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  1. Relationships
  2. Vanquishers and Pask
  3. stupid question, diffrent imperial guard regerments
  4. Miral Army (list and conversion ideas)
  5. My Fluff Ideas
  6. IG Air regiments...
  7. Can Valks Tank shock?
  8. Cadia dead?
  9. Storm Troopers?
  10. Guard emotions
  11. Airborne Armies + A couple other questions
  12. priests and imperial amour
  13. "Bring down that Monolith!" "With what sir?"
  14. Sorry can't hear you over the engine, uh Sir
  15. Building an IDF themed Army
  16. Heavy Weapon platform.
  17. Coolest Imperial Guard Model
  18. guardsmen on Terra
  19. Guard fluff question...
  20. How do I make a Blood Pact army with the new IG codex?
  21. "Send in the Next Wave!"-"To where, sir?"
  22. What to use for a Psyker Battle Squad?
  23. Sentinels?!?!?!
  24. Deathstrike and buildings
  25. Did the Vostroyans ever get meltaguns?
  26. Gaurd Body Count
  27. Starting the Guard
  28. Punk'd out Guard
  29. New Vulture rules update?
  30. IG Air cavalry...
  31. Musings on the Imperial Guard
  32. Imperial Guard FAQ 2009 is up
  33. does frfsrf woprk with laspistols?
  34. Sneaky trick is it legal?
  35. Mighty Las guns
  36. Praetorians and Colonial VSF/Steampunk
  37. starting IG mech
  38. Buying a Death Korps Army
  39. Bane wolf, and Devil dog?
  40. The Deathstrike Missile Overview
  41. Any other role for platoons?
  42. Quick Question about Priests
  43. Armored Sentinel Plasma Cannon
  44. Guard Army Help
  45. new to guard
  46. Quick Question on Vehicle upgrades
  47. improving ones odds
  48. Sentinels and choice of weaponry
  49. Vanquisher penetration.
  50. New Ig army lots of Questions ^^
  51. Veteran shenanigans
  52. Vanquisher Question
  53. Starting an IG Army
  54. Regarding Heavy Support
  55. stormtroopers and frfsrf
  56. Storm trooper transportation
  57. IG Centaur
  58. Biggest troop choice. EVAR!
  59. i cant win
  60. Chicken and egg question
  61. Hydras: I don't get it...
  62. Recon And Just Being Nosey
  63. The Armoured Fist of the Guard: Mechanised Infantry Regiments
  64. Basilisk LoS
  65. Rough rider conversions
  66. Uppity Commissar
  67. Chimera Armour
  68. Rough Rider Tactica (Making them the work horse of your amy)
  69. Backbone of the Guard; the Infantry Squad
  70. Psker battle squad soulstorm power
  71. question about the Praetorians(conversion)
  72. Direct Fire
  73. A Testement To Orders
  74. Turning over a new leaf
  75. Give The Manticore A Place In Your Army!
  76. Foot-Slogging Imperial Guard Tactica
  77. My Terrible Battle Yesterday
  78. Interesting RAW loophole.
  79. combined squads
  80. Guardsmen Marbo and D3
  81. Women in the Guard?
  82. Guard orders ?
  83. Psyker Squad and Calladius question.
  84. Training Recruits for the army
  85. Master of the ordnance
  86. Refresher for A Veteran
  87. Imperial Guard Armored Company and the new Codex...
  88. IG Tactics Discussion- Creed +1 Unit/Vehicle as scout
  89. Is this a viable tactic?
  90. Question about psyker battle squads
  91. Help me build a Rogue Trader Entourage and Mercenaries using IG rules!
  92. New to IG
  93. Company Commander not an IC?
  94. 3 Flamers + Chimera?
  95. The Executioner
  96. Recommend me a new army setup.
  97. Question about infatry platoons
  98. My new manticore, how to field the beauty
  99. Valkyrie/Vendetta Questions.
  100. taking on deathwing
  101. Tank commisars?
  102. Question for anyone with FW DEATH KORPS models
  103. Stormsword weapons
  104. Gold Tank? Fluffy?
  105. Valkyrie info
  106. Vendetta sponsons
  107. Questions on Weaponry
  108. I'm not sure how I wanna play Mechanized Guard... Chimeras or Valkyries?
  109. So Valhallans tickle my fancy...
  110. I'd like to start an IG army, but...
  111. Lethal combination! Basilisk + Psyker squad
  112. Pysker Battle squad and chimera
  113. Vendetta transport capacity
  114. A new Guard Army
  115. Rough riders - Laspistol OR CCwep?!
  116. Sentinels vs Heavy Weapon Squads
  117. Naming a Super-Heavy Tank
  118. Stormtrooper squad sizes
  119. Guardsman's weakness?
  120. general guard help
  121. The impenetrable Close Combat wall of Jericho
  122. SIGAFH?
  123. Veteran Squad Weapons Teams question
  124. Valkyries and coherency
  125. My Guardsmen suck! Advice requested...
  126. Mobile infantry tactics
  127. Looking for a Good Regiment Name.
  128. Got a couple of questions here...
  129. Ratlings vs. Special weapon sniper teams
  130. Sniper Rifle vs. Grenade Launcher
  131. Tactica: Good Use for Leman Russ Punisher
  132. Commissar Yarrick
  133. Viability of more than 1 russ as a heavy support choice
  134. Infantryman's Uplifting Primer [Read Me First]
  135. sgt harker set up?
