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  1. Brigannion Liberators [The Steelbreakers]
  2. Armored Battlegroup.
  3. New Toys - Using the Valkyrie
  4. Leman Russ
  5. Extended carapace - worth it?
  6. Q regarding new deep strike with valkyrie.
  7. Know your enemy. Questions about IG
  8. Ballistic Theory - the Accuracy of Ordnance.
  9. heavy weapons teams bases
  10. Starting Imperial Guard
  11. Elysians - Where to start?
  12. Some love for the humble Grenade Launcher
  13. Sharpshooter Question
  14. The Virtues of the Lasgun
  15. Death Korps of Krieg
  16. Leman Russ.. Need your thoughts
  17. Decals on IG vehicles and equipment personalisation.
  18. Fluff Question Regarding Sentinels
  19. Janissaries Regiment
  20. Storm Troopers, Commissars & Schola Progenium
  21. Tanith Capes?
  22. Wanted to start a guard army
  23. Why not use more conscripts?
  24. heavy battle tank
  25. Comissar with Honourifica Imperialis
  26. Imperial Guard reference sheet online
  27. Super- Heavy Tanks Variant Info
  28. what next?
  29. Need help with my command squad.
  30. What type of heavy weapons should i choose?
  31. Trying to pick from two different armies. Need Help
  32. Which Super heavy variant
  33. Armored Company, Legal?
  34. Quick Question about IG
  35. Ogryns Alternatives
  36. Fluff idea for my 2000pt infantry and armoured companies
  37. Tarsissian PDF/Guard Regiment
  38. Plastic Valhallans
  39. Planetary Defence Force - Autogun or Lasgun
  40. Starting Vostroyans (sort of) and looking for some guidance.
  41. How do you tell squads apart?
  42. What to get next?
  43. Things you would like to see in the new Imperial Guard codex.
  44. New Recruit
  45. Is this Unreasonable
  46. Armored Corp
  47. What If: The new codex is a let down?
  48. Do I have more money than sense?
  49. Naming Tanks and other Fighting Vehicles
  50. earthshaker cannon
  51. New ig player
  52. Tech Preist
  53. Help with Guard fluff
  54. Basilisks?
  55. ad mech
  56. Cover saves from infantry
  57. Hellhounds inferno cannon?
  58. Acceptable or not?
  59. is sharp shooter a waste of points
  60. heavy bolters or missle launchers
  61. Anyone still in possession of 3rd ed Codex, a question for you
  62. Guardsmen Recruitment
  63. Ultramar Regiments
  64. Quick Model Question...
  65. Harakoni Warhawks
  66. Sisters of Battle allies?
  67. Out of touch Guard player looking for a briefing. :D
  68. Dawn of war deployment issues
  69. tank upgrades
  70. Message from the High Command
  71. Chimera Questions
  72. Doctrines
  73. In response to the DoW debate.
  74. Officer leadership and squads using it
  75. IG Command Squad Deployment - Dawn of War
  76. how to beat the tyranids???
