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  1. Who agrees that its about time Chaos got taken down a peg with the new codex!?
  2. Confusions with the new chaos 'dex
  3. Dath Path: Guide to Possessed Chaos Space Marines
  4. Playing Death Guard with the new Chaos Codex
  5. Dath Path: Guide to Chosen Chaos Space Marines
  6. A formal apology to the Chaos Board Membership
  7. My Thousand Sons need more Anti-Eldar Tank capability... Suggestions?
  8. Some observations and opinions.....
  9. raptor help
  10. The Complete Guide to Lash of Submission
  11. Whispers of chaos
  12. Quick question. Confusion over Sonic Dreadnoughts
  13. fluffy story battle report thingy.
  14. What shoulder pads do the chaos were their armie's badge?
  15. Your experiences with specialized Chaos Marines
  16. Is it just me or is chaos getting the short end of apocalypse?
  17. Thousand Sons
  18. Cultist Chaos Marines
  19. First time Slaanesh and Chaos Space Marine Player
  20. Defiler, Vindicator, or Obliterators? (Originally started by Chimerical)
  21. 110 devoted to whom???
  22. New Chaos Dreadnought - different concept or liability?
  23. Experience with new 1ksons
  24. The Dark Path: Combi-weapons on Terminators
  25. Its has begun...... The Pox Knight initiates
  26. Cypher
  27. i need some help starting chaos....
  28. Traitor Guard!
  29. LATD Nurgle noob needs help
  30. Lash of Submission musings and overview
  31. attack squads
  32. Mixing Old LATD and New Chaos
  33. How does one kill those pesky Harlequins?
  34. vote for the new best chaos models
  35. New Codex Test Drive
  36. new chaos player for new 'dex
  38. new chaos
  39. What am I doing Wrong?
  40. Rules for Cypher
  41. do anyone have a pic on the new chaos spawn sprue??
  42. Zinfan - Preacher of Chaos
  43. Whats wrong with chaos bikers?
  44. chaos vs orks
  45. i is got me a tank
  46. help me beat tao with chaos...
  47. Facepalm for GW
  48. Chaos marines and infiltrate, how? please explain????
  49. Character idea pool
  50. My Chaos Brothers war is upon us FORWARD!
  51. New Chosen...... the best since sliced bread?
  52. The Chaos Codex Farewell Tour
  53. What Legion/Chapter will you be playing in September?
  54. Chaos Vs Necrons
  55. Army Lists
  56. Bad Things about Chaos
  57. Picked up a FW Thousand Sons dread. Which of these two weapon options is best?
  58. Planned Death Guard Army List
  59. Question about using a chaos lord to counter heavies
  60. starting a WB LaTD armie
  61. Any Reason for Chaos to team up with the Necrons?
  62. Thousand Sons- A History in Deceit
  63. Some Cult-ural Issues - The Death of the Cult Threads
  64. Imperial Armor 5 - Renegade Militia
  65. Need help with a new army
  66. Chaos Drednought
  67. suggestions for next purchase
  68. Here's my problem...
  69. Thinking about starting Chaos
  70. [BatRep] 1st Kjeldorian Scout Company vs. 1K Sons (1500pt Seek and Destroy)
  71. Comparison between the new and the old.......
  72. [batrep] 1000 points LaTD V Dark Angels (Pics)
  73. Grandfather nurgles birthday!
  74. Possessed
  75. Your upcomming Chaos Wishlist
  76. GT Alpha legion list.
  77. my word bearers and iron warriors
  78. My army list
  79. Thousand sons
  80. another different Iron Warriors army list.
  81. Thousand sons.
  82. codex: tzeencth
  83. New codex
  84. Thousand sons: I4 or I1?
  85. finally buying a full army
  86. New to Chaos? Building up your Legion help here!
  87. How are Chaos Space Marines Made
  88. Rhinos Tactica-Comments and Cult Options welcome!
  89. Chaos Forces at Baltimore Gamesday 2007
  90. Eat My Dust, Mechanized Tzeentch Tactica
  91. Im actually commited to an army! taken a long time
  92. INSANE new tzeetch termies! pictures galore!
  93. INSANE chaos terminators! (lots of pics!)
  94. LatD Help
  95. Convince me to play newer Death Guard...
  97. The Anti-tank LT
  98. Representing other race affected by chaos! discussion and ideas!
  99. Chaos (what else?)
  100. what does chaos have to offer
  101. Finally non-spiky marine models we are chaos (new models discussion+ pic link)
  102. Can anyone tell me how to maximize my chances of winning with Slaanesh?
  103. LatD Raptor Cult (bearing in mind the new codex on the verge)
  104. What does this 3 pointed triangle symbol mean? (FW brass etch)
  105. Need help with a weapon discription
  106. Startured Lords, Demon Weapons, and you......
  107. Chaos Undivided Cult - Tactica exchange & Roleplay.
  108. DG and Rhinos as heavy support
  109. Help with Slaanesh DP
  110. Khornate Fire Support Options: Tank Hunting Terminators!!!
  111. Ok i need serious help against the tau
  112. Help please, chaos newbie
  113. Help me re-Start my Iron Warriors
  114. attention followers of the great nurgle!
  115. IA5 Renegade List ~ Review
  116. Deathguard reflections
  117. New Chaos Army
  118. Not chaos but excommunicated marines
  119. Question about Charcters and Terminator armor
  120. need help with combat patrol asap!
  121. 1000pt Slaanesh; your input required.
