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  1. New to Warhammer and the IG...
  2. IG with WH allies.
  3. Doctrine replacement
  4. Sweet DoW IG movie
  5. Torn between regiments...
  6. Vostroyans: Tell me about em!
  7. Quick Imperial Guard Question
  8. Favourite IG special character?
  9. Hardened Fighters - Sentinel Question
  10. Starting IG and I have $300 to spend what should I get 6-18-07?
  11. autocannons, tank shooting, and grenades.
  12. The Cadian 9th, anything out there other than Carcasson
  13. A wander in the mind of a Tau
  14. Scout Bikers as Carapace Rough Riders?
  15. Guard vs Tau
  16. Malcador heavy tank
  17. Baneblade vs Stormsword?
  18. How many guardsmen do you play with in 2000pts?
  19. Are these modifications to the Siege List resonable
  20. Where should I put the stubber?
  21. New to Imperial Guard
  22. size of a guard regiment
  23. Coming up with fluff to have jetbikes in an IG army
  24. Is placement fate?
  25. sentinals
  26. storm troopers
  27. Commander and chimera
  28. vehicle crew
  29. basilisk
  30. Artists needed
  31. i need help. calling all veterans for advice... i mean it. chaos encroaches
  32. Announcement - Removal of Child Boards
  33. I've got my copy of IA5!
  34. you ever demand an enemy to surrender?
  35. Jungle Fighters (weapons)
  36. Quick and simple Guard Rules
  37. Suggestions for improving/streamlining the next community game
  38. alternative guard vehicles
  39. "Mortar Combat!"
  40. fighting tau help
  41. an idea of doom and much convertidness.
  42. Advice on making a campaign book
  43. MOVED: Blood Pact 16th - 1500pts - IG based list
  44. Leman Russ Annihilator: The New Vanquisher?
  45. Deathworld Codex Download. PDF
  46. Welcome to the Jungle, maybe
  47. where can i get autoguns
  48. Fav Special/Heavy Weapons?
  49. The War Room [Campaign Planning]
  50. the good things and the bad things of IG
  51. My next army.... An interesting concept
  52. adhuman doctrines
  53. quick question about modelling
  54. Upon what does an Imperial Guard regiment place greatest value?
  55. Vostroyan Ogryns
  56. What Can Aircraft Do For Me?
  57. 11 Things you Didn't Know about the Guard
  58. Imperial Armor Volume 5!
  59. newbie
  60. Would you let someone use DKoK Grenadier Heavy Stubbers as Heavy bolters?
  62. Ummm... these are Death Riders?
  63. Question about Grenadiers and Doctorines
  64. question about heavy weapon teams
  65. What should i do about Forge World
  66. What do you think of the practicality of...
  67. "Warrior weapons"
  68. Could a Leman Russ be air lifted into battle?
  69. Inducted IG and Doctrines
  70. What's your favorite Lasgun Pattern?
  71. Help! I need to choose doctorines for some fluff!
  72. Officer rules in IA1?
  73. Imperial tanks vs the tanks of today (Mainly the Leman Russ)
  74. 1st Lieutennant Wyman and his company the 4543rd Holdgatian Irregulars
  75. Infantry support
  76. Imperial Guard campaign sig link
  77. MOVED: My guard [pics of a few models]
  78. The Autocannon
  79. The Imperial Guard Sprites
  80. Bassilisk
  81. imperial guard weaknesses
  82. Sentinels with "Hardened Fighters?"
  83. Tell us yours!
  84. I need the rundown of imperial guards men
  85. Judgement call - Line of sight?
  86. Your Imperial Guard army
  87. What?
  88. So, about plasma guns
  89. Imperial Armour
  90. Imperial Guard will Hold! [Campaign Organization]
  91. New Heavy Tank from Forgeworld
  92. I want Chenkov!
  93. Trackguards, worth it or not?
  94. Imperial Guard WYSIWYG
  95. Community game - Armoured battlegroup vs Armoured company - 'Firescreen'
  96. IG Quiz #1: Basic Imperial Guard Knowledge
  97. Rubble Fighters
  98. hellhound querie
  99. Sentinels...with Mortars! :o
  100. A better light tank.
  101. What do you think?
  102. Veterans or Grenadiers
  103. The 1171st Reglanders New Equipment?
  104. yuri gorgonov and commisar antonius quintus
  105. to many people underestimate ig
  106. How in the name of the Emperor do I cope with the "Sewer Rats" strategem?
  107. Legal lizardmen! Now with Piccies!
  108. Should i follow GW of forge World on armored companies
  109. When fielding armor....
  110. Camo Netting
  111. How should I equip my command squads
  112. Armoured battlegroups- Legal?
  113. The ultimate guard assult
  114. Mech Guard, way to go or not?
  115. Ratlings
  116. In tournaments should you be Fluffy or Cut Throat
  117. Rough Riders - A bad idea?
  118. IG Command Squads - Scoring units?
  119. H.S.O's & S.O's - Brains or Braun?
  120. Tank Shocking....so what happens.
  121. Platoon Box
  122. question
  123. What if???? Armored Crew Compartments
  124. Sentry Guns - Immobilized?
  125. Imperial Armour?
  126. Converting Female Guardsmen
  127. Demolition Charges
  128. Big Decision
  129. why in gods name take a mortar?
