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  1. what should i sell my tau army for ???
  2. Game / Rules Designers Wanted
  3. Starting new army
  4. Anyone Play, Rules of Engagement?
  5. Aussie Members! WHos going to the Sydney GT
  6. Dealing with Moochers and Wanna-bes
  7. Daemons vs. Fear the Darkness
  8. if nearly every basic weapon had an ap of -
  9. What to build...
  10. How many women actually play 40k?
  11. Ordnance weapons and line of sight
  12. D.I.Y armys mass following - more than one player read on inside...
  13. Largest / most expensive retinue?
  14. Rate the armies of 40K!
  15. Wraithsight: Strategy versus Tactics- what do we mean?
  16. what long range army deals with power armour better? Eldar or TE
  17. independant characters - unless..........
  18. army builder
  19. Any Warhammer 40.000 podcast out there?
  20. Dark Angel Combat Squads and campaign experience points. What to do?
  21. GT Amies - a few questions
  22. I... Lost.... My...
  23. crud, another few questions
  24. Firing Two Pistols in the shooting phase Q
  25. Rune of Witnessing vs The Shadow in the Warp
  26. Terrain Level
  27. Rules Question... Charge bonus...
  28. allies?
  29. Hardest bloody army to play...
  30. For Sale ?
  31. how unlucky can you get
  32. Imperal guard super heavy tanks.
  33. Rules Question... Stealth suits
  34. Styles of play often associated with you
  35. The Biggest Baddest Things in 40k
  36. Campaign for Tau Vs Imperial Guard
  37. A musing on the nature of playing with toys...
  38. CCWs and Pistols question.
  39. Looking for good stores in L.A.
  40. What can you do against THAT?
  41. how to single out a hive tyrant if it has its guard...... a little help needed
  42. Monstrius creature question
  43. The anomaly of HQ:s...
  44. Basic Assault Rules Question...
  45. Creatures with multiple wounds question
  46. One model units and Independent Characters
  47. My Next Army... Torn Between Several!
  48. Disembarking
  49. A quick question about allies
  50. Ocean battles...
  51. 2 vs. 2: Choosing Allies
  52. Assaulting non WS Vehicles
  53. battlewagon shipment
  54. Very New At 40k
  55. Models that are '+' points
  56. who should i collect
  57. What is gamesday?
  58. GW online 'Tell us what you think'...
  59. Gamesday Canada 2007
  60. Kill-Teams??
  61. Ballistic Skill 6?
  62. What is the rationale behind transports not being scoring?
  63. Blast Template Question (demolishers & earthshaker)
  64. How many FW fit inside
  65. Imperial Guard - A big army or the Biggest army?
  66. LATD Rules
  67. Kill-Team - Tyranid Boss?
  68. The souls of the dead will live on in the next generation.....
  69. Done deciding!!! GARG!!
  70. Pistols, granades and some other questions
  71. Black Library 10th Birthday Sale
  72. Using Skimmers as Cover
  73. I'm losing interest...
  74. Dummy armour save question...
  75. Help me decide... I'm goin' nuts lol
  76. The problem with forced assault
  77. tank assault querie
  78. The value of tactics
  79. Can't decide: IG, WH, or DH
  80. Rules Question - "Allies"?
  81. Skimmers & LOS
  82. Points Efficiency Scale
  83. Skimmers/Jetbikes and cover
  84. power weapons
  85. Need help to fid the ultimate tau killer army
  86. 40K rules clarification
  87. tyranids v.s. necrones
  88. Dealing with cheaters/immature players
  89. Getting passed the Loosing.
  90. Rules querie: weapon destroyed result
  91. canoness model
  92. 500pt Beginners Army List Thread
  93. Preferred Enemy
  94. NIN- The greater good
  95. WYSIWYG vs. Melta bombs
  96. What are the rules for using forgeworld models
  97. Most Powerful Troop Unit? (See Stats)
  98. Line Of Sight and Monstrous Creatures
  99. Hit and Run
  100. Warp Scream and Cover/Assault
  101. 2 handed weapon attacks
  102. What Makes a Good City-Fighting Army
  103. Allied Chart?
  104. Who will win in the 40k universe
  105. Orks or Khorne Marines? Choppiest army? future planning
  106. My Campaign v.1.1 Angel Watch
  107. White Dwarf #1
  108. Skirmishes or Battles?
  109. Campaign
  110. Slots
  111. 40K Jokes
  112. unloading from a tank
  113. Starting a Gaming Club
  114. Help me decide.
  115. funny game times.
  116. 10000 pt. Team Battle!
  117. Sydney GT. A few questions.
  118. wych cult
  120. Price per point for your army?
  121. Largest game of 40 K played.
  122. blood angels or sisters of battle
  123. any body play dawn of war?
