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  1. The Wraithlord
  2. 1000pt Eldar list for a doubles tourney
  3. I have a question about the Eldar
  4. Does Eldar armour/materials get dirty?
  5. Eldar - Painting Ulthwé Themed Models
  6. Does Eldritch Storm scatter under 5E rules?
  7. Jetbike riders wielding 2 weapons discussion
  8. Is Eldrad Ulthran really legit...
  9. Grenade question
  10. Old Farseer Novel?
  11. Your worst enemy
  12. looking for Eldar lexicon
  13. Skimmers in 5th Edition
  14. Slaughtered by orks :(
  15. whats the best hq choice?
  16. i posted this elsewhere, too, but what are the eldars weeknesses?
  17. Wraithsight: Wraithguard as Troops in 5th edition.
  18. New Eldar 5th Edition FAQ
  19. Cover in 5th ed... Overstated?
  20. Board Suggestion
  21. Seize Ground: Simple and Costly Error
  22. Amazing Eldar success stories
  23. Goodbye to 4th ed (Games Day Chicago Tournament)
  24. Best fast attack threesome?
  25. Psychic Powers from inside a transport?
  26. Wraithlord against orks? Is this a potentially good idea?
  27. Serpent of Fury
  28. The 40k5 Serpent Storm: Theories, Tactics and Lists
  29. Awesome boost to support weapon accuracy
  30. War walkers weapon config
  31. Eldar tank Hunting, 4th to 5th
  32. hawks talon Vs Sunrifle
  33. Wraithsight: A first look at fifth.
  34. "You lose this war before you start it fool!"
  35. Announcement: Forum changes- PLEASE READ
  36. Fire Prisms in 5th
  37. Autarch with a Reaper Launcher?
  38. A stupid question
  39. Rangers/Pathfinders better in 5th? A brief look.
  40. lightling headcount
  41. Falcon Viability in 5th edition (again!??!)
  42. OH dear lord, not eldar again!
  43. How would you take down Iyanden?
  44. The Forging of Gloriam VII: Part two: Imperial guard vs. Eldar
  45. Getting the most out of a Swooping Hawk unit
  46. Troops Holding Objectives
  47. Does 5th Edition hurt the Eldar more than help us?
  48. Do mechanised armies still need Autarch under 5ed?
  49. to get or not to get warp spiders.
  50. A Guy Wondering About Eldar
  51. Harlequins obsolete?
  52. Hybrid, or Mech?
  53. Are pathfinders TOO powerful in 5th ed?
  54. Striking Scorpions get their day in the sun.
  55. Worried about my scorpion exarch
  56. Support Weapons
  57. Trying to switch from Necron to Eldar... and not doing too well.
  58. Weapon Batteries- Is a warlock worth it?
  59. New to Eldar
  60. Our Dark Kin
  61. Warwalkers + EML= Carnage!
  62. Vibrocannons have been Nurfed as the vehicle killer!
  63. Is Eldar a good team to collect?
  64. Snipers with some Doom love
  65. Re-Starting Eldar
  66. Battle Report: 2000 Point 'Take and Hold'
  67. Nidzilla
  68. Lance Rule
  69. Your thoughts on War Walker squadrons?
  70. Space Marine Killing Cheese
  71. 5th Ed. How will it effect you?
  72. A few Eldar questions.
  73. 5th Ed. Rending - Harlequins
  74. Vibro Trap
  75. New Eldar FAQ on GW England site
  76. Vibrocannon or d-cannon?
  77. Autarch set up
  78. 1850 tournament + battle reports
  79. What happend to Jes Goodwin's new jetbike?
  80. Eldar vs Space Marines - Battle Report
  81. Eldar vs tyranid 1500pts bash!!
  82. Eldar vs tyranid 1500pts Battle rep.
  83. New to Eldar - Introducing the "Warp's Angels"
  84. Joining the Eldar
  85. Daemons
  86. Just looking into a eldar ranger army.
  87. Harlequins and Lictors
  88. A jetbike flag question.
  89. ha ha funny
  90. 1k Battle
  91. Shared Organizational 2v2
  92. Autarch on Jetbike question
  93. Rune armour vs ghosthelm
  94. Which gun is Good against marines.
  95. something bothering me.
  96. Eldar getting beaten!!!
  97. Eldar killing time!!!
  98. eldar still sickly?
  99. eldar VS marines
  100. singing spears, are they worth it?
