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  1. New chaos dread of mine [sorry no pics yet]
  2. TAU Phased Nadion Cannon
  3. Making a Dreadnought a bit more Venerable (WIP w/ images.)
  4. Plummeting marine! C&C Welcome!
  5. Pirate Tau Commander (WIP)
  6. custom made vanquisher
  7. Tau Burst Cannon Emplacement
  8. My new daemonqueen (contains nudity)
  9. Any ideas about muscle?
  10. im thinking of a mounted tau on some sort of futeristic desert creature
  11. Tanith Camo Cloak Conversion Help
  12. Gearhead's Double-Barrel Plasma Rifle Tutorial
  13. Cadian Sentinel and Steel Legion Lascannon
  14. XV-66 battlesuit commander, Eldarine "Sea Dragon" pattern (WIP)
  15. Pinning Gundams! Help needed (in pinning in general)
  16. the cool crisis heads.
  17. Tau Support Staff - pic heavy
  18. Tau Heavy Gunship - Swordfish
  19. Death Korps of Krieg WIP
  20. Brettonians and Chaos?
  21. My WIP Black Templars HQ
  22. WIP Tau Commander
  23. Beast of nurgle
  24. BUGLANDS Tyranids
  25. Ork Battlewagon (Work in Progress)
  26. Extra Eldar weapons
  27. Night Goblin Shaman
  28. Spartan Space Marines (not Halo :P)
  29. Spartan Dwarfs
  30. RoughRiders C&C please
  31. Tau Drone Turret Construction help please
  32. the Space Pimp!
  33. Tau army Display Board Help Please
  34. Anyone have any exp. on true scale marines?
  35. Shadowsun conversion -- Ghostwind
  36. Belial
  37. My first Conversion Case, ejected Shas'el so far )
  38. Cosmu I Tyranid guard!!! ( Cool )
  39. dimensions questions
  40. Tau Hammerhead
  41. Angry head!
  42. Dry fit of parts for my red terror build...
  43. Making a Carnosaur for My Friend. Rargh!!!!!!!
  44. gas mask for space marines
  45. Wood Elf Conversion
  46. Converting a Hung Guardsman
  47. strider
  48. Quick, simple sonic weapons conversion (picture heavy)
  49. Magnetizing Terminator Arms?
  50. A Very Praetorian Kill Team- WIP
  51. The collector of Heads Chaos Leutenant
  52. Grotz... with pulserifles o_O
  53. 1:1 Real life Space marine Helmet -Mine-
  54. XV83 Crisis Battlesuit Tael 0 Type
  55. HorseBoyz
  56. *WIP* Harakoni Warhawk Guardsmen
  57. My new Shas'o
  58. Homemade Autarch
  59. Starting First Full Sculpt
  60. Slaaneshi cultist-crusaders command squad
  61. Another Cirillo battlesuit
  62. A conversion that im not happy with.
  63. Beefy Carnifex Conversion, C&C Please
  64. Wraithlord WIP
  65. Using Rackham models
  66. A Challenge! A Challenge I say!
  67. Necron Titan WIP
  68. Another Stealth Commander C&C always wanted.
  69. (Shas'O T'au Taka)Ejected battlesuit commander, Comments and critisizm please!!!
  70. My Dreads: Redux (light up dread exposed and magnetic furioso)
  71. Battlesuit
  72. Matrix Style Action!
  73. Stealth XV8 WIP (Pic Heavy) Complete
  74. Tau Auxillaries - Conversion ideas needed.
  75. Vostroyan Gue'vesa
  76. Making Plastic Chaos Raptors (NOW WITH W.I.P PICS!)
  77. Hive tyrant conversion W.I.P (Updated with pics!)
  78. Eviscerator
  79. Doing random conversions Builder drone first give me tips!!!!
  80. Crisis suit -> gundam... hell ya (Update!)
  81. Customizing Kroot
  82. Fire Warrior (pic heavy)
  83. Base for Titan
  84. Individualized Dire Avengers
  85. Tau Firewarrior
  86. Tau Army conversions, Work in Progress, C&C Requested
  87. Converted broadside and Shield drone Comments&Critz please
  88. Female Farseer
  89. Chapter Master of the Bloodied Hand (and Brother Bethor of the Legio)
  90. Fire Warriors into COD Pathfinders
  91. Tyranid-Fighting Guardsmen Conversion
  92. The Kroothawk Project
  93. Feral Cyboars
  94. This is why you don't give me and my mate a bitz box when we are bored - crazy!
  95. Heavy/Death Metal Dark Eldar!
  96. Need someone to do something for me. (making casts)
  97. XV-2 Battle suits
  98. Tau command squad. (pic heavy)
  99. Autarch Jetbike and Farseer Jetbike
  100. The Celocanth's are coming!
  101. Lemmon Grott
  102. First Crisis Suit
  103. Conversion W.I.P. took over 10 hours.
  104. Eliminating Fire Prism tilt.
  105. Komodo Class Assault Tank *NEW PICS*
  106. Kroot Biker...
  107. Burst cannon Conversion [now with tutorial]
  108. Squiggoth Concept
  109. Plasma cannon...
  110. Could you give me a hand?
  111. Oil canister things???????????
  112. Baneblade Plans
  113. Skaven assassin
  115. Warp Spiders with Nid heads
  116. better pic of Doomseer on jetbike
  117. Inquisitorial Stormtroopers
  118. kroot troops!
  119. kroot sniper guy!