  124. Need help on deciding for 2nd army (Vs. Dark Eldar)
  125. Siege Shells
  126. which army are you quiz
  127. Planets?
  128. Content
  129. Data Project
  130. Need Help deciding on Second Army vs. Space Marines
  131. Cheaters and Sore people: How do you deal with them?
  132. Space Marine Predator Sprue?
  133. Questions on walls?
  134. moving minatures
  135. Furious Charge and Power Fists(and their I1 bretheren)
  136. psychic race.....
  137. Rule clarrification; vulnerable to blasts/open topped.
  138. Deep strike rules clarification
  139. Your Losses;
  140. skimmers and ordanance - plz help
  141. Project: 3D Battle Reports is now launching
  142. Question on bases - Snow style
  143. Tournoment today
  144. I beleive I foudn some models that may do some good use at representing Demiurg.
  145. Sprites Project
  146. Why we play.
  147. Operation Citadel
  148. Help me choose my next army
  149. best units for soaking up fire!
  150. I need a good fast army, What one is More fun Tau or Dark Eldar? (revised)
  151. Where did you get the pinked tau online/madness thing?
  152. power gaming
  153. How much Terrain do you use? and How important is it to you?
  154. Guide to playing with Newbies
  155. GW Foam where can I get it. THe cube stuff not the slotafoam
  156. Respect
  157. The lord of the unfleshed
  158. WH40K Battle Simulator anywhere?
  159. Cities of Death Question.
  160. Squats
  161. predict
  162. Most memorable moments in battle
  163. Sportsmanship and you.
  164. Building a better test
  165. Representing your table!
  166. Abaddon listens to Muse?
  167. How do you people do it!
  168. I didn't bribe them
  169. Vehicle Effect Dice
  170. Earth, wind, water, fire....
  171. Your List vs Purity Test
  172. FW Models in tourneys? Opinions
  173. Fish'ead's hierarcy of "killing with style"
  174. Army building software for WH40K... please direct me?
  175. Quick question on abbreviations...
  176. The Vulture
  177. Kill teams & psychic powers
  178. Tank shocking monstrous creatures
  179. If GW was taken over by Privateer press
  180. Sweeping advance movement question
  181. Ordos Xeno's adversarys (like the Daemon adversarys for DH's)?
  182. Paper Scissors Rock Discussion
  183. KJ represented in the upcomming TO campaign? post your views!
  184. Point limits why have them when everyone seems to go over them
  185. Eldar: Embolden & Psychic Tests
  186. siege rules
  187. random thoughts and other maddness
  188. GW's opinions on our site?
  189. working for GW
  190. beginning game dismounted
  191. Dice Rolling. Yes, it is random.
  192. When did GW quit making lead models?
  193. Power weapons and WYSIWYG
  194. Lonely's Guide to Battle Reports (Finished)
  195. Trying to find a decent army carrier...
  196. Why Command Squads?
  197. jUst a question
  198. alien hunters. what do they look like?
  199. Dice rolling is more at once better then one at a time.
  200. what's the deal with bikes, 2 handed weapons, and 2 one handed weapons?
  201. Selling armies on Ebay
  202. Bases and gameplay (or, "another stupid question WTF?")
  203. Rogue Trader
  204. Entire auxilary squads...
  205. warhammer 40k mmo
  206. armies and allies
  207. Your favorite Unit
  208. Entangle in Questions?
  209. Huzzah!
  210. ICs and leaving squads
  211. Dependability of sites selling warhammer other then Games workshop.
  212. WYSIWYG & Grenades
  213. WYSIWYG & Compulsory Choices
  214. test how to help someone pick an army!
  215. a good "magic/psychic" army
  216. What does "Fluffy" mean?
  217. Favourite 40k batrep in a WD? (Most are crap I know)
  218. Trying to setup a game
  219. What is Purity rating in a tournament
  220. Fantasy kill-team?
  221. Rapid Fire?
  222. Measuring Questions
  223. General 40k Gaming Tactics
  224. Canadian Tournament Players *UPDATE*
  225. A funny thing happened during a game today...
  226. Fair Way to play 2v1?
  227. Dan Abnett Chat Contest
  228. ATSKNF - WTF?!
  229. Vehicle Type?
  230. Which phase is your make it or break it phase?
  231. RAW article - Fact or fiction?
  232. Victory points for units in transports
  233. Please help me!
  234. 40k themed T-Shirts
  235. Gotta Boast
  236. Prices of things
  237. Taking saves....Confusion??
  238. 1-man army games?
  239. Lost Planet Battlesuits
  240. Tanks, and Issues With How They Move
  241. Beating a Top Heavy List with a Fluffy List: Can it Be Done?
  242. Something I've been wondering for QUITE a while...
  243. A thought...and a question.
  244. A new race?
  245. Okay, it's another one of these...
  246. Is there going to be a tau online guild/clan in the 40k mmog? *fixed*
  247. Assualted Orientated Gaming Questions
  248. Would you take part in a Tau online campaign?
  249. Just how big is an inch
  250. Tournament Questions?