  101. The next BBBBBIG thing...
  102. Is the Seer council viable?
  103. Taking Falcons a Bad Thing?
  104. Am I no longer Eldar worthy?
  105. Adepticon 40k Championships - tournament report
  106. Aspect Warriors
  107. [BatRep]A Cut Off the Flank, Eldar V. Ultramarines 3800-3900pts
  108. What to do with half a Vyper?
  109. Do you have your Black Library card? Time for an ELDAR QUIZ!
  110. Fire Dragons or Harlequins Which to take
  111. TO Craftworld: Interest
  112. Different Aspect Colours
  113. Various Eldar Questions
  114. Tactica: Make it Fast
  115. Autarch in group with DA rulles?
  116. questions for long time eldar players
  117. Tactical Consideration: Protecting Harlies on foot
  118. Army idea: Black Ops
  119. New rending a good thing?
  120. Targeting grav platforms...
  121. Eldar Specific Painting Considerations
  122. wraithguard army
  123. Eldrad Question
  124. Head hurting time, pls help!
  125. Aut-talk
  126. TO Craftworld
  127. Wraithlord Configuration
  128. How will you adapt to 5th edition?
  129. Tournament Base Question
  130. Psychic Powers in Close Combat
  131. Starting Eldar Possibly.
  132. Eldar Kill Team
  133. Wraithlord, farseer, and warlock?
  134. Advice please!
  135. 1500pt eldar army i' m starting with tactics ideas
  136. Harlie Hit and Run Query
  137. Path of the Warrior
  138. Warp Spider: Sling shot tactic w/pics
  139. Most likely tournament opponents
  140. Model Count
  141. Vyper Sprue Question
  142. Jetbike pieces parts question
  143. Wraithwall
  144. Autarch on jetbike with shining spears .....
  145. Tank Talk
  146. HELP ME!
  147. Fluff Question
  148. Warlocks - Seperate Unit
  149. Jetbike Autarch Config
  150. Vypers, Weapons and Models
  151. Curious Query
  152. Iyanden look
  153. the Vyper and the Serpent
  154. Defeating Tau?
  155. Making a 500pt list
  156. 6th time deciding upon eldar
  157. Warp spider demo, Like it?
  158. Show Off Your Tank Paint Scheme!
  159. Favorite "non-optimal" unit?
  160. When is it a good idea to use Reapers?
  161. wraithlord
  162. Experimentation
  163. Tournament report, 9-Feb-08, 1500 points
  164. Warp Spiders ..How To w/pics
  165. Harlequin-themed army - Does the count-as make any sense?
  166. Solitaires/Great Harlequin
  167. Lone tank Hunting, deepstriking, autarch, anyone field one?
  168. Making eldar pirates using Striking Scorpion rules
  169. Making "count as" Aspect warriors and harllies from Guardians. Is that okay?
  170. Tournament vs. Orks
  171. Weapons platforms in Guardian units.
  172. What's your favorite Forge World unit/model?
  173. harliquin question regarding flamers.
  174. Wraithguard... is it worthgetting them
  175. warp spiders deep strike and move?
  176. Star engines
  177. They look darn cool, but....
  178. Warp Spider Clearification
  179. New Eldar Vehicles (not rumour, discussion)
  180. CC vs Shooty Wraithlords
  181. 1500 Eldar vs SM "Rules of Engagement" tomorrow
  182. I need inspiration
  183. Design an Aspect
  184. fluff question about Eldar construction
  185. ahhh help land speeders owning me
  186. Whats your BANE
  187. Battle Report: 400pt. Eldar vs Tau
  188. Warp Spiders and assault
  189. How to defeat Imperial Guard
  190. Avatar
  191. Choices in the 4th ed Codex - concepts to build your army around
  192. Wraithsight: Standard Practice for using Eldar Exarchs
  193. Starting a new army.
  194. Move/shot Wraithlords
  195. starcannon or scatterlaser
  196. How best to load up Exarchs? Or Eldar for that matter
  197. Special Mini
  198. Guardians or Avengers
  199. Close Combat - Why?
  200. the craftworlds are still doing just fine... 1000 pts vs. necrons last night
  201. Striking Scorpions Can't Fleet of Foot
  202. Guardians? How do you use them?
  203. regarding skimmers
  204. ELDAR TALK (for new to eldar)
  205. Harlequin Armies
  206. Worst first turn ever
  207. Battle of the Ula Pass (from Eldar Prophecy) 1000 vs 1000 scenario
  208. How many troops?
  209. 800 pt Ork vs Eldar
  210. Shining Spears
  211. Eldar Book "Exile"
  212. Elite options for Eldar
  213. Redbeard goes to Nebraska - 2k Tournament Report
  214. It's shiny, it's a Spirit Stone!! Let's bash it!!
  215. General Small-points Armies
  216. Starting Eldar Army - Need a few tricks of the trade for 1750 -2000 army
  217. Why Are Harlequins So Good?
  218. Eldar V Tau??
  219. Explain this to me...
  220. Planet Fluff
  221. Assault vs. Firepower Wich way to go?
  222. New Wraithlords
  223. Wraithlord+farseer??
  224. a Vyper idea involving zooming, missiles, bugs and butts in no particular order
  225. A thought on gods...
  226. Autarch help
  227. Combining units from different craftworlds
  228. Maybe Starting Eldar
  229. Eldar Vs. Necrons @ 1000 points
  230. 800pt Frisbee Eldar vs Vanilla Marines
  231. 750 Pt Eldar vs Black Templars(sorry about presentation!)
  232. Just wondering...
  233. What is good against Space Marines?
  234. The Shadowseer and Harlequin Kisses?
  235. HQ is buggin me
  236. Questions about D cannons
  237. Battle-rep: Eldar vs. Dark Eldar, 1000 pts
  238. 2000pt list question
  239. Concepts for team battle: Eldar + ?
  240. Comeback to the game, and hello + 1000pts batrep
  241. 3000 Point Apocalypse List
  242. Question on "targeting" with Vibro-Cannons
  243. Harles Run Into A Serpent?/?
  244. Eldar codex question
  245. possibly dumb question... quick answer needed re. spirit stones
  246. eldar vs new orks - just for giggles
  247. Anyone play an Iyanden army?
  248. Runes of Witnessing: Reliability vs. Survivability
  249. The REVENANT TITAN!!!!
  250. Will we ever see new blister packs?