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  1. Khorne in the New Codex
  2. Khorne Army: Conversions/army list/deamon codex predictions
  3. cheap better looking chaos raptors
  4. What are good Against the False Emporer's Marines????
  5. The Alpha Legion today: Thoughts on composition.
  6. Plague Marines...
  7. Anti-Tank, 4th Ed. Chaos Space Marines Analysis
  8. Dreaded Dreadnought not so dreaded?
  9. The Purge Strategy - Feedback?
  10. Daemon count-as idea.
  11. Decent Fluff for my army
  12. Raptors and Bikers: Khorne, or Slaanesh?
  13. Recent Renegades
  14. Whats a good way to start chaos?
  15. Chaos Spawn Tactica?
  16. Happy holidays from Cadaver!
  17. Which Chaos god most reflects you?
  18. Looking for Teminator bit
  19. New battle force,,, briliant
  20. Chaos mosquito Datasheet
  21. old codex stubbornness
  22. Quick Question
  23. Thoughts on the latest codex and new models.
  24. Thousand Sons Questions
  25. Possessed wings for Raptors?
  26. Very few models in Nurgle armies.
  27. Prepare for deamonhood............
  28. rules and chapter
  29. Tank Hunting?
  30. Tzeentch Daemon Prince question
  31. Lost and the damned lives on in apoc
  32. Khorne army lists with the new codex
  33. Word Bearers with Bezerkers
  34. Skyrar's Dark Wolves or Word Bearers?
  35. specialist terminators
  36. FW Renegade militia
  37. Can Ahriman use the same power thrice in a turn?
  38. new player
  39. Thousand Sons Warhound...
  40. CHILD BOARD for Chaos Conversions/Painting.
  41. My new love: Plague Zombies
  42. Starting Chaos - Lord Question
  43. Is the LATD codex dead?
  44. How come I never hear much about raptors/bikers?
  45. Abaddon's nemisis???
  46. Khorne Campaign
  47. Nurgle HQ Choices (in progress)
  48. A lash of submition question...
  49. Ahriman or Tzeentch Sorceror - Your preference?
  50. terminator galore!
  51. Blood Vultures Part 2: The fall of Valefar
  52. What comes in a box of Emperor's Children.
  53. Traitor Guard
  54. New Chaos Player - Advice please!
  55. the dread...
  56. a few home rules for new dex.
  57. Heretical Writings: Slaanesh
  58. Multiple units in one rhino?
  59. easy build chaos raptors.
  60. My questions for the day.(khonre/plague marines, Greater Daemons, rhinos)
  61. Q1. Icon bearers and plasma guns, Q2. Greater Daemons and Daemon Princes.
  62. So lets talk about how you beat IG
  63. A quick model/rule question
  64. Doombreed
  65. I hope this is wrong!
  66. Word Bearers Army List
  67. Starting chaos, general tips?
  68. Stop, Drop And Let Loose The Terminators.
  69. Any chance of the legions coming back?
  70. Whats your opinion on the vindicator compared to the other heavy choices.
  71. Blood Vultures
  72. Marks Meaning different Things
  73. Socerer Tactica
  74. WHAT GW gave me a good idea that doesnt suck!?!!?
  75. Question on Raptors?
  76. Daemon prince and wings?
  77. Lords and Daemon Weapon Question
  78. Dath Path: Nurgle Forces Overview
  79. Are Defilers worth it without indirect fire?
  80. Brainstorming Units
  81. Wheres your head dude?
  82. Prince load out
  83. help against SIGAFH
  84. Daemons in the new codex
  85. The call of Chaos is strong...
  86. Next short story
  87. What type of Chaos do you collect
  88. Furious Charge and power fists?
  89. Which Cult Unit do you favour?
  90. A balanced combination - Chaos Space Marines
  91. Choas Sorcerer
  92. 2k Vs. Witchhunters (Bat Rep)
  93. Creating a Renegade Chapter From the Ground Up
  94. haha mad little typo
  95. ideas for a symbol anyone?
  96. Most Efficient Anti-Tank in 40k?
  97. Choas beckons How do I Join
  98. malal
  99. HQ Choices
  100. Word Bearers in new Codex
  101. Chaos god
  102. my own special character
  103. Chaos Lord Question
  104. one quick question
  105. Interesting conflict.... Kharn vs. Vehicles.
  106. does a lasgun?heavybolter/ect come in a box of chaos space marines
  107. Berserker Surgeons
  108. Starting Chaos, Terminator help. :)
  109. Inferno Bolt question
  110. The Plague Lord calls me
  111. Noise Marines?
  112. possessed tactics!
  113. the khornate chainaxes
  114. F-ing Dreadies!
  115. New Chaos Codex help
  116. the 1+ attack modifier for berserkers!
  117. Marks of chaos
  118. Holy Chaos Space Marines Batman!
  119. The brass scorpion!
  120. On page 24. The Fallen
  121. New army
  122. Pred load out question
  123. Choas Lord/Sorcerer Achievements...
  124. help with my armies concept fluff
  125. Hmm... list revision question.
  126. bammy army(s).-chaos style.
