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  1. Shadowsun Stand-in
  2. The 'Narrow'side battlesuit
  3. Swordwind Cadre Commander: Shas'el Calmfire
  4. Beastman Kill Team
  5. How would i make a psycannon?
  6. LOTR War Mūmak of Harad (Converting the beast)
  7. Tutorial: Firewind Drone Conversion
  8. I made a sniper team!
  9. Probably the easiest way to make kustom power klaws
  10. Converted Tau Pathfinder - Mounted Shas'ui
  11. I just couldn't resist (Contains Nudity) Update! (1)
  12. tutorial:tau anti-grav skiff/platform [WARNING: lots of pics]
  13. Converted Drone Army (warning: lots of pictures)
  14. Praetorian Tank, World War One Style
  15. Regular Drones to Sniper Drones
  16. Raam
  17. Need suggestions for Kroot Mercs conversions
  18. Crisis Suit Legs
  19. Some of my Tau conversions
  20. Roughrider conversions - motorbikes!
  21. Loota snipa rifla convershun
  22. Anyone Got A Master Chief Recipe?
  23. Valkerie
  24. Devilfish hatch conversion [pictures]
  25. K'rispy drone conversion [picture]
  26. Goraks Tread Eads [PIC VERY HEAVY]
  27. How to make intestines with GS?
  28. Shaso Okais
  29. Tau Commander wip
  30. Vectored Retro Thrusters
  31. Nicodemus WIP...
  32. farsight etheral almost done
  33. Chaos Lord WIP (several pics)
  34. timjims dread..thing
  35. Chaos Vindicators and hellcannons
  36. Commander Ross'o - Imperial Hater
  37. Abusive Black Wolf Sarge
  38. First Tau Vehicle
  39. Farseer Macha DoW conversion
  40. Legoinnares of triton
  41. WIP Acolyte
  42. Need help with resin casting :calling all who have exp. in this:
  44. ordinary to commander head.
  45. Browncoats
  46. Flamethrower
  47. Finally, I took photos of my conversions
  48. Various Guard and DH conversions; picture heavy
  49. The Hoverboard (no fishname yet)
  50. Greater Daemon of Tzeentch - Dragon conversion
  51. Looking for someone to do a conversion....
  52. Gobsmasha Madness!!
  53. (the other) Semi broadside
  54. converting incinerators to psycannons
  55. Decapitation and Recapitation of Eldar
  56. My favorite way to kill a Space Marine...
  57. Tau handguns
  58. Goblin bike.
  59. How to make a cooler Sentinel?
  60. $8 Hellhound
  61. My Semi broadside (one of the two at least)
  62. Taloned Horror
  63. Army conversion: All kroot Tau army?
  64. Sleeker land Speeder? Ideas needed.
  65. My Latest Carnifex [Warning: Lots of Pics]
  66. Nurgle Objective easy and snazy looking! take a look
  67. Kroot Bitz on XV8s?
  68. Scratch Built Shadowsword [WIP]- Updated 6/18/07
  69. Shaper Conversions (Several models, MANY pictures)
  70. WIP: Krox (thats right, not a Kroot, not a Krootox, but a Krox!)
  71. Suitable replacement?
  72. Shadowseer conversion & paint
  73. kroot?
  74. timjims plague fly tutorial!!
  75. Tau weapon conversions.
  76. My Red Terror
  77. Conversion: Asurmen and Autarch
  78. snipers
  79. My Red Terror
  80. i found this, have a look.
  81. Earth (and Water) caste participation
  82. Project GD (Great unlcean one and new Asp champs for ma deathguard)
  83. Warlocks on Jetbikes for a friend
  84. Sigmar,the lost space marine chapter
  85. [Tutorial] Faol's Fire Warrior to Pathfinder conversion (Operation Forward Ops)
  86. Two questions that are bugging me!
  87. Stupidest way to die
  88. nurgle predator! second added!!
  89. Tank converting
  90. Shas El Coversion for Conflict South - This Sunday !
  91. LEDs and Tau Tanks
  92. The eldar Phantom titan from armourcast (slow project) pic heavy
  93. TAU scout- plastic conversion
  94. Ideas for cloaks/robes?
  95. My second go at GS work (WIP)
  96. Ork Battlewagon (from toy...WIP)
  97. [Tutorial] How to easily convert Ogryns.
  98. Spartan Marines and Typhus
  99. Canoness Jump Packs
  100. [Tutorial] Making Objective Markers
  101. My first crisis suit.
  102. My first go at Green Stuff
  103. Flying Etheral
  104. Hammerhead Turret Bit Question
  105. Melting Plastic
  106. Conversion :)
  107. Winged hive tyrant alternatives
  108. the horde of Herrition , my IG army in full
  109. a new tank to join my IG horde.
  110. Seph Ellogh, mechanicus lord
  111. Special Delivery (heres your failsafe sir :D) WIP
  112. Dreadnought Conversion Number 2: Mikhael
  113. Sentinel legs: Making them look like they're in motion.
  114. Tutorial: Making a Sisters of Battle Exorcist -----long
  115. Sculpting?
  116. Wing sizes
  117. O'Kais conversion from the French site
  118. Not mine but I would love to try it
  119. The legion of Lord Ulzar of the Death generation. [single pic]
  120. Mammoth Variant turrets
  121. Lord Ulzar the third
  122. Warhound titan plans new link!
  123. Gamesday Energy Inspiration: crisis suits and human auxilleries
  124. Converting battle sisters
  125. Ogre Tyrant (slightly converted)
  126. Major from Ghost in the Shell
  127. Xv-91 Crisis Heavy Battlesuit
  128. my daemon prince, head redone [again]
  129. Walkthrough for mega armour.
  130. battlesuit conversions
  131. XV8/FE88 conversion
  132. Stormboy conversion (WIP)
  133. orky vehicles.
