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  1. Europe's gone Pot-ty - If it wasn't true it would be funny.
  2. Environmentalism and Climate Change
  3. North Korea and Nuclear weapons
  4. Falling birth rates in Europe.
  5. The full circle of Medical Care?
  6. This is the town I am moving to... I have my reasons
  7. Long Distance relationships
  8. A lesson in plagerism.
  9. Supreme court rules in favor of Personal right to bear arms
  10. U.S. Supreme Court rules against death penalty for Child rapists.
  11. Teenage Stereotypes
  12. Same sex marriages/being homosexual
  13. Stabbings in Japan
  14. Hidden Message in MGS4?
  15. My favourite Australian politician retires
  16. Christian Blog on Same Sex Marriages
  17. No more more Cluster Bombs
  18. UN suggests that UK abolish its monarchy
  19. internet addiction.
  20. rage, aggression etc... do you suffer?
  21. Invention and war
  22. Japan Measures Millions
  23. Save the net!
  24. 42 day detention
  25. Suicide Terrorism
  26. Why are we more predisposed to preferring lighter skin?
  27. American 'Gagging Orders' on War Profiteers
  28. The war in Iran
  29. President Mugabe
  30. cell-phone society
  31. WWII Bomb found in London Underground, Began Ticking!
  32. Confederate Battle Flags
  33. Internet Jurisdiction
  34. A serious question on handgun techniques... born from a videogame
  35. Myspace Sex and Lies with a Minor
  36. Brown pushes for increase to 42 days detention without charge.
  37. Israel
  38. Is this real or just a hoax?
  39. The Bill Henson photography scandal (MAJOR UPDATE)
  40. Man to be deported for having a book. That wasn't illegal in the first place.
  41. Moar Pollz!!!
  42. home security systems VS the automatic
  43. Uncontacted Tribes and Civilizations
  44. Your ten favourite influential people of the last 108 years?
  45. Questions about Islam? Ask Da'i Zenai
  46. Could the BNP pose a real threat to Britain?
  47. Do you support capital punishment?
  48. UK government bans Lolicon
  49. Should Philosophy and Politics be an compulsory subject with English, Maths and
  50. trade a death penalty, for 5 minutes alone?
  51. You'd have thought there'd be fire protection in missile bases?
  52. Guantanamo
  53. Political cartoon, the Obama/Clinton ticket.
  54. Free Speech?
  55. 25% porn tax...isnt that a little "stiff"
  56. Just World Phenomenon and Left/Right politics?
  57. Religion
  58. Human Motivations
  59. The Future of Russia?
  60. The american voting system: Should the system be changed?
  61. Euthanasia, anyone?
  62. Big Brother is watching you...... The CCTV camera Nation.
  63. The Problem of Evil
  64. America's Immense Debt
  65. Iraq by the numbers
  66. Britain's Labor Party suffers worst election loss in 40 years
  67. Is OPEC Intentionally Driving Prices up?
  68. 32 to 1....Mass Murder or Collateral Damage?