  122. Should we get a sub-forum for army lists? I reques one please!!!
  123. Help! Wraithguard are killing me!
  124. 1500 pt force
  125. Soul Drinkers
  126. Need some Black Legion!
  127. Chaos army list a bit different......
  128. Wow, look at this!
  129. Demonic Visage!!!
  130. help ! i am a new chaos player and done fully understand the codex
  131. Need advice on a Thousand Sons list
  132. My 2060pt Khorne army list :)
  133. Rhino dedicated to khorne.
  134. What chapter would this be?
  135. advice on making a campaign book
  136. aspiring commander phez's attack force - 500 pts
  137. fallen latd army
  138. Question about Thousand Sons vs. Tyranids
  139. Chaos Warhound Titan project
  140. Bringing the Chaos! Ideas on changing CSM to look like chaos not spikey SM
  141. My thousand sons army list.
  142. Latd combat patrol
  143. Iron Warriors.....worst possible chaos choice?
  144. 1500pt Alpha Legion LATD for review
  145. Any good chaos novels?
  146. Chaos Lords?
  147. Chaos Cultists
  148. a 1,500 point list of pleasure....
  149. i need help with fighting tau
  150. Why do tau own my Khorne?
  151. a few questions i need answers to
  152. Lost and the damned + CSM mixed = Forces of Chaos (codex?)
  153. 1500 point tournament army
  154. LATD combat patrol
  155. daemon weapons + mark of chaos undivided
  156. Shocked and mildy confused
  157. Sorcerer and Marks (choosing minor powers) question.
  158. Nurgle-themed LATD, 2000 pts
  159. abaddon the despoiler army 2000pts army list 1129
  160. 1000 & 1850 Death Guard Lists
  161. The Forces of Chaos sigs and avatar thread (for the campaign)
  162. [LatD] 1000pts - all infantry - help needed!
  163. TO GI campaign> Formidable Chaos List and clever combos
  164. thinking of starting chaos
  165. Aun's having problems with Eldar.
  166. The way to kill Lucius!
  167. Legion specific LATD
  168. LatD News
  169. starting LATD
  170. khorne 2000pts for newbie!
  171. 1000pts Night Lords ~ Getting Started
  172. What is this "siren bomb" I've heard so much about?
  173. help i need help i am facing a staff member in 120 day
  174. Campaign Army
  175. my emporer's children list... not sure on the legality...
  176. 2000 pts kinda weird army, need review...
  177. Some help for the 40k Sprites Project
  178. My brothers battle calls who is with me (campaign!)
  179. Slannesh Lords [Need replies fast]
  180. starting slaneesh, help plz :-D
  181. Emperor's Children 1850 army list (need help please!)
  182. good use of Iron warrior terminators
  183. List part 2
  184. Anything wrong with these lists part 1
  185. Cult Clash! [BatRep - Violators vs Khorne, 1000 Points];
  186. End of a chaotic era...
  187. 1500 point death guard
  188. Hi need advice on a 400pt combat patrol army
  189. 1.5k army list
  190. 2000 point chaos army list
  191. Liber Chaotica Tzeentch Numeric Translations
  192. Alpha Legion- Report In
  193. NURGLE! Where can I find out more???
  194. Wheres Kharn?
  195. Alpha Legion & Daemons
  197. chaos lord/transport
  198. Urge to collect an LATD army
  199. 750 EC Tournament List - revisions please~
  200. Help with Iron Warriors, Painting, and Weapons
  201. My 1750 Iron Warriors list for torny/fun play
  202. Chaos Characters - Overpowered?
  203. "Half Breed" Chaos Marines
  204. Chaos Tactical Theory: Class 101, Hindsight
  205. [Death Guard] 1000pts
  206. Possible Chaos army. Working in blocks.
  207. Combat Patrol - 400pts Army List (Please Look!!!)
  208. My friendly fun LatD list
  209. Slaanesh Chaos lord
  210. Nurgle Lord Build
  211. harpies - model use?
  212. Hell's Angels of Khorne 2000pts
  213. Cheap 1000 Point army. Effective?
  214. Thinking of a Bike beavy army
  215. New Books Of Chaos. How will it work?
  216. Sons of Magnus, Golgotha Calls!
  217. im confused
  218. Pyre 1000pts chaos *Updated*
  219. Quick low down of your Chaos Armies fluff
  220. Chaos Theme Finally Here
  221. Who Here Is sick to death of the cult discussion stuff in the forum?????????????
  222. Renagade Ogryns?! 0_o
  223. Balanced campaign Undivided lists! Post up your views
  224. Battle Report: Iron Warriors vs. Dark Templars (space Marines) 1500pts (pics)
  225. Whos the best chaos god?
  226. Traitor Governor and his army (for campaign)
  227. Night Lords Models? I didn't know of these.
  228. What undiveded chaos army do you play?
  229. 1000pts Mutant Heavy LatD
  230. Thousand sons 1500pts Themed. (with "easter eggs!")
  231. cheeziness?
  232. how to make CHEAP DAEMONS!
  233. Chaos Theory (or What do the Voices say to you?)
  234. 1700 Lost and the Damned - Tournament
  235. Night Lords Tactica
  236. Fast Attack Tactica ( Night Lord followers take note )
  237. Chaos Bikes
  238. Chaos army list 1000pts.
  239. LatD HQs: Worlds Simplest Rules Fix?
  240. I want an anti necron and tau army
  241. Nurgle tactica/army list discussion
  242. Lost and the Damned vs all (Tourney) 1750 pts
  243. Obliterator Cult
  244. NightLord tactics (How best to use them?) Now with list
  245. NEed help against WH
  246. Chaos Raptors
  247. Whats a good tactic against the Nids'
  248. What Legion?! Arrrrggghhhh!!!!!
  249. Battlesuit Hunting
  250. Representing daemonic gift's.