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  1. devilfish to hammerhead conversion - your thoughts?
  2. Sniper drones or standard drones
  3. Remora scratch build questions
  4. CubanNecktie's Chop Shop
  5. Alien Commander 2.0 (multipart kit, 56mm)
  6. kroot ethereal
  7. alternate crew head on pirahna
  8. recommended magnet source?
  9. It seemed like a good idea at the time. And it is!
  10. Autarch on Jetbike_Stage 1
  11. A how to, by Jitsu: Assault Cannon Razor Backs
  12. IG Bikers 2011
  13. ScaryER Genestealer
  14. WIP - Battlesuit Comamnder.
  15. any idea how this was done?
  16. Deathwing Conversion Suggestions
  17. Crisis Suit Rifle
  18. 2nd Broadside Sniper w/ Resin Railgun
  19. Awsome chaos space marines?
  20. Plastic Pathfinder 'ui. First "sculpting" with GS
  21. 'Alien Commander' + 'Dead Human Trooper' 56mm, Inq Scale
  22. How can I easly convert the standed lighting claw to have longer blades?
  23. Da 'umies have shiny dakka, me wantz more dakka dakka
  24. SM aobr termies into chaos oblits
  25. Chapter Master Hellghast of the Nova Hawks
  26. alpha legion thought
  27. Wasn't quite sure where this would go... so it's here. Iwo Jima.
  28. Anima Tactics Scale.
  29. Bits recommendations for Conversion Beamer
  30. Suggestion's needed - Cobra IG army
  31. Suggestions for an Iron Woman
  32. Need Ideas for Converting Elysian Stormtroopers/Grenadiers
  33. Concept and Preview of a Nurgle Dreadnaut
  34. weapon and model conversion
  35. Converted Vampire Lord [Need some comments]
  36. Mist and more than some balls
  37. An idea so wrong, I simply must try it
  38. Death Company (Pics)
  39. Ork Fighta Bomba
  40. DIY Broadside
  41. Imperial Jetbike Conversion
  42. Skaven searat captain
  43. Stingwing antannae
  44. Big Marbo'ss
  45. A Strange take, on the Farsight Cake
  46. Sentinel 2.0
  47. Matrix APU Sentinel
  48. Trenchcoats - Greenstuffing
  49. Carrelio's Farsight Conversion
  50. Necron Wraith
  51. Begel Dverl's Conversions
  52. Magnetizing plastic space marines.
  53. And now for something random
  54. putty alternative
  55. Odin and Frigg Pattern Valkryie conversion WIP Log
  56. Warboss Gitfang 'eadrippa aka da wagonmangler
  57. Overcoat for Molds
  58. Choosing Between the Two Ideas (IG Concept)
  59. Sanquinary Priest on Bike
  60. Friends, er, Space-romans, lend me your gun-drones!
  61. Nurgle Plague Hulk WIP (Counts As/Could Use Some Ideas too...)
  62. My try at a Tyrannofex conversion.
  63. A commissar was born
  64. Hrud test conversion
  65. Wip guard pics via iPhone testing
  66. Khorne Chaos Champion Conversion Help
  67. WIP Parasite of Mortrex
  68. Plastic Tyrant
  69. Skullhamma WIP (Looted Baneblade)
  70. Land Raider + Tau Railguns
  71. Plasticard for converting lasguns...
  72. Vanguard Vetrans
  73. Tau Titan Hunter
  74. Having a problem to glue nightmare wings on my daemon prince?
  75. Where can i get bitz?
  76. Dwarf Guard
  77. IG conversion, veteran drop troops
  78. Dark Eldar warrior with dark lance conversion
  79. im new but have some modeling ideas i'd like to share!