  120. Demon Prince
  121. The Mammoth Ig battle tank.
  122. Space Marine Assault Squad
  123. Devilfish to Ionhead Conversion
  124. Cityfight Crisis Suit Team
  125. blood pact help
  126. Amazon ideas?
  127. Tau Firewarrior Conversions (only radio guy this time)
  128. Nothing too epic...but...
  129. Crisis Commander
  130. Tau Firewarrior Conversions
  131. Kroot conversion Help
  132. New Stealth conversion
  133. Possessed squad.
  134. Help--Lonely Barracuda pilot
  135. lost planet
  136. BIG MEK
  137. Khadrovian King Demolisher(Pro-tau traitors)
  138. Witch Hunters Conversions for new Army
  139. horus
  140. battlewagon bits help
  141. I Have Found My True Calling: WAAAAGH!!
  142. Help needed: What Space Marine is needed for this job?
  143. space wolf WIP
  144. Chaos Space Marine Coversion
  145. Dragons
  146. Spare Bits Project
  147. Applying Magnets
  148. Wheels for WH40k
  149. Warlock on Jetbike & Scenic Base
  150. Wings
  151. Lost and the Damned army *NEW* Pics
  152. Leman Russ 'Grizzly' (PIC HEAVY)
  153. Chaos LatD Kill Team; Near Entirely Scratch-built (SUPER Pic-Heavy)
  154. Rubber/Plastic Tau Empire Ethearal Hybrid
  155. WarpSpider with nid head(pic)
  156. Jetseer (pic)
  157. Dual Pulse Pistols
  158. Tyranid Droneships
  159. tau titan
  160. A quick plan
  161. Some Tau Conversions
  162. Necron Immortals
  163. SG-Tau
  164. My statured Daemon Prince (or how I have too much time on my hands....)
  165. Firewarrior Combat Engineers [very heavy pic]
  166. Vanquisher Russ'
  167. WIP Leman Russ
  168. Conversion that would be cool but I cant afford
  169. a bad moon ork on bike
  170. Simple "Stim Injectors" Conversion
  171. Rough Riders.......
  172. Semi-scratchbuilt Plague Zombies
  173. Tau Jetbike Project
  174. Chickens and how to model them
  175. Ideas...
  176. Idea for a cool crisis suit conversion UPDATE
  177. Plastic Marine Lascannons! Poorhammer for the masses!
  178. New Statured DP...... *UPDATE: Started Painting it*
  179. Missile launching conversion
  180. Tau Commander C+C Please
  181. XV8 'Scout' Variant
  182. a representetive for the broodlord model
  183. Da new ork warboss for my Blood Skullz
  184. Ork Mekboy Conversion- comments? Pics up soon
  185. Blood Angles captain conversion idea
  186. need ideas for spare devilfish use and how should i convert my HH?
  187. Converted Inferno Cannon for my Cityfight/Siege Dread
  188. stalk tanks
  189. Do you like it?
  190. Building a female Ethereal. How to go at it
  191. Autarch Kiardras - conversion
  192. Simple Battlesuit Targeting Array
  193. DOOM demonhunters idea
  194. Simple Decoy Launcher Conversion
  196. Neodynium-Boron-Iron
  197. Tutorial: XV-25 conversions. How to make an XV-2 command suit. (Updated Jan. 18)
  198. Tank Scaling...
  199. Sentinel Conversion (changeable weapon options)
  200. How can I make Drop Troops?
  201. Converted IG Vulture! [Really, Really Pic Heavy]
  202. Minefield conversion-super large base!
  203. Moriar
  204. Chaos combat army converted from khorne, need advice
  205. Ignore noticed previous post adressing question
  206. The naked chick
  207. WIP XV8-G 'Mecha-Gigan' Crisis Dragon
  208. Converting BFG ships from scratch, could use some pointers
  209. Converting A reaper Autocannon
  210. True Grit conversion
  211. Possessed batlte sisters
  212. Lizardmen Tau... or what I like to call, my Komodo's *new pics Dec 10*
  213. Tau Shas'ui with Bonding Knife. (warning, 56K will die)
  214. Converting Firewarriors into Pathfinders
  215. Need help with modelling parachutes
  216. pin vice question
  217. [WIP] XV-88 Conversion. With extra rail rifle added!
  218. Pics of my Shas'O Conversion
  219. Converting a Lash of Torment?
  220. Converting Bolters into Sonic Blasters
  221. WIP Crisis suit and Shield Drone
  222. The diffrence between AV 12 and AV 13
  223. Deathworld Monstrosity [Converted Catachan Beast]
  224. A simple question
  225. Converted IG Command Platoon [Pic Heavy]
  226. Borg Cube used as Monolith, what do you think ?
  227. scratch Spawn of Chaos
  228. Killa Kan legs - Need some help converting
  229. Converting a Khornate Dreadnought w/ Destroyer
  230. My Jetseer
  231. the living saint (WIP)
  232. WIP Scratch Obliterator
  233. converted etherial Wings + pulse rife
  234. Night Goblins
  235. New Cadre Unit [PIC HEAVY]
  236. Black Templar Marshall
  237. Space Marine Scout Sgt. with Powerfist
  238. My New Tau Commander
  239. Dual Carbine toting FWs
  240. Tau - 3x female snipers & 2x fireworrior shas'ui
  241. (painting finished!!!) hand-made rhino construction over
  242. Ork Battlewagon
  243. Warboss/Nob Volgrim Stompgit
  244. Pulse Rifle Crisis suit
  245. Liquid Metal Daemon Prince
  246. Gears of War inspired Space Marine
  247. Starship Troopers
  248. [WIP]My take on Sniper Team *Update*
  249. Possible base for XV3-7s - get them whilst their legal.
  250. Lost and the damned.... need help