  136. Ged of Paragon Reporting for Duty...
  137. Vultures for heavy support
  138. How good are they?
  139. Praetorian, who or what are they?
  140. Defensive Grenades & Counter Attack
  141. How come I don't see much of the Valhalans?
  142. "Tau Online Grand Summer Quiz Competition: Imperial Guard"
  143. Gaurd and Kroot Mercs
  144. Bane Wolf or Devil Dog?
  145. New hellhound! New Chimera?
  146. 5th Ed Codex Tactica and influx of players <- missing post?
  147. Chimera with 5 fire points!
  149. Nasty Nine - An insight to the Penal Legions.
  150. Themes?
  151. Vitting an Evvective amount of troops in 9 Valkyires.
  152. Random discipline?
  153. Combo: INsane or insanely expensive?
  154. Separating and distinguishing my armies; help requested
  155. Just need a little help...
  156. Some advice on building a Death Korps of Krieg army
  157. Catachan Codex
  158. appropriate stand ins?
  159. Valkyries to transport any unit in Apoc?
  160. Master of Ordnance, Worth It?
  161. Ogryns - are they worth it?
  162. Imperial Guard plasma guns?
  163. penal legion use?
  164. Cadian > Vostroyan
  165. Carapace on Veterans Debate
  166. Lord Commisar
  167. Guard Limited $
  168. Valkyries or Chimera's? pro's and con's...
  169. Veteran Squads, representing our beloved alternate regiments
  170. My take on the new codex
  171. Startin guard
  172. Creed and Kell, vital for heavy weapon squads?
  173. New Demolisher kit coming soon
  174. Models with carapace armor.
  175. Human wave attack
  176. basilisk indirect fire
  177. Kell, the point?
  178. Commander Pask
  179. Imperial Guard on a budget
  180. Veteran outfit
  181. Sentinels: Missile Launchers or Autocanons?
  182. Challenge: Make the Cheese~ist Guard List
  183. Power of the lasgun?
  184. Question on Guard models and pig Iron
  185. female guard? What to use her for?
  186. Colossus Uses and Tactics
  187. Conscripts.....Who is using them?
  188. My qualm - Voystroyans got nerfed
  189. Guard Deployment
  190. Settle a bet - Lumbering Behemoth special rule
  191. Dont know if anyone noticed this.
  192. Let's create the 5th edition tactica!
  193. Fast Attack choices....nine Sentinels?
  194. Zenaiís Guide to Stupid Guard Tricks
  195. First 5th edition guard experance
  196. Question about lascannons in chimeras
  197. Chimera and advisors
  198. Kasrkin, what will you use?
  199. Orders and Storm Troopers Question
  200. Close combat squads
  201. Ogryn usefulness? some insight into a theory...Ogryn tactics...
  202. Veterans
  203. Haven't read the new dex.
  204. Knight Commander Pask and Hunter-Killer missiles
  205. The new IG. Harder than it looks.
  206. Vox Casters
  207. Incoming! and Get back in the fight!
  208. How to stop Sly Marbo!
  209. Good list for my friend who's starting
  210. Combined squads and KP's
  211. theoryhammer , IG + GK + straken
  212. Hydras, Manticores & AA.
  213. Where is the light infantry ?
  214. Manticores & Storm Eagle Rockets
  215. So yeah a few questions regarding the guard
  216. 5th ed. Priests, Platoons, Tech and Armaments (Completed!)
  217. Played my first game with new guard...
  218. A blow-by-blow account of the Guard Codex [HQs done!]
  219. Hellstrike Missiles.
  220. New Codex in Store
  221. Played my first 5e game today...
  222. Imperial Guard- Special Forces?
  223. Review of the new Imperial Guard french Codex
  224. Ratlings
  225. Working with the Death Korp
  226. Vox Casters
  227. Cracking Down on Posting Habits
  228. Manticore kit?
  229. All veteran army
  230. Which woould you take with the new point cost?
  231. IG bandwagon? Hardly
  232. To manticore or not to manticore
  233. A Competitive Review of the 5th Edition Imperial Guard Codex
  234. Commisar Lord: good or no?
  235. A First Look at the 5th Edition Imperial Guard Codex
  236. IG New codex I have it YES
  237. Imperial Guard army with Daemonhunters or Witch Hunters?
  238. quick question about the new codex
  239. thinking of starting Ig
  240. Where to put Heavy Weapons?
  241. Which new tank?
  242. Basilisk RAW problems.
  243. Starting an imperial guard army?
  244. 5th Edition Imperial Guard Codex Discussion Thread
  245. new stormtrooper stat
  246. New codex new army
  247. Some IG codex stufff
  248. Idea for WYSIWYG Indirect fire on a lisk.
  249. Are imperial guard any good in a space marine army?
  250. 3d models