  80. Cadian braced pistol conversion **PLEASE HELP**
  81. Tyranid Cerebore WIP (New Pics Post #21)
  82. Doom of the Malan'tai!
  83. Toxic conversions
  84. 'ARRRRRR'...freeboota conversion
  85. Seth's Nid Conversions
  86. Scene Marines! ( We CARE about our hair xD)
  87. Kit Bashed Deff Dread
  88. Suggestions on Dreadnought conversion.
  89. Success or Fail? DE Warriors to Wyches
  90. Chaos Aspiring Champion
  91. Orky Looted Sentinel
  92. Alien beast wip
  93. Modeling Substitutes
  94. Shadowsun Conversion, Basing Opinions?
  95. I need a medium for my baby.
  96. Well, that's been a nice break. Lemme just flash my junk [sculpts & pic heavy]
  97. MOVED: Harpy WIP
  98. Harpy completed!
  99. Tyrgon Prime Conversion WIP (More than a Few Bitz...)
  100. Looking for a female head (non-GW)
  101. Magnet Conversion for Sentinel?
  102. Tau O'da'Ua Squad
  103. Vostroyan Nork Deddog Conversion
  104. How can I obtain/make Earthshaker Cannon shells?
  105. Dark Eldar/Dark Elf Conversions
  106. VDR rules
  107. How does this sound? (Doom of Malan'tai Drop Pod)
  108. Angry Marines: Predator Angrinator!
  109. Swarmlord WIP Conversion (Greenstuff Blades)
  110. Do you wanna see a REAL Tervigon conversion? BEST ONE YET!
  111. Ripper Queen Conversion (Counts as Ripper Swarm?)
  112. LEDs in hammerhead railgun + other parts?
  113. New Thantos Chaplain WIP
  114. Space marine dred to ork dred
  115. Interchanging Ork Lootas & Burnas
  116. Cloaks
  117. Tyranid Conversions (I wouldn't claim them)
  118. Soldier
  119. Alien Stalker
  120. Removing modeling glue
  121. WIP Swarmlord
  122. Tiger I tank into loota (small update)
  123. Starcraft conversions
  124. The Doom of the Malan'Tai?
  125. Poorhead MkII
  126. Thunderwolf Cavalry?
  127. My new battlewagon
  128. Tyrannofex WIP (New Pics Post #98)
  129. Making cheap raptor/chosen chaos marines!
  130. MOVED: Working with Scrap
  131. Someone please tell me....WHAT IS THIS?
  132. Help! Need Advice for an SB!
  133. my charlie's angels broadside unit!