  134. omg, more conversions to show... my inquisitor
  135. Da big Ork warboss in scratch built mega armour!
  136. scracth built assassins. [pics]
  137. Project gor, pictures
  138. ! dude...
  139. My Drunk, Smoking, Mordhiem Pirate Gunner.
  140. Making the AFP bigger
  141. From da big meks shop... (image heavy)
  142. Helpfull Iron warrior/hands and Adeptus Mechanicus conversion tips
  143. First Crisis suit (HELP!)
  144. cheaper chaos hounds now with pictures!
  145. useful necron models.
  146. Project Gor
  147. Exorcist Conversion - updated and completed 14-05-07
  148. Demolisher conversion.
  149. How do you make a cloak?
  150. My first ever conversion.WIP.(with pics)
  151. Bayonets (Lots of pics)
  152. Some Eldar Dire Avenger Conversions
  153. Ratling modifications
  154. Blood Raven Captain or Legio Sergeant?
  155. possible grey knight conversion/mod
  156. Need Help Selecting the right bit/bits
  157. [Tutorial] Adding Tabards on Terminators
  158. xv88a1
  159. Flail/Mace and Chain
  160. Giving my Sisters of Battle hoods
  161. Roboraptor to my own velociraptor! Making it more real looking
  162. Farsight conversion.
  163. VanderBleek's Point-Sink (AKA CC Carnifex)
  164. The KJ's Army Project (Grots in progress)
  165. UCC Broadside
  166. Converted Necron
  167. XV-0 Battlesuit
  168. Something for All CHAV HATERS (Warning, rude gestures!)
  169. Crisis Suit Conversions
  170. Question after my first attempt at greenstuff
  171. A few Dark Templars
  172. Marine to Nurgle CSM using greenstuff..
  173. Need ideas! please, just have a laugh.
  174. Possibility of a BIG Battlesuit Conversion
  175. Captain Severus WIP
  176. New Battle Wagon
  177. My newest noise marine. [drummer]
  178. Planning on making a Fett lol
  179. Stormboy Nob (Updated 5/17)
  180. Battlesuit feet
  181. My First Go At Greenstuffing. Very Picture Heavy!
  182. Joint Tau/Kroot Design - The Remora
  183. me tau army
  184. Sizing up an Ork Warboss
  185. WIP Flyrant
  186. TAU XM-ABMLS (custom built weapon)
  187. help with scratch building
  188. My rubbish Daemon prince rebuild of khorne
  189. I need help with a model
  190. Basing, Terrain and Cover question
  191. Eldar Jetbike Conversion
  192. Messyart's plastic raptor.
  193. The Doctor (For Inquisitorial and Necromundian purposes)
  194. My chicken dread
  195. Mammoth tank IT'S PAINTED!
  196. Superhero Model
  197. Devestator squad and Skull Servitors?
  198. Converted Gun Drone: The Prawn Drone
  199. Rare Earth Magnets: practical application questions
  200. 51% GW - 49% Cast does that make it okay?
  201. Tau Super Heavy Battle Tank - The Kraken
  202. Building a Fio Engineer, a step by step tutorial (pic heavy)
  203. shas' la kais with rail rifle and burst cannon
  204. Special Models
  205. Optional Drone Controller
  206. Warboss Guttmek
  207. Bit Question:
  208. Chimera rough terrain mod.
  209. ion damage
  210. Building a Fio Medic, a step by step tutorial (pic heavy)
  211. Predator
  212. teutogen guard (fantasy)
  213. my librarian
  214. Tracked Broadside
  215. crisis suit arms
  216. I iz lookin' fer a good klaw!
  217. smurf conversions
  218. Marvel Heroclix what are they like for conversions?
  219. Easy Emperor's Champion
  220. shield drones
  221. Need Help with conversion
  222. [WIP] Death Guard Cult Terminator
  223. GreyKnight for fun
  224. from Minas Tirith to Ordo Hereticus
  225. My idea for a conversion project.
  226. Gonna make me some Squats
  227. Any Good Eldar Conversions Out There?
  228. Need some help.
  229. tau with slings?
  230. Grav Chutes
  231. Centaurs....Lizardmen style!
  232. My conversions. Chaos Lt and Inquisitor W.I.P
  233. My new Shas'O (Needs paint, C&C pls)
  234. Black Widows Female Space Marine Prototype WIP Pics (Updated 4/3/2007)
  235. Little Bird Piranha Conversion (new photos)
  236. New Chaos Lord to be made
  237. Size Comparison
  238. Orks + TV = 80s insanity! (A conversion) (pic heavy)
  239. Eldar Corisars
  241. need help with conversion idea's!
  242. kroot wings
  243. Insanity, My Daemon Prince WIP
  244. What's this? Stonecutter Termies? WIP
  245. Conversion: Female Farseer WIP
  246. 10 Second Tummies
  247. battle trophy's/honors for tau
  248. Belial. Master of the Deathwing. WIP.
  249. Seargent Eagle
  250. Flyrant Conversion.