  77. Renexian 16th Marksmen questions
  78. A question about the command fire support platoon
  79. Commissar Question?
  80. Questions? Master Vox, vox-caster, die-hards, iron disipline, and chem-inhaler
  81. Additional IG special characters?
  82. Lord Solar Macharius
  83. ITS OFICCIAL New Baneblade Variants in March!
  84. What is a good 1000 point army list?
  85. Armoured Battlegroup in need of errata?
  86. Infantry platoons questions (new to IG)
  87. Help identifying a component of a Cadian Guardsman model
  88. SIGAFH question
  89. Hellhounds...As amazing as they look?
  90. Ideal Commissar
  91. The most interesting IG regiment in your opinion
  92. Newbie player that just doesnt "get" the Imperial Guard
  93. Dakkablade Poll
  94. Alternative PIP Heads updated
  95. Potential Imperial Guard player
  96. Catachan bane blade
  97. Question about the Steel legion
  98. Drop docturine
  99. New Guard?
  100. Autocannons?
  101. Baneblade
  102. Show us your IG!
  103. Preparing for the new Imperial Guard Codex?
  104. Meltaguns or Meltabombs for Rough Riders?
  105. Adeptus Mechanicus
  106. Command Squad and Techpriest questions
  107. New Renegade Tactics?
  108. Sentinel parts
  109. Question about Stormtrooper armies
  110. Colonel's Schaeffer's last Chancers, scoring or not?
  111. demo charges
  112. IG or Catachan
  113. Dual wielding pistols?
  114. Siege Army - advice and CA+HF?
  115. Bassie tank destroyer.
  116. Imperial Armour 5: The Siege of Vraks Part One Renegades Review
  117. Honorifica Imperialis
  118. Question about Basilisk
  119. Harakoni Warhawks
  120. Krieg or Renegades?
  121. Question about command squads
  122. [Not] frustrated with my Guards [anymore] :D
  123. Need some help in constructing an IG list...
  124. New IG player
  125. Advisors
  126. Mobile Infantry: Yeah, babe! (Ignore the last part. I love Starship Troopers)
  127. A little help to find an Imperial Guard artwork
  128. Scout Sentinels and Flame Death
  129. Imperial Guard Snap Fits
  130. Imperial Guard army ideal
  131. How far do you take your Imperial Guard Army?
  132. Ten Reasons To Play Imperial Guard
  133. Funniest battles with imperial guard
  134. New Codexes??
  135. valkarie problems
  136. Skitarii Guard Uniform and Representation Questions
  137. HW Crews: Reloaded
  138. Theming units into an army...? (Storm Troopers and artillery)
  139. Xeno-Hunters
  140. Please Welcome the Newest Addition...
  141. Alternate Rough-Rider
  142. The first born first die?
  143. Flyers: good models as proxy/ new rules [incl my own :D]
  144. Anti-ork tactics for drop guard
  145. really... really weird idea... Ork warboss leader?
  146. Another IG start-up: Tank-crazy Gue'vesa
  147. Starting Imperial Guard
  148. Official Stepping Down Post
  149. IG Regiments and Nurgle Question?
  150. Trench guard
  151. Unfamiliar player needs army advice
  152. Deployment woes...
  153. I.G. codex
  154. An Analysis of the Various Units of the Imperial Guard by Colonel Zenai
  155. 2:19 Chihadist Hellfire.......ya, I need help :P
  156. Classic Metal Guard Back on GW Site
  157. Any Fluff on the Roane Deepers?
  158. IG action shots
  159. Basilisk vs leman russ
  160. Help against uber space marine of death please
  161. Weapon help.
  162. Using doctrines for non-human armies?
  163. Stormtroopers?
  164. Non-mobile weapons in "Dawn of War" scenario
  165. Deep-Striking a Command Platoon
  166. 5th ED questions, finalizing my IG list
  167. Doing a proxy battle soon
  168. Do you think the new codex will keep the guard's "weirdness" factor?
  169. Die Hards. Now our best Doctrine?
  170. Drop Troops against Horde Armies: How do you handle them?
  171. Powerfists become useful on officers again!
  172. War Hawks
  173. Anti-tyranid tactics.
  174. Tank Slogans
  175. Imperial Guard good change of pace?
  176. Imperial Guard VS Space marines small
  177. The future of the Catachans
  178. Armoured fist
  179. Missile Launchers: The new Horde-Killer? Discuss here.
  180. Help me for my RP!
  181. Anti-Tyranid Tactica and poll
  182. Assault Weapon Guard
  183. Leman Russ Conqueror, a more viable option now?
  184. A First Look at the 5th Edition by Colonel Zenai
  185. What? Rear armor?
  186. Guard Chains of Command
  187. last chancers reporting for duty, SIR!.
  188. Russ Exterminator?
  189. Equipping a Scratch-Built Commander
  190. Considering Death Korps.
  191. An outsider's question re: armoured company
  192. Ogryns and 5th
  193. What's the Right Flag for my Regiment?
  194. The Obscuran 29th (IG regiment for Tabletop Game)
  195. Starting IG
  196. Has this been bought up before? Hunting Lances
  197. D-99 viable
  198. to Baneblade or not to Baneblade that is the question
  199. What's wrong with this picture?
  200. Different Patterns?
  201. Scatter...?
  202. 5th Ed IG FAQ Released
  203. which is better?
  204. Kasrkin Bodyguard
  205. Praetorians woes
  206. Mech Guard
  207. Heavy Weapon Team Question
  208. Some new ideas on Guard - Stupid or just different?-
  209. Plasma Cannons
  210. What do you think is the best faction to ally with?
  211. your favourite weapon
  212. rough rider idea:
  213. Experience with indirect fire... not to include basilisk
  214. Starship Troopers
  215. Whats your Regiment
  216. Want to Start Imperial Guard....Any Ideas?
  217. What is the best way to build an IG Drop Troop Armies?
  218. Some questions about the distribution of units in the guard
  219. I have a question about IG basilisk indirect fire
  220. Usefulness of Lascannon teams in 5th Ed?
  221. Manticore issue
  222. Starting a new guard regiment
  223. Modular and IA tanks Salamander, manticore and griffon now complete!
  224. Sabbat Martyr
  225. I'm considering starting an Imperial guard army, a few questions first though
  226. Cadian units and an Armored Company
  227. Thinking about switching to full Death Korps
  228. Apocalypse: Reload - Some new info on IG stuff
  229. [Question] Imperial Armour Vol 1
  230. Contemplating a move to Seige Infantry
  231. Who do Commissars Salute?
  232. Imperial guard retirement.
  233. Why did you choose Guard?
  234. Krootox as Ogryn? (Gue'vesa Guard)
  235. Who sucks most?
  236. What should I add to a tankless IG army?
  237. What next?
  238. Will 5th ed LOS kill jungle fighters?
  239. summer vacation project
  240. Help with some IG "Renegades"...
  241. Techpriests
  242. What do lasguns fire?
  243. Flamer and friendly fire
  244. Funny IG posters
  245. Missle Launcher Question
  246. Modular IG tanks [would anyone be interested?]
  247. Template help
  248. Doctrine help
  249. Armor Compay Question
  250. 5th edition rumors for IG