  127. Create Your Own Chaos Renegade Chapter
  128. Creation of a new..
  129. any connections between Eldar avatar and khorne?
  130. Which HQ to use ??
  131. Tactica, Militia, WIP
  132. Has D. Flight been turfed?
  133. Stretching the 'Counts as' rule, Kroot mercs as Mutants
  134. more than one daemon weapon?
  135. An interesting Idea: Using the New Black Legion Fluff
  136. Plague Wing -
  137. kharne the betrayer
  138. Fluff changes in the new codex.
  139. the traitor legions (such as traitor imperial guard)
  140. Can the Chaos recruit..
  141. Link to Yriel's Saim Hann vs. Slannshi CSM 1500
  142. Representing Alpha Legion in the new codex
  143. nurgle or tzeentch to ally with iron warriors and khorne?
  144. hey I'm confused with alot of stuff in the new codex.
  145. Sample Army Lists
  146. BatRep - 1000 Points: Nurgle vs Eldar
  147. chaos bikers question?
  148. Fluff for my army
  149. Demons... not what they once were?
  150. Confused
  151. Chaos Army Lists
  152. Starting Lost and the Damned
  153. Nurgle Terminator Load out
  154. Apocalypse- The Chaos Way.
  155. What does the icon of khorne actually do?
  156. The Icon of Chaos Glory and why it is hated so much
  157. my first hq duo for chaos
  158. Starting Slaanesh...
  159. How I keep Lost and the Damned alive
  160. Shall I throw my Rhinos out of the window?
  161. Gift of Chaos and Victory Points
  162. Chaos allying with Dark Eldar
  163. Lord's.....
  164. Starting.
  165. OMG, i'm so annoyed...
  166. Great motto for you Khorne fans out there
  167. Are defilers worth it?
  168. To max out on armor or to not max out?
  169. Quick question about the whip...
  170. Help me decide what army to model/paint (ala chaos)
  171. Chaos Inquisition
  172. starting chaos got a question(s)
  173. Idea for a Chaos Chapter
  174. Battle for maccragge into chaos?!
  175. world eaters models
  176. Lost and the Damned Redux?
  177. Query on the force weapon
  178. Can chaos have CC termies as well?
  179. Chaos Spawns
  180. looking to expand my infantry army.
  181. Chosen Squad for consideration
  182. beserkers and raptor packs (jump packs)
  183. plasma guns
  184. 3 chosen squads
  185. Specialized Troops
  186. New to Chaos
  187. Chosen Distinction
  188. Where can I find more Red Corsiar fluff and stories?
  189. Chaos Power
  190. Question for modeling Bezerkers....
  191. I think Noise Marines have ADHD worse then Khorne Berzerkers.
  192. Chaos Special Characters poll
  193. New codex...
  194. Is the army deal still around???
  195. New Codex Confusion
  196. Who to choose i wonder???
  197. Ccw, pistol and bolter... all marines are two attacks base now?
  198. What should i get next to round out my chaos undivided list.
  199. need help with Siege Army
  201. Dath Path: Chaos Powergaming in 4th edition.
  202. Undiscovered or overlooked?
  203. Tzeentch Sorcerers
  204. What God To Worship?
  205. Which Chaos God?
  206. Need u`r comments on some writen Chaos Fluff
  207. Has daemonic speed really gone?
  208. Thunder Barons and Red Corsairs?
  209. Analysis of Thousand Sons
  210. Chaos Salamanders?
  211. A Treatise on Traitors: General Thoughts on New Chaos Space Marines.
  212. do you have to have the mark?
  213. Khornes angels.
  214. Question on the new dex?
  215. a question from the new dex
  216. My thoughts
  217. 3 Chaos Lords
  218. To Icon or not to Icon? That is the question is it not?
  219. Tactica Noise marines...
  220. Analysis of Spawn
  221. Why did you choose chaos?
  222. The Imperium will feel the wraith of my Renegades...
  223. Battle Report: New Chaos Vs Space Marine 1750 pts game(Warning lots of pictures)
  224. Totally Frickin NERFED!!!
  225. Chaos Lord Project: The Winds of Change
  226. The Deamon princes demonic abilitys
  227. New Plague Marines
  228. New Codex Character Tactica?
  229. Good legion mix?
  230. Assessment of new Khorne Berserkers
  231. Points problem
  232. Any Pure-esque Cult Forces?
  233. iron warriors
  234. What I plan to build
  235. First Battle with New Chaos (mostly Nurgle) vs. Farsight Tau
  236. New Chaos Marine Cults Filling the void from 3rd ed.
  237. Heavy Weapons in new codex
  238. Dath Path: Obliterators for the 4th edition codex
  239. The Sons of Vengence (Original Chapter Idea)
  240. Are Spawn worth it?
  241. I pledge my legiance...
  242. Quick question about land raiders
  243. Are there chaos Adeptus Mechanicus?
  244. New Codex 1000 point battle vs Sisters
  245. New Term Models Question
  246. Old models still able to use in new codex?
  247. How do i defeat Tau
  248. DPs left hand?
  249. New Chaos: Separating the competative from the fun
  250. New Chaos vs Sam Hain (Redbeard v. Yriel)