  134. Autocannon Chimera
  135. Tervigon Conversion WIP Pic Heavy
  136. Back in the warp (Nurgled Marine)
  137. Swarm Lord
  138. Sniper Drone Team
  139. The Tyranid Conversion Thread (Updated OP with Links!)
  140. MOVED: [NEW UNIT] Doom Sayer
  141. Stormlord/Shadowsword Weapons
  142. Dreadnought of Nurgle
  143. Venerable Death Company Dread from BoBR Set
  144. Mycetic spore help.
  145. SOmething Orky..but what is it?
  146. Clear Plastic Stealthsuits
  147. Modular Ork Boys [pic hvy, step-by-step]
  148. Idea's please HELP?
  149. A Quick Guide to DIY Tau Rail Rifles
  150. Tau Sniper Team (Spotter/Sniper) Conversion (Fire Warriors with Devilfish Bitz)
  151. Melee Crisis Suit Conversion (Question)
  152. My twist on battlesuits.
  153. Scratch built Orca
  154. Tau Walking drone
  155. Tau Samurai?
  156. DA Fortress Terrain Turret fits on Razorback?
  157. Termagant Conversion Idea (More Pics 3rd Page!!)
  158. Leman Russ Conversions (very Image heavy)
  159. Transport pod concept
  160. XV-9 WiP
  161. Imperial guard metal models (Image heavy)
  162. MOVED: Blackadder's Scratchbuilt Warhound
  163. 'The Ninja' Crisis suit
  164. Tyranid Gargoyles as Chaos Furies...?
  165. Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon Nest(Very Image Heavy)
  166. XV9
  167. Three more Russ’s
  168. Gideon Ravenor
  169. Thunderwolf Cavalry Conversions
  170. My Vendetta Conversion(Image Heavy)
  171. Señor Count-as Marbo
  172. Black Orc Warboss Conversion
  173. Bad Company: Tombstone Pattern Predator IFV
  174. Commander Shadowblade XV15-XV31 Conversion
  175. Female Tau Firewarrior (Hot Blue Xeno's inside)
  176. Leman Russ Punisher
  177. Budget Thunderfire Cannons
  178. Pathinders, sniper style
  179. Space Marine Commander
  180. Cannons Abound?
  181. Traitor Guard Conversion
  182. Ok... where do you find brown stuff or another cheap epoxy?
  183. A cheap method of copying bitz?
  184. Need ideas for marine to traitor marine conversion.
  185. What is SHE?
  186. Need help with conversion idea
  187. Cyberwolf
  188. artistic challenge, making two defiler out of one
  189. Space Wolves: Valkyries (Counts as Sky Claws) (New Pics Page 3!!!)
  190. XV-8 to XV-9 conversion.
  191. Project "Titans" (or: "How to make nids even scarier")
  192. Genestealer head variants for casting
  193. Nurgle Terminator Lord
  194. Master of the Forge Conversion Beamer WIP
  195. Demiurg / Squats conversion attempt
  196. XV29
  197. Assassin Tau Shas'el
  198. Guard Conversion Ideas?
  199. Battlesuit body guard
  200. herald of khorne
  201. Converted Plastic Pathfinders
  202. XV72 "Hunter" battlesuit and kroot fire-squad
  203. Ideas Please
  204. Thunderwolves.
  205. My Lastest conversion mess'. XV9, piranaha, drones, oh my!
  206. Farsight diorama
  207. Skullhamma Battle Fortress
  208. Working with green stuff - chainmail and scale mail - how to do it?
  209. Daemonic Tau
  210. My Broadside Battlesuits
  211. Gue'vesa vehicles?
  212. MOVED: Sunstealer Battlesuit
  213. MOVED: Need Some Help With Chaos Paint Scheme
  214. A battlesuit, a reaper, and captain B.A. -pic heavy-
  215. Russian APC to Ork Battlewagon! (Very Pic Heavy)
  216. Da Petrul Hedz
  217. My First Converted Battlesuits
  218. Classic Necron Destroyer to Ork Deffkopter idea
  219. Tyranid Conversions - Comments Please!
  220. Kroot Hounds
  221. Deathwing banner... making one?
  222. Hammerhead Battlesuit Log (Advice needed)
  223. Custom Built Inquisitorial Henchmen
  224. why has no one ever though of this? (acro conversion)
  225. Brotherhood of Steel?
  226. Tractor = Battlewagon
  227. Magnetising Termies.
  228. Gue'Vesa'La
  229. living saint question
  230. Praetorian Ogryn Commission
  231. Durability of Forge World Unit Upgrades
  232. 10-minute Big Mek
  233. From AoBR Slugga Boyz to Shoota Boyz
  234. Warlord Imp's Broadside Conversion [pic heavy]
  235. Deff dread conversion
  236. Need help on how to make a more awesome Mega Armor Warboss
  237. Hard Landing
  238. Guidance on Magnets
  239. Shrike from the skies! A simple but fun Raven Guard conversion
  240. After Doom (movie and game) Style Minis!
  241. Stealth Drones
  242. Converting to Kommandos
  243. Need modelling help.
  244. XV15 Special Weapons squad
  245. XV15 Shas'vre
  246. Yet another Battle suit conversion.
  247. My immortals converted from warriors.
  248. From scratch, a new Tau Battle suit
  249. Another Type Zero Suit (Deathrain - Dynamic Posing)
  250. Conversion Guide - Type Zero Stealth/Urban XV 8