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  1. Help finding directory of 40K forums, the most used forums for each 40K army.
  2. Help finding a link to a directory of 40K forums.
  3. Study of the Firewarrior, [updated]
  4. First look at the new plastic Tau Piranha
  5. Need advice for my 500pts armylist
  6. Sniper Drones or a Skyray?
  7. The New Tau Codex
  8. Neo-classic lone tank hunter
  9. Idea for new Crisis config
  10. Rail rifles: do you use them?
  11. Tau word for operation
  12. Tau Commander Equipment
  13. What Are the Contents of the Tau Commander Box?
  14. New to Tau, Need advice
  15. army question
  16. Crisis Unit - Your thoughts?
  17. Is this Legal??
  18. What to buy?
  19. New battleforce missing smart missile system
  20. Using Magnets for a Skyray / Hammerhead combo?
  21. Can I still use my old stealths?
  22. Skyray: The Good, The bad, the evil
  23. "Soul cleanse" crisis suits, would you use them?
  24. big problem with new tau codex
  25. Shadowsun...Worth it??
  26. Plasma rifles or Missile pods? [TL]
  27. Gue'vesa rough riders
  28. Which HS combo would you use in 2000+ point game
  29. Could you...
  30. DF as a Troop Choice ?
  31. Deal! Accept or not?
  32. [Fall of Medusa] Hint on GW forums
  33. Crisis configurations help needed
  34. Fresh recruit... with a question. (farsight)
  35. Herding your opponent, because divide and conquer rules!
  36. Piranha: praise or discard?
  37. Quick Tau language question
  38. Local combat patrol Tournement
  39. Vespid/Crisis/FireWarrior Combo Tactics for Maximum Marine Destruction!
  40. Advantages Of Playing Tau Empire
  41. Tau Piranha Sculpts
  42. question for people with FW battlesuits
  43. [Fall of Medusa] A Symbol to Rally us All
  44. Crisis suit consideration?
  45. I'm considering a new config for my crisis team...tear it apart, please...
  46. Commander's Bodyguards.
  47. How are you converting your Honor Guards?
  48. Etherials 0-1 or 0+ ?
  49. Army Builder file for new codex?
  50. What to pick? (anti-tank role)
  51. Is it a Commander? No
  52. question on networked markerlight
  53. Question about shield generators
  54. Question on learning Tau units, need some guidance...
  55. Questions from a new player.
  56. New FW Pirahna Conversion Kit!
  57. Converting sniper team?
  58. Tau Skimmers and the 6" rule...
  59. help...
  60. [Fall of Medusa] Call to the Down Under
  61. shape - tastic shaper
  62. souped up kroot
  63. Skyray damage query
  64. Brand new, thinking of drones
  65. Piranhas, the yeah's and na's
  66. Special characters and battlesuits
  67. Standard FoC and the Devilfish question.
  68. 385 pt. squad of nacho topping
  69. Battlesuit weapons queston
  70. Let me be honest with you...
  71. Skyray vs. IonHead???
  72. Stupid question about Shadowsun
  73. [BatRep] 1350pts Tau vs Orks, The Green Menace
  74. Sleek XV suits
  75. Playing Iron Warriors?
  76. FoF??
  77. New Battlesuit equipment
  78. targeting array - what does it look like?
