
  173. Should the American Military have been involved in WWII?
  174. The Karma System
  175. Myths and Phenomenons : Part #1 (Faith Healers)
  176. American Soldiers Shoot Unarmed Civillians-Why we will lose the war
  177. Torrent, file sharing, MP3 downloading etc.
  178. Small question, simple answer...
  179. Wikipedia, credible information source?
  180. Is Bush planning an invasion of Iran
  181. Ghosts
  182. 2012: The Actual End of the World?
  183. a theory on religion
  184. Tomb of Jesus found?!
  185. AtOmiC boMBsS!!! (serious question)
  186. What to do with Somalia?
  187. Should Iran be allowed to develop Nuclear Weapons?
  188. A religious theory to make your head spin
  189. Simple question, hard answer?
  190. Electric shock therapy for "Internet Addictions"? Only in China!
  191. Free Healthcare or Powerful Military?
  192. Direct Democracy or Status Quo
  193. Shift Happens
  194. North American Union? (split form Pop Quiz)
  195. The Jews created evolution!
  196. Debate case on casino gambling
  197. The last generation of itters
  198. D&D and how it's evil
  199. Future projection of the human race 2007 to 2250
  200. US Border Patrol agents in jail?
  201. Pop Quiz! I dare you.
  202. Life or Dignity?
  203. Abortion- Should its effects cause it to be banned?
  204. Do you accept the challenge?
  205. A10 "Friendly Fire" Accident. Death of 25yr old British Coporal - cockpit video.
  206. marine to get medal of honor
  207. Good too complex to understand?
  208. Philosophical question
  209. An Internal Terrorist Threat in America?
  210. Why are there so many Christains
  211. FOX News is absolutely horrible.
  212. Question.
  213. What religion has the most followers? What religion are you?
  214. Good ends... bad means... (I guess)
  215. I have no life, it seems, and I'm sick of it... (Rant... I think)
  216. Bush Ignores Restrictions in Over 750 Laws
  217. I Needs Your Help Please Guys
  218. Euthanasia
  219. Alternate history - what will happen oif Nazi Germany won WW2?
  220. A Religious Question
  221. Return of the FLQ.
  222. what is real/reality?
  223. Is Time on an exponential curve?
  224. "The Height Gap"
  225. Why can't guys admit when other guys are sexy?
  226. Abortion
  227. humanity killing himself...
  228. The problems with the UN
  229. What is going to kill (intelligent) life on earth/the universe first?
  230. Is genocide really that bad?
  231. A breath of fresh air...
  232. Here we go again...?
  233. Is Capitalism really that bad?
  234. Is America really that bad?
  235. A question of faith...
  236. how to deystoy america
  237. Buncefield Oil Depot Blast - Largest Explosion of it's Kind in Peacetime Europe
  238. should we leave?
  239. The morality of execution
  240. Global Warming: It's happening, but is it our fault?
  241. Diets
  242. Origins, Episode 2: The Little Ice Age.
  243. About to flip out...
  244. Africa, and what I would do about if I was in power
  245. My Good-for-nothing Pot Smoking 'Friends'
  246. What's bothering me?
  247. Plea
  248. Rant threads, and why they're locked.
  249. Rants and why you shouldn't
  250. Your Political Compass