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Sig size?
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Default Sig size?

Hey, not sure if this was the right place, if not, sorry.

I was just wondering what pixel size a sig should be to fit directly into the alloted space for a sig, without that annoying scrollbar I see on some.

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Default Re: Sig size?

90-100 would stop the scroll bar and my sig is around 900 pixels wide. But I use a large screen so an 800x900 obviously use a 700 width screen.

There are some guidlines but it varies a lot (I have done 120 high sits without a scroll bar but there wasn't any text to tip over.

Think of it like this...

: No scroll bar
:Overlap (sometimes they are meant to have a scroller but they don't making the sig go above the top line)
: Scroll bar

Rather annoyingly my sig falls in the over lap so there is a small dash over the left side of the line kepping the rest of the sig under it (or at least that ishow it appears on my computer)
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