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  1. converting a high elf dragon prince into a dragon mounted lord of khorne
  2. Leman Russ Executioner, scratch built cannon.
  3. WIP Inquisitor
  4. D.I.Y. Shield Drones
  5. my take on a Hydra [anti-aircraft]
  6. Shas'O Thi'Huuj Monat'Yeh!
  7. Belial
  8. Tau Piranha conversion (Sorta WIP) Image heavy
  9. Savlar Chem-Dog, Partial Sculpt
  10. chaos dreadnought CCW [made by me]
  11. converting a Destroyer tank hunter [found on net, not mine]
  12. Plastic Chinook helicopter
  13. My Baneblade (Some Conversions Included)
  14. modelling an imperial commander
  15. Nob on bike conversion
  16. Come, join the brotherhood...
  17. Compelte Sculpt- Valhallan
  18. Modeling "Gifts" of Nurgle
  19. Making a Chaos Biker lord.
  20. Heavy Stubber Conversion
  21. Simple khorne Lord Conversion [Update]
  22. how do you make plasticard swords?
  23. Colonel Ackland (WIP)
  24. Winged Devil Tyrant
  25. Nurgle riders
  26. Krootkrootkrootkrootkroot
  27. Step by step guide, how to build a dreadnought CCW [either arm]
  28. Tau Vespid Count-as
  29. do it yourself dreadnought CCW's [unimportant, look at new one]
  30. WIP: Large Transport
  31. Building a Herald of Slaanesh Chariot
  32. AK47 Kalashnikov Tutorial
  33. "king crab tau model" worth a look
  34. Tau vespid conversions
  35. Guard BitZ - are they interchangeable between armies
  36. [WIP] Project Endless Waltz
  37. Converting Imperial guard bikes
  38. Modeling Berserkers.
  39. Necron Lord
  40. Emperor of Mankind
  41. Having to sell my Nurgle Daemon Prince *sniff*
  42. Battlesuit leg cutting the knee part.
  43. Help with a small Assaut Marines Conversion
  44. Manatee's Proj: Human Firewarriors Project
  45. Godhammer super heavy tank, just about done [very big tank]
  46. Manatee's Proj: Tau CCW project(update! Powerblade tutorial 5/10/8)
  47. Ork Angel and the first of the Mutie Boyz
  48. The Legio Cybernetica
  49. A sexy new Tau Ethereal
  50. A rapid insertion force (pic heavy)
  51. Alright! Lets Try This Again! [Leman Russ Attempt V.2]
  52. Cuddlefish Assault Gunship (Pics)
  53. Zoomy Stupa' Fort
  54. My Experiments! *PIC HEAVY*
  55. How to convert Demiurg.
  56. Some True Scale Marines and ideas for some... Small Marines.
  57. Counts as SoB: Brainstorming
  58. Transport Landspeeder?
  59. Madboyz uv Oolumbia Kustom Built Kannons
  60. New Battlesuit
  61. Battlesuit Fingers
  62. Stompa Ready For Stompin'!
  63. my first full figure sculpt attempt [a WIP vampiress]
  64. mix of Catachan and Cadian models?
  65. Simple Leman Russ Executioner Conversion
  66. Shas'la Firewind (Female Tau sculpt) [Warning, quite a few pics]
  67. Tzeentch Marked- Daemon Prince
  68. WIP Thousand Sons Terminators! Tabbards now attached
  69. hello chaos fans!
  70. Killa Kans made from Pill bottels (WIP)
  71. Tallarn Gue'vesa Chimera
  72. Components for Custom Space Marine Master
  73. Reservoir Tau
  74. XV28 Heavy Stealthsuit [WIP]
  75. CQC IG
  76. Kratos
  77. Cadian Power Weapon Officer
  78. WIP AI thunderbolts
  79. Inquisitional Storm Troopers
  80. plauge lord deamon weapon / scythe "the plaguebringer" conversion ideas
  81. ejected crisis pilot conversion
  82. Pathfinder conversions
  83. Shas'O conversion
  84. WIP Crisis Conversions
  85. My Twist on a Lasgun!
  86. wartang's broadside "R'myr pattern"
  87. different colours of green stuff
  88. Well its about time....(A Tau army blog)
  89. Converted Demolisher or the actual thing?
  90. The best way to remove solid metal heads.
  91. Air tanks?
  92. CCW on a Crisis?! :O
  93. Non-40k- Airdroppable vehicles
  94. angler fish-ish Devilfish conversion
  95. Question about Dioramas (Pictures Added)
  96. Salamander's Rhino [WIP]
  97. Gotta love those magnets and plates
  98. Guitar string, SoB size
  99. Khronate Ramblings
  100. 3rd Stompa WIP
  101. Ran-dumb orcs
  102. Wanna put Eyeglasses on my Shas'Ui! Any advice??
  103. Daemon Queen MkIV
  104. My plethora of convertions (loads of pics)
  105. [Updated] Drop Troops- Hit the target or drifted off course?
  106. Corinthian Pistoliers
  107. Potential Gue'la / Imperial Guard alternatives? (Warzone plastic miniatures)
  108. For the Greater Flippin' Good!
  109. Grand Master Octavius and Gorv
  110. Looted Paint Kan?
  111. Oh teh noes!!!
  112. Custom Ork Stormboyz Conversions
  113. tank conversions
  114. Conversions- Would you buy?
  115. Slaaneshi Herald (contains nudity - ish)
  116. Heavily Converted Sky Ray (pic heavy-ish)
  117. My Winged Hive tyrant...
  118. Commander from Stealth Teams
  119. Deffkoppa Conversion
  120. Surfing 1ksons raptors
  121. Custom-Sculpted Imperial Cavalry
  122. a couple more models to look at.