  79. Ethereals? Really that useful?
  80. O'Shovah and kroot
  81. Honour guard
  82. Pathfinders
  83. Sniper Drones or Skyray?
  84. Commander's weapon systems
  85. krootox
  86. FoF?
  87. konflict
  88. Unarmed commander?
  89. twin linked falmers
  90. problems with army
  91. Are Tau Cheesy?
  92. If the Tau place the Greater Good above themselves...
  93. the other side of the fence
  94. [Fall of Medusa] Hierarchy Established
  95. Ethereal as Close Combat-Booster
  96. Flechette Dischargers are better than Railguns....
  97. Ethereal's Devilfish
  98. New player needs help
  99. Question on Stealthsuits
  100. The fast, the deadly and the brutal: Best tau shock attack unit for 150 points?
  101. Vespid special tactics?
  102. bonding
  103. What should I watch out for against Witch Hunters?
  104. Does the XV15/25's stealthfield count as firing at night?
  105. Um, not good at math, might you help me out?
  106. Shadowsun bodyguards?
  107. Piranhas, Flechette Dischargers, and the 1" rule
  108. Something I just thought about that made me worry about my Tau Army…
  109. Is it worth it to use shield drones with Ethereals?
  110. Giving the Vespid a more mech look?
  111. Fragmentation Or Ion Blaster?
  112. Help needed!
  113. RTTT's Tactica part III: Sniper Drones
  114. Tau Weapons, Part Two: When in use
  115. Broadside - Plasma or SMS?
  116. Proposed Tau focus rules
  117. Making Tau with lots of camouflage (ideas welcomed)
  118. Finally got to play test the skyray.... and boy am I happy!
  119. Tau on the aggressive...experimenting a new playstyle
  120. Smart Missiles Good. Gun Drones bad.
  121. Casualties with drones
  122. Burning Rain
  123. [Fall of Medusa] Positions and Last Chances
  124. SMS vs. Stealth field
  125. Stealthy Tactics
  126. Shadowsun up on Advanced Orders
  127. A friend is starting a Tau army...
  128. Piranha versus Vyper
  129. For the Greater Good! ;)
  130. [Fall of Medusa] Allies to the empire
  131. Who, why, when, where, and how? Noob needs answers on games day Toronto
  132. Tau weapons, Part one: Effectiveness
  133. Rail Rifles in Fire Warrior squads. Why not?
  134. Smackdown!
  135. How many hammerhead?
  136. A Question or two on Markerlights
  137. Sky Ray: missing in action
  138. My 'Vre Broadside
  139. What do you do when...
  140. Tank hunting with Stealth
  141. GW Tactics at advanced level (GW words)
  142. Too cheap to buy Sniper drones?
  143. Some tactical questions.
  144. Railgun submunitions question.
  145. Crisis Suits – The units I never use.
  146. Networked Markerlights and targeting
  147. Building a new mech Tau army.
  148. hybrid tactics: what to use out of what I will have?
  149. pimp it out or leave it stock?- best gear for Devilfish and Railheads
  150. [Fall of Medusa] Meeting of Minds (execution and organizational planning)
  151. Favorite part about new Tau codex.
  152. Armor color
  153. Would you help me out on a decision?
  154. Do shield drones ALWAYS take the hit?
  155. Tau Scoring Units ?
  156. The Good and Bad Special Issue Stuff
  157. Tau Tactica part two from GW site
  158. Tau Vehicle Upgrades - Sensor Spines?
  159. Markerlights mounted on weapons.
  160. The problem with pinning...I think?
  161. Broadside unit sizes?
  162. Help with Necrons
  163. What's new for Stealths?
  164. Must all the Broadsides in a unit select the same support upgrade?
  165. A couple of questions concerning Kroot.
  166. my cursed army need help.
  167. I'm back and I need help!
  168. Against Space Marines (Black Templars)
  169. [Fall of Medusa] Current Tau Coalition
  170. What are your best all around tips?
  171. Screwed with pulse carbines
  172. Etherial + Honor Guard = Devilfish?
  173. Twin Linked Flamers?
  174. Vespids or Stingwings?
  175. Piranhas in combat patrol.
  176. Commander's sprue
  177. Sky Ray Release info question
  178. [Fall of Medusa] Sign-Up Plan
  179. How do I post pictures?? (I have searched for it and can't find)
  180. Beating mechanized Eldar
  181. Conflicting Crisis info in the new Codex
  182. Changed Kroot?
  183. Tau sent to rear for refit
  184. Tau Questions (Please Help)
  185. VDR idea for Pirahnas
  186. Help me with markerlights rules (advice needed)
  187. Skimmer pilots - a breed apart?
  188. General advice for facing Tyranids....
  189. Heavy weapons (Markerlights) and movement question
  190. Assault drones
  191. Need help with Stealth Suits
  192. The Tau Star Wars
  193. Honor Guard with FoF
  194. marines quashed
  195. 1000 point "Illegal" Batrep.
  196. Vespid Equipment
  197. Can Mech Tau win tournaments?
  198. Think the Railgun is just for Heavy Tanks? Think again!
  199. Marker Drone in a Shas'La Team
  200. Buying Sniper drones...
  201. Stealth Suit Question
  202. 8-suit squad of doom
  203. Potential of The New Stealthsuits
  204. Farsight question
  205. Markerlights: Loophole?
  206. Rathfinder rail rifles...
  207. Urgent questions about marker drones.
  208. Is your army tough enough?
  209. What character from anything (Matrix,Blade ect) would you like to be a Tau unit!
  210. New Stealth's-2 of 6 or 3 of 4-which setup is better?
  211. Making Tau weapons
  212. Question about the Airburster
  213. crisis question
  214. Need help with XV8 rules query [question answered]
  215. The Tau tank names, why?
  216. Stealth Movement
  217. Fish 'ead's grande tau codex review!
  218. What about the Tetra?
  219. They just have to die!!!!!
  220. The increasing cost of GW models, Can we change it???
  221. Just ordered my Piranhas and codex!
  222. Stealths and Gun drones
  223. Mech Tau. (Still don't get it!)
  224. outfitting the new Stealth suits
  225. Decoy Launchers and Piranha squadrons
  226. Please, Rules clarification about SMS in a vehicle
  227. Tau Empire vs Space Marines
  228. OK i am tired of this stupid filter of the greater than human alien races.......
  229. Do the Stealthsuits look like termies with assault cannons?
  230. Vespid - Yeah or Nay
  231. Can the Mods please remove the Aliens = Xenos scum fliter please??
  232. A word about the xenos awesomeness.
  233. The Real Str of Tau: Pulse Rifle
  234. Timeline within 40K Game.
  235. Who's joking with our empire??
  236. Tau 'Selections' query...
  237. Space Marines
  238. First and Second Sphere themed lists.
  239. My first time with Mech Tau! What a Victory!
  240. Noob needs help with tactics to beat GW store guys (Testing it out on Saturday)
  241. Heavy support "light"
  242. Nose noticed
  243. A few doodles for your viewing amusement...
  244. Ejection system uses?
  245. Gue'la Guardsmen
  246. Devilfish question
  247. Looking for modding your own marker drones thread.
  248. Tau worth getting more than ever?
  249. First Tournament, Some advice would be appreciated.
  250. Rate Crisis Unit