  69. communism
  70. Should Public transportation be considered an Essential Serivce?
  71. Justice system: Everyone is innocent until speculated guilty
  72. Ethics, mods, pokemon?
  73. Unjust laws: What should we do about them?
  74. Alternate History Question.
  75. Scientology advertising
  76. Computer Games :: Graphics Over Content
  77. Dr Phil and the YouTube beating video ringleader
  78. Hey artists! The Government says UP YOURS!
  79. Tibet
  80. The nanny state
  81. Free rice for the poor! HELP OUT MY BROTHERS!
  82. Nikes $1.95 a day wage
  83. Does the internet encourage social decay?
  84. Pedophiles
  85. Interesting Article - The future 'internet'?
  86. Space Bugs!
  87. Will Modern Technology replace the written word for information?
  88. What You See vs What You Get
  89. Who is responsible for Morality?
  90. OCD - Internet Tests, How accurate are they?
  91. Mainstrem media slants
  92. Olympic relay hit by protestors
  93. A Dark Day
  94. Fighting...
  95. Stocks, anyone into them?
  96. Cuba seems to be making progress. Registering for stock trades.
  97. Are Cell Phones Killing People?
  98. Max Mosley Nazi Sex Scandal
  99. American Oil says HAHA To OPEC.
  100. Something Interesting on Global Warming
  101. Political Compass
  102. UFOs
  103. So why is Islam Wrong?
  104. "Biblically Correct" Museum Tours
  105. Car salesmen- sleeziest people in the world?
  106. Burying the hatchet in America.
  107. Decision 2008
  108. 2008 Beijing Olympics Boycotted
  109. Why? (religious quabble)
  110. Somebody explain to me why Brits are so fed up about Britain.
  111. CUBA fund. risky investment, or just waiting for castros death?
  112. Could Mars be the next "new world"?
  113. David Cameron Cycling Incident
  114. Who would win in court?
  115. interesting e-mail
  116. Company finds natural solution that turns plants into gasoline
  117. What the?
  118. The Bastards. This injustice makes you ashamed to be British.
  119. Drug Legalization
  120. Is this so bad?
  121. So is stuff like this why brits like Wargamer and Rafe are so angry about life?
  122. Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007
  123. How would you build an island nation.
  124. Good Books
  125. Anonymous reporting
  126. Building a government.
  127. Missing Girl Found Alive
  128. US Senate Votes To Keep Wasting Money
  129. koran on the speakers table
  130. Top Cop's Suicide - Suspicious?
  131. Sexual Fetishism?
  132. Religion: Good or Bad for humanity?
  133. Oh those wild and crazy Iranians!
  134. My loss of faith in multiculturalism
  135. Torrents. Legal? Illegal? Grey zone?
  136. War?
  137. Vatican lists "new sins"
  138. School Uniforms
  139. PTSD, Military Retention
  140. Computer Wars
  141. Rich Folks
  142. Bomb hits US Military Recruitment office in Times Square
  143. Woman gets gang raped, video put on youtube
  144. EU Abusing Microsoft?
  145. Smokers
  146. Moronic US hack journalist puts British troops at risk, film at Eleven
  147. Woman Gets 30 Years for Poisoning Husband
  148. My dad.
  149. U.S missile hits toxic satellite
  150. Castro stands down
  151. I have an ethics class I need TO's help with!
  152. The Wacky Antics of Sharia Law Episode 8: Sentenced to death for four drinks
  153. The Wacky Antics of Sharia Law Episode 7: Sentenced to death for witchcraft
  154. TDSB openning Black schools in Toronto
  155. Shootings in NUI
  156. Sonic weapon being employed to disperse youths
  157. +++ Earth +++
  158. The wacky antics of sharia law episde 6: woman arrested for sitting with man
  159. Super Tuesday
  160. Defence Spending (Split from The real Railguns)
  161. +++World Religions+++
  162. Chavez calls for anti-US alliance
  163. Adult Videos- Useless? What do they do for mankind?
  164. Mass Effect Controversy
  165. Three Little Pigs 'too offensive' to Muslims... oh dear, whatever next?
  166. Should the economy be the biggest issue for 2008 elections?
  167. another Alternate-History theory
  168. Internet Gridlock?
  169. Super Mario Galaxy is Homosexual Propaganda! (And yes, I wish I was joking)
  170. Sci-Fi a dead genre?
  171. Obama and Huckabee take Iowa!
  172. One of the last stable African countries falls...
  173. Fractional Reserve Banking System
  174. Is anyone else scared silly by Blackwater?
  175. Benazir Bhutto Assasinated
  176. Another reason to hate Halliburton
  177. "God Hates the World"?
  178. Slightly different political ideas poll.
  179. Lakota withdraw from treaties, declare independence
  180. Student Gets asked by School to Cover Up Lesbian Themed T-shirt, ACLU comes in
  181. Political Ideals Poll- Nothing more, Just a poll...
  182. Article on Islam - Islamophobia or Truth?
  183. The difference between Nebraska and... Well, everyone else
  184. Bali Climate Change Conference
  185. End of the United States(Or More?)-My Concern
  186. Gang rape of 10 year old, results in no serious jail time -
  187. The end of the United States
  188. JAPs and opinions
  189. Mit Romney's Speech on Religion
  190. Selective Breeding?
  191. Emo/scene kids
  192. Armchair Generals: Discussion of stealth aircraft
  193. Well, that settles it, I'm moving to Canada.
  194. The most detrimental/evil books to society?
  195. Evil
  196. Winnie the Prophet
  197. Iraq War over!? We won!
  198. Cops dressed as protesters try to start riot -
  199. Powered Armour -
  200. Iphone users beware!
  201. Freedom of Speech
  202. Aussie Federal Election 2007-- Play by Play Update
  203. September 11
  204. What will happen in a year?
  205. Essay for Government Class
  206. Youtube and over the top reactions
  207. Ctrl+Alt+Del and Tim Buckley
  208. Chick Tracts
  209. Control of the Internet
  210. Aussie election
  211. Book burning?
  212. Look at this bit of stupidity...
  213. Vote for the NeoRhinos!!!
  214. LGBT Parents
  215. Ron Paul campaign raises over 4.5 million USD in one day!
  216. "The Time Cube"
  217. Drama Queens.... why bother?
  218. Anglo-Boer war
  219. National Slander
  220. depression
  221. What if Germany had not attacked the Soviet Union in WW2?
  222. Looking for Support
  223. Slavery?
  224. Judges and Justice
  225. Serving in the military or not... continued form IG forum
  226. Harry Potter and Homosexuality
  227. An art treasure that even the "fine art" haters can love
  228. Gw hobby socially acceptable?
  229. Forgotten Fallen
  230. Storm Worm
  231. There's been a tragic freak accident: Let's ban what caused it!
  232. theres an army heli near my house
  233. Some pretty scary stuff
  234. Halo to help earn Halos?
  235. The Roman Church
  236. Do students have better educations if they are in band/orchresta/chorus?
  237. Veterans not being respected
  238. What do you think of the death penalty?
  239. Machine Ethics... is it time? And if it is, what should they be?
  240. The Soul: What is it about the soul that makes people empty?
  241. Attention needy, or just weird?
  242. Organic?
  243. Jena 6
  244. Indignant white males--I'm not the only one who finds them annoying apparently
  245. Anarchy
  246. Senator Sues God
  247. Devolution?
  248. Iraq Hearing's Credibility
  249. 1337, Txt Tlk, and Ebonics
  250. Libertarians