  123. my very old daemon prince, finally has a head...
  124. home made IG tech priest
  125. kroot master shaper and shaper
  126. an old model i did, never managed to put up. 'enjoy'
  127. green stuff tips and some more green stuff.newbs and pros!
  128. New Members of the Redemption (Necromunda)
  129. Plasticard...
  130. TGM's (my) Tau army mods
  131. moved to correct place
  132. Farsights Bodyguard no.1
  133. Pathfinders WIP
  134. Three Leman Russes and a Chimera walk into a bar.....
  135. Taloned Horror evolves...
  136. In memory of Israfel 420
  137. Question: Grey Knight Conversion
  138. 40k scale model train
  139. Catapults to Cannons
  140. Venerable Dreadnought Mikhael: Finished at last!
  141. My first human face sculpt
  142. Field Manual: Weapon Modification (Pic heavy)
  143. Gargants....
  144. Fire?
  145. dimension questions for proxy conversion!
  146. Pinning
  147. Tau hammerhead conversion(WiP)
  148. Commander Farsight
  149. Scratchbuilt baneblade WIP
  150. XV-88 Broadside Battlesuit Opinion
  151. Xv25 WiP, Enclave Blade of Twilight,
  152. WIP Crisis Battlesuit
  153. WIP Crisis Battlesuit
  154. Space marine with a energy bow
  155. Broadside Shas'vre Pic Heavy
  156. Praetorian Conversion Kit & Mk2 Roughrider Sculpts
  157. Tau FW Shoulder Pad.
  158. Women - how do you go about sculpting them?
  159. Looking for Pictures
  160. ORK Konvurshuns
  161. Terallian conversion question.
  162. ok ok my own personilised deffcopptaz/planez
  163. Icon of khorne bearer - Cadian
  164. Conversion: Eldar/Tau
  165. O'Shova: Seraph conversion - now finally in basic colors...
  166. Scratf build flyers
  167. Inquisitor Crone (WIP)
  168. Baldr's Force Conversion : second batch (Warning Lots of Pictures!)
  169. Crisis Drones
  170. Converting Wulfen
  171. Space Slann!
  172. Plastic Cement
  173. Make rokkit, wear rokkit, fly! (deff Kopta!)
  174. WIP- Fury Battlesuit
  175. QQ on imperail to modern...
  176. Warboss idea
  177. Shadowsun is bringing sexy back... Started painting pg5
  178. kroot shaper council
  179. SM Rhino converted to a CSM rhino [PIC HEAVY]
  180. +++Landship+++
  181. Shas'o body guard
  182. Angorn conversion
  183. WIP Snikrot (Nobbity added!)
  184. SM dreadnought into CSM dreadnought (PIC HEAVY)
  185. CSM from Macragge!?
  186. Hawk head... (Bear with me!)
  187. Metalica Pattern Leman Russ
  188. Cadian Shocktroopers -> Grenadier ST
  189. Female Rangers
  190. Lasgun MK V
  191. Ideas for a new Guard Company
  192. Converting your own Stormboyz [Part II now up!]
  193. Just a Little Something...
  194. Superhero RPG Conversions (Pic Heavy)
  195. Idea for my themed Witch Hunters
  196. Converting a Defiler into a Predator
  197. My Mad Grox Entry from last year
  198. What is plastic rod and tubing
  199. Lootin' a Hammerhead
  200. The 4th XV-25 Suit
  201. The New Auxiliary Battlesuit
  202. Wraithlord with Zoanthrope carapace(WIP)update
  203. Kroot conversion help
  204. Zoanathrope substitutes ;D
  205. Warhound WIP
  206. Autogun and Shotgun Tutorial
  207. Tau Hammerhead Battlesuit
  208. Gaus Flayer "Barrel" Bit Replication
  209. Home made piranha flight stand
  210. Super Detailing Gun Drones
  211. My Scratch build Warhound Titan
  212. Idea for guard
  213. Fire Warrior Conversion Help
  214. kroot alpha pack
  215. Converting a Daemon Prince
  216. Introduction and Unassembly question
  217. WIP Cannoness - Update.
  218. Da kristmaz orc
  219. Icer's Warlord Titan Representation
  220. Conversion help Empire>>>Highlanders
  221. XV8 "Jet-Leg" Conversion Idea (with pic)
  222. Tips on modeling
  223. Dog Style BattleSuit
  224. Lasgun Mk IV
  225. Plastic Sniper Drone team (pic heavy)
  226. 'Counts As' Shadowsun
  227. Devilfish Conversion <Inspired by Greydeath> [Update 30/12/07]
  228. idea for great knarlocs
  229. Broadside convertion
  230. lance/spear bits
  231. Tyranid Bio-Titans
  232. Red Dog's Sculpting/converting box [Lizardmen Inside](01/21/2008)
  233. Sisters of Battle Superheavy: Avernus Pattern War Cathedral
  234. Da Grand Pigdok's latest crazed contrapshun!
  235. mixed: chaos and norm marine parts - would it work/look good?
  236. Sweet
  237. Plastic Black Templar Sword Brethren (w/ Pictures)
  238. A battle sister conversion - Signum imperialis added.
  239. Need help for an ork warboss (no pics, brainstorming)
  240. Daemon Prince, probable scratch build
  241. Space Marine bike conversion ideas?
  242. Tau XV8 "invader" suit and "Infinity" command suit
  243. WIP Da Grand Pigdok's new Stompa
  244. Horde of flies?
  245. Greenstuffing Robes...
  246. Hexadecimal AKA my new chaos sorceror
  247. Dark Mechanicus conversions for Iron warrior army
  248. O'Suam'ka - Stealth Commander Conversion (Pic Heavy!!!)
  249. Tau Battlesuit - Weapon Attachments
  250. Stealth suit army