  130. Real Guardsmen take the Demolisher. The rest call the Armored Company
  131. AC Question
  132. One man heavy weapon teams
  133. Leman Russ Disaster!
  134. Pavonian 707th
  135. 21st Cadian Light Horse - Your opinions and help with WYSIWYG question
  136. Armoured company need ideas
  137. Having a Brian Fart regarding Reserves
  138. Anti chaos squad Delta
  139. Demolisher Dimensions?
  140. Which Doctrine should I drop
  141. Is Mechanized Guard a viable tournament List
  142. Quantity has a quality all of its own
  143. Tank Shock V.S Assualt *thoughts*
  144. Berrets
  145. Heavy Weapon Platoons
  146. tanks as terrain
  147. Guard High Commanders?
  148. At43 Firetoads as Sentinels?
  149. Holy dog chewed plastic Batman!
  150. Here I come!
  151. Raid hollow's (youll get the idea)
  152. Campaign ideas
  153. need help with army build
  154. Moved: Advice on what scheme to paint my gorgon in
  155. 8th Harkus ~ Compilation of Tactics, Campaigns etc...
  156. Tank heavy flamers; a question
  157. My squad for a Tech Preist.
  158. Super-heavy tanks... Which to take?
  159. the tyrant of Herrithion
  160. General Taipan
  161. How resilient is an armored company
  162. Armoured Fist Squads, What makes them so fantastic?
  163. Armored Company! Need advice!
  164. Anyone else think the deep strike model placement rules are dumb?
  165. Special weapon support squad
  166. Combat Engineer Specialists?
  167. What should I do?
  168. Tekarns
  169. So, Im pondering starting a guard army...
  170. A petition...
  171. Who are ....
  172. IG vrs. Tau
  173. Grey Knight Allies?
  174. Imperials Unite! The Imperial Guard Clan has begun!
  175. Tactica Imperialis: What did you think?
  176. painting terrax guard??
  177. Example
  178. Stormtroopers and str 4 hellguns?
  179. Warhound Titan Plans
  180. stripped down
  181. Painting the 31st Harakoni
  182. Cadian Kasrkins in a Vostroyan army?
  183. Forcefist
  184. Anyone got some templates lying around?
  185. 122nd Cadian Camo Scheme
  186. I need some help with my army
  187. Started a New Stormblade
  188. Can You Use Inquisition as allies with an armored company?
  189. Praetorian hussars/rough riders
  190. doctrine ideas
  191. Grenadier Tactics
  192. A Question on Hellguns
  193. Anybody Need Stormblade Templates!
  194. Death Korps Conversion
  195. What should the russes heavy bolters' be pointed at?
  196. Chimeras
  197. ogryns
  198. How to avoid necrons redeployment rule?
  199. Help against blood angels!
  200. Need Help on an Army List
  201. Is anyone interested to join in making female cadians a reality?
  202. Just for the record...
  203. Tactica: Imperial Armour Vehicals (UPDATED: Flyers)
  204. arkadia/arcadia
  205. My Guardsmen has served me well, once again
  206. Imperial Guard Artillery Tanks: A debate.
  207. guard army composition
  208. Ideas for background
  209. On the topic of Basilisks...
  210. What? Armoured Battlegroups w/out techpriests?
  211. What the holy frag grenade?
  212. spetnaz 2nd fluff
  213. Mobile Artillery
  214. Exterminators, Can I take one or are they restricted
  215. A Heavy Tank??
  216. Heavy Weapons Teams Question
  217. IG in Close Combat? Don't do it!!!
  218. Guard VS Dark Eldar
  219. Heavy Weapon Teams and Infantry Bitz
  220. Salamander Scout Vehicle?
  221. Heavy Mortars VS Mortars
  222. Stormie conversion
  223. call me dumb... or ishmael as you prefer
  224. Plasma/Medic Command
  225. Old Cadians
  226. How many Heavy weapons in a Command Squad?
  227. Storm Trooper Army from hell scola whatever...
  228. Sentinels: Geared up or minned down?
  229. Needle sniper rifle?
  230. Right Models?
  231. Leman Russ Exterminator?
  232. Hardened Veteran weapon mix
  233. Starting Armored Company.
  234. Favourite Imperial Guard unit
  235. Starting my first Guard Army slightly odd lists
  236. Not another Doctrine topic........
  237. Question about doctrines
  238. Gue'La Auxiliaries army doctrines question
  239. Question about doctrines
  240. Guard vs. Guard (scary, isn't it?)
  241. Sniper Rifle Question ???
  242. Trait Question
  243. I want Krieg, but they're all in bloomin' resin and only available from FW!!!
  244. How many "types" of armies can you buy? (Death Korps, Tallarn Etc)
  245. Trademark items + summary executions
  246. Abhuman Doctrines. Anyone ever use em?
  247. AC questions/tatica thoughts.
  248. Sick of Cadians
  249. Anyone have good Cities of Death camo schemes?
  250. 2 questions to